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Sunday, April 09, 2006

One Busy Weekend

With all the trauma the past week, I totally spaced the PFLAG yard sale on Saturday. My son Jim called me Saturday morning to see if I was there helping and could check on baby equipment, especially a crib. I not only wasn't there, I'd forgotten it. I hung up and my other son called to tell me he didn't have to work until 2:30 and would I like to pick him up for the sale. Sure, why not.

I took Rochelle and Rebecca with me, Elcie was feeling lazy for which I was grateful (3's a lot) and we went over to the sale. Fortunately, they had plenty of help and most people who show up at sales are early birds. We ended up spending more than we intended. The baby monitor and car seat were a great deal; I'm not so sure about the golf clubs. For a baby? Nope. Tim and his brother talked on the phone and decided with two sets of clubs at $10/bag, they might take up golf. That should thrill Jim's wife with a new baby soon to arrive. At least they have two teenage girls at home with lots of experience in baby sitting.

The girls picked up a bunch of odds and ends (they need a few more of those) and a couple of little treasures for Elcie. At least we contributed some cash if not much physical help.

We took all of Jim's stuff to his house and then decided on breakfast at IHOP. Tim wanted to hang out with us so we went shoe shopping for the girls. Did very well - one pair of semi-dressy shoes each (okay for school and also for church or other special events). Guessed on Elcie's size but usually what fits Rochelle will fit her as long as it's not tight across the instep and has some support.

By then it was close to time to drop Tim at Barnes & Noble. I had just remembered they didn't have anything new for Easter. It's not a requirement but I try for one new outfit for each in the spring.

Elcie and Rochelle are out of kids' sizes and into the juniors so Rebecca tagged along in that section of Factory 2 U. We found two long crinkly skirts; one in bright orange (Rochelle) and one dark grey with metallic vertical stripes (Elcie) and found tops to match both. Paler orange for Rochelle and solid black for Elcie. Classy but still age appropriate. On to Rebecca. She's still a kids' size 10 or 12 at most and it was hard to find something in the little kids' section that suited. Finally located a pair of light aqua capris and a silky matching shirt. Dressy looking but still very Rebecca. I'll try to get some photos up but it may be next Sunday before they're dressed up. By that time I may figure out why my camera is giving me problems.

Then we were home for the day or so I thought. I caught the last two outs of the Giants game (we won). Then Tim called me from work sick and needing a ride please. He usually rides his bike but since I'd dropped him off he didn't. He can always get a ride at the end of the day but this was early.

Back Elcie, Rochelle and I went to Barnes & Noble. Rebecca was across the street at my neighbors. Picked up Tim; he was hungry so we stopped for fast food and finally got back home. The rest of my night is a little blurry but at some point we got the kids settled in and me too.

Sunday morning all of us except Elcie (but including Ray) went to church. Palm Sunday so the kids carried in the palms, our guitarist leading them like the Pied Piper (waving palms, not her guitar). She's a second grade teacher at their school and the girls get a kick out of seeing Ms. M. up there on Sundays with her guitar just like normal people. We have several of the elementary teachers at the church. Home again and then back to church at 5:30 with five kids (no Ray this time but two of the neighbor girls). We have a movie night every two weeks and tonight was Jesus Christ Superstar. I have it on video but the kids hadn't seen it. I'd thought they might be a little young.

They were fine until almost the end. Rochelle was weeping and Elcie had tears. They know the Bible story so it hadn't occurred to me they'd be upset. I hadn't seen it in a while and I remembered the music and dance more than the ending images which are a little graphic. Not Passion of the Christ type graphic which they still haven't seen and neither have I but still a little grim. We talked about it on the way home and they're fine now.

So that's my exciting weekend.

Welcome to Margaret who lives in Germany by way of St. Louis. She's an Army veteran with a cute little girl.

and Jacqui, a great-granny and maker of dolls and stuffed bears who lives in Bridgetown, West Australia. Nice to have another great-granny visiting.

and Dee who writes fuzzbunnies nest and lives in Pennsylvania.

and Cat a student from West Midlands, UK.

We also have Jo from Utah (mom and granny) and Jaws from someplace in Dixie. I thought I'd introduced them before (especially Jo) but maybe not. Oh well, twice is better than not at all. If I missed anyone, it was inadvertent.

We've had a couple of decent days in a row but more rain forecast for Monday through Thursday. So far it looks like it may be light showers, unlike last week. I took a look at the creek closest to us today and it's down to almost its normal level. It never did flood, at least not in town. I drove over a road full of chuckholes that I don't think were there before our storms. I'll avoid that one for a while. They're still concerned about the Friant Dam on the San Joaquin River (a combination of rain and snow melt could cause some problems). Lady Jan and I are both tired of being wet. San Francisco's been catching it as well.

I'm looking at almond trees sitting in water halfway up their trunks. (T.V. news). Disaster for the growers. Lettuce and cotton are suffering as well. And we still have people living in shelters. We may not be out of the woods yet.

Thanks to anyone I might have missed for their concern about Ray (and me). I said to one that the big problem with chronic illness is that it's chronic. We may or may not be off the roller coaster for a while. As of this moment, life is good.

Take care everyone.


Missy said...

I see you've been busy! That's always a good thing...

Glad to hear Ray is out of the hospital. You can breathe a little easier now, I hope.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

You said it and How, I'm tired of the wet too. I would be okay with just sprinkles if we had a few days inbetween.

I hope Ray continues to recover, and they find out what is wrong with him.

And as always my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and Ray.


Merle said...

Dear Ann ~~ What a busy weekend, but it
all sounded good. Lovely to do some shopping for the girls. They are growing
up. Glad that Ray was well enough to go
to church, and hopefully the weather will soon brighten up for you.
Cheers, Merle.

MsSisyphus said...

The Spring shopping is upon us too.

I usually get by with a lot of help from my friends--having tiny girlies has its advantages and much of The Ladies's wardrobes (nearly all of Zen Baby's) is made up of high quality handmedowns. Like you though, I try for at least one new outfit per season.

I'm jealous of your shoe success. Sounds like just the thing I'm looking for for Diva Girl who has outgrown her sneakers, but also needs pretty shoes for her first communion this month. Perhaps a trip to Payless is in order....

Again, so glad Ray is home. I think it's a long road youre on, but I also think youre going to find that it levels out as you learn to navigate the turns.

Lindsay Lobe said...

We celebrated Palm Sunday in similar way, complete with a donkey.

Best wishes

Andrea said...

you must have the biggest gas bill in town!!! busy granny!!

Beth said...

Sounds like a nice weekend!

I'm so glad, still, that Ray is home again.

Babble said...

Reading your weekend wore me out. LOL

Sounds like a great weekend though. I haven't gone to a yard sale in ages but now that the girls are older I should. See what good we can come up with and what not.

Angel said...

Passion of the Christ is very moving, but extremely graphic. I'm glad I watched it--and I sobbed a bit--but definitely not for the kids.

So glad Ray is home, sending love and prayers of course. (((((Hugs)))))

Gawdessness said...

Glad to hear Ray is doing well enough to go to church. I love yard sales and would have been in my element at the pflag one. The new outfits sound really nice and am looking forward to seeing pics.
Sounds like a lot of driving!

I was astonished by my daughter's reaction to JCS too. She was really crying and it was hard, I figured we all knew it was going to happen so what was the worry?

I was wrong.

JBlue said...

Kids can never have too many odds and ends.

carriesstepbrother said...

Ohh, you forgot about me..

I'm so sad now..

Don't Worrie American. I'll just be lurking in the future..

Great blog you have here.

achromic said...

LOL I don't know why... I suppose from your grandchildrens names I assumed you were Jewish! Ah well, it is good that you had a good time a church. I don't think I have ever watched JC superstar.... it was ... I doubt my grandparents would have approved when I was living with them and then my mom wasn't christian so she didn't want me watching that stuff when I lived with her. Wasn't it a big deal with people like calling for it to be banned at one time? LOL maybe I will pick it up just to see what the fuss was about.

I am so sick of the rain! I just don't want anymore of it! It was sunshine this morning ...... but there are clouds out now... BOOOOOO!

Lavender Dawn said...

Wow! You have been very busy! I almost couldn't keep up! I remember being between sizes. I was a girls 14 all through jr high and some of high school. Then I was a 5. They didn't have 1 and 2s then. Now it seems thats all I can find. Grr Argh.

You don't want to know my current size.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

dang granny,
you were a busy lil bee this weekend..

I love IHOP:)

mreddie said...

Seems like I heard an old song about your weekend - "On the road again". Hope Ray is getting better. ec

Anonymous said...

I visited Barnes and Noble recently. They were horridly understaffed.

thats about all I have to say, I can't remember things by the time I click on comments. I feel old.

mo-wo said...

I went to 2 baby showers on the weekend.. on the first one 'the men' all went shopping, don't you love it. When the returned home close on the wrap up of the shower it was with golf clubs. Grandpa had 3, said he go them for his granddaughter in fact! I yelled at him, dear man, she is only an infant, she doesn't need a driver.. didn't you get her a putter?

I am pretty sure he paid more than 10 bucks!

achromic said...

LOL you can't really date JCS can you?? Now you REALLY have my courosity up.... and NOW that I know it is the book of Mark the VERY book Naamen has decided to run his online bible study on, well I think that just might be a signpost.... Sigh I really am so non-religious and have very deep issues with christianty I have NO idea why the infinant IS that is also known as G*d would choose to speak to me threw it BUT I have found that you ignore signpost at yer own peril. Off I go tommorow in search of it! And I donno if the sign will be in the movie, book, or just the search in and of itself. Sigh...... well well we shall see. Love you Granny I woke up from the night terrors and there was your sweet messege on my blog like a little pat saying "it's ok it was just a dream go back to sleep" thank you!