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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Breaking News!!

But first, check out the post below this one if you haven't already. I'm plugging a new blogger.

Now, the excitement. Would everyone please take a look at my blogroll? Especially you, Andrea (with my undying gratitude).

I did it!! Two new names at the very end. They work. I'll worry about the alphabet later. They're there and they work. Why did I convince myself it was so hard? By the time you read this, there may be more.

Three questions. Is there an easier way than retyping all that code? I'm doing the blog name as a copy and paste but what about the html stuff?

Is it possible to add several names at once without republishing? If so, How?

And the alphabet. Andrea explained it patiently once before but I can't find the old email. Maybe I can figure it out. The blog roll itself took me only nine months. Like giving birth? To a blog roll?

Never mind. I've figured out the first two and I bet by the time I get done, I'll have figured out the alphabet as well.

Update: I figured out the alphabet and added several more names. Still more to go along with a couple that didn't work - they may have private profiles. If you're not there yet, it's because I haven't gotten to your name in the comments. I will - tomorrow or the next day.

I also deleted a few and changed the title to "visitors". It's not personal. Several of the blogs on the list were blogs I read but we don't go back and forth with comments. They probably don't even know they were there. I may add a section to my sidebar sometime called "recommended reading" or something like that. Meantime, I deleted them and stuck with the friends who visit here.

This all started this morning when my son (see post below) called and asked me how to do it. Boy, was he asking the wrong person. I copied mine from the template and sent it over to him. Then I really looked at it for the first time and realized there were just a couple of differences between that code and the code I use for links here. Duh.

Okay, enough of that.

I have back ribs in the crockpot for tomorrow and pork tri-tip on the stove when I realized how little meat would come from those ribs. I'm experimenting with "loose meat" (I think I first heard that expression on Rosanne) for barbecue tomorrow and Sunday. I emptied several open bottles of this and that into both pots, added water and now letting them mind their own business. Should be interesting.

We'll do the entire artery hardening thing with baked beans, corn, maybe potato salad, and, as a nod to nutrition and sensible diet, cole slaw. Watermelon for dessert. I shouldn't have to cook Sunday at all. Just went and tasted. A little spicy, I added some more water, and I'll drain most of the liquid anyhow so it should be fine. The girls like spicy.

Another trauma free day. I had enough of those earlier this week. Girls off for three days, back to school for four, and then out for the summer. I won't have to set an alarm clock for 5:45 for a while. Rochelle will be in summer school but I think it's at her own school this year so that will be simple. No bus. They rotate it and by now she knows the name and location of half the elementary schools here and points them out every time we pass one.

They were all asleep by eight o'clock. On a Friday. Not at my request. I walked out to the living room to check on them and Rochelle and Rebecca were snoring. (Weekends they like to camp out on the living room floor). I don't know why but it's okay with me. Elcie sticks with her own bed though.

I'm the only one still awake but not for long. I may try for a couple more names while I'm on a roll. The one thing I don't want to do is obsessively enter every single one I've missed before I go to bed so I'm starting with the latest comments and working my way back through.

You can help. If you've commented here and aren't on the roll but would like to be, let me know.

My son has several comments on his blog already. Thanks for that as well for all of your most recent comments here. I don't always get back to everyone, especially lately, but I always read them.

Enjoy your weekend and be safe.


ipodmomma said...

well done.... :)))

Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ Well done to figure that out
by yourself. I hope Tim will start a blog too. Have a family affair, like
my family, brother, sister-in-law, nephew, and 4 children of nephews.
I am not surprised that Jim can do several things at once, seeing that he is your son. Have a rest from cooking and have a good weekend. Cheers, Merle.

Granny said...

Don't speak too soon. I hit a couple of snags but I'm working on it.

LoisLane said...

Giggling over the nutritous and sensible cole slaw. I like your idea of a well-balanced meal. ;)
Hugs for the stress earlier in the week. Enjoy your weekend!

Arwen said...

All the HTML I have learned has been from looking at the template and trying to re-use for my own ends. Sometimes it doesn't work. Congrats on the new off-spring and the new blogspring. We do a similar things for bar-b-que. I have found that KC Masterpiece is a great base for sauce. Have you tried it before? Not too sweet. I am not sure if you have it on the west coast but we have it in on the east coast.

Beth said...

I'm feeling pitiful and left out. :-(

Of course you did ASK me one time if I wanted to be on the roll...did I forget to respond?


PI said...

Congratulations! I seem to take two steps forward and three back. And links are just about possible from dashboard but not from Word or on comments. Trouble is I don't really understand the lingo. Have a nice young man who helps but he is a beginner blogger so must wait for him to mature! Yours looks great!

Gina said...

(Raising hand) Me! Me!

I actually use Blogrolling for all mine, you just enter it in on their site, paste the code in your template, and you're good to go. They will even alphabetize it for you!

Anonymous said...

Hey look--there I am! Thanks!

I use Blogrolling. It's supersimple. You just start an account, and then add all the blogs you want to list into your account. Then you only add one HTML code into the sidebar of the template, and Blogrolling keeps up with the list. Any time you want to add a blog, you just log into your Blogrolling account and add the link, and it puts it into the sidebar for you.

On my blog (or anyone's that uses Blogrolling) above the list, you'll see a spot that says "Blogroll Me". Click on that and it'll take you to the right spot.

dongurigal said...

It is such a pain in the bum doing the whole blog roll thing in alphabetical order, especially with all that code--eek--what a lot of work. So, I congratulate you on a job well done.

Now let's go check out that blogrolling idea. Hmmmm.

Granny said...

I'm not ignoring Beth - Her link didn't work and neither did Gina's.

Working on it.

There may be others.

Granny said...

Hey PI - you're cookin' now!! Glad it could be me helping for a change instead of begging everyone else.


Sothis said...

Great work on the blogrolling! All that coding is a pain in the butt, but it pays off in the end. I need to check out blogrolling, too.

Could you add me to the blogroll as well (next time you go to update it). Many thanks!

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I go to template; and then click on file so I can open another browser window, then from the new window I can then look for the blogger I want, open their sight up, and copy and paste their address from the address bar into my template. I can do serveral in a setting that way, then republish when I'm done.

Good luck.


Andie D. said...

It seemed like Greek mixed with ASL when I first started to try to figure out HTML. Then I had an epiphany, like you. Baby steps!

Be proud of yourself!

Missy said...

Granny, if you ever need help understand the ins and outs of HTML, let me know.

Glad to hear you're flexing your brain muscle. I don't do that often enough...;)

Angel said...

I use blogrolling, but you can only have one blogroll for free (bummer).

My other stuff is trial and error with HTML, copying and modifying existing code.

You know I'd be glad to help anytime!