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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I Think the Doldrums Finally Have Left

Woke up this morning, turned on computer, answered some email and comments, poured my first cup of coffee, and got Elcie up. So far, a day like any other.

Once the girls were out of here, I was possessed by demons. First, I cleared more closet space and actually bagged up more winter clothes.

Then I decided there was no reason to wait until I had sorted the summer clothes to go shopping for the girls. Nothing from last year will fit Elcie and Rochelle (see photo of Rochelle in previous post). I started replanning my day.

I gathered up all the paperwork that had been accumulating on my printer tray and scanner, sorted, tossed, paid bills, did some filing, and made order out of the chaos. (Note empty, dusty tray and scanner - never said I was perfect)

I set out shopping for groceries and clothing for my naked girls. Came home, rearranged pantry (see photo - forgot to dust cobwebs down), did same to freezer and freezer half of side by side (should have defrosted first - oh well, next time) and then turned my attention to my bargains.

Forgot to mention I dropped by Barnes & Noble to pick up a belated Easter gift for the girls from their Uncle Tim. I allowed him to treat me to a cold macchiatto (vente - stirred) and an Oreo brownie and left with three small stuffed bunnies.

Back to the bargains. I'm cheap when it comes to summer clothes. If they hold out for one more month of school and through the summer and early fall, I'm thrilled. If they hold up longer, so much the better but I don't worry about it. I picked up 3 pairs of capris for Rebecca, and 10 pairs of shorts and at least as many plain tshirts in several colors for the other two to mix and match. Total cost - approximately $40. at Factory 2 U. I'll go back tomorrow for shorts for Rebecca but I wanted to look at her again before guessing on sizes. She'd like the same thing the older girls are wearing in the photo (maybe different colors).

They had about 30 minutes after school to look through it all and change clothes for their field trip to the Heifer International Project Farm about 40 miles away. Once they were dressed, I took their picture (which I hope will appear at the top of the post), kissed them goodby, and hung or put away all their new clothes. (See closet below).

Busy, busy, day but somehow I'm not as tired as on the days when I can't work up the energy to do more than the essentials. Maybe I've turned a corner. Stress, worry, all that stuff builds up and I can't seem to get started on anything.

Now, it's about midnight, I have a load of clothes in the dryer, and I'm relaxing (this is relaxing, honest).

Glad everyone enjoyed the cell phone/computer post. I said in my response to some of the comments that I didn't think I'd ever want a cell phone but I've discovered it's given me much more freedom. With my life, I need to be reachable.

Anyhow, I'm going to try for the snapshot of the girls on their way to the field trip and see if I can get it to come out at the top of the post. Eureka, it worked and there they are in their bright spring clothing. I also need to learn how to write between the photos. I thought I had it figured out but maybe not. (After I looked at the photo again, I realized their shorts weren't visible. I added a pair to the photos.) They were each wearing a pair and I had three folded in the drawer (they fall off hangers). Their soft jersey shorts are hanging in the closet (see photo) along with two pair (flaming orange and pale blue) of Rebecca's capris. She wore her lime green pair.

Mollie - already told you the Giants news - down in flames again.

Talk to you tomorrow sometime.


Merle said...

Dear Ann ~~ Golly gosh, did you have a
very productive day!! You must feel good after achieving so much. The photos
are great, especially the one of the
girls. They look so happy, which must also make you feel good. We were lucky to have you post after all that work.
Take Care Ann. Cheers, Merle.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I always feel so much better at the end of a productive day than I do after a lazy one. And you sure were productive!

I bet the girls were thrilled with their new clothes.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Nice to see you’re experiencing a burst of spring energy, we do seem to experience that from time to time to time and I hope it stays with you. Maybe you energised from hearing some nice music, Edward Grieg shrikes as someone you would enjoy at this time in the year, particularly his arrangements of piano music.

The farm sounds interesting, is it community or privately owned?

Best wishes

Mary P. said...

Phew. I'm impressed! I think I know where your doldrums went, though: after five nights of insomnia, they've landed solidly at Mary's house. And tonight? Tonight we have an interview with someone who's going to check out our home! My eldest step-daughter is doing an exchange program, and we're hosting the other student.

So I have to make sure the Whole House is ship-shape. I'm so tired... Ick.

Step-daughter, lovely child, came over (voluntarily!) last night and shovelled out her room! It looks terrific. She's a good kid.

Sp00kalot said...

My goodness Granny, what kind of demon did you say possessed you? I'm terrified of demon possession but I wouldnt mind letting my guard down for a few hours if you could send that particular one my way.

By the way, sorry I have been MIA for so long. But between you and me, I think I have a sick obsession with my camera.

Alice said...

Sometimes you just put me to shame.


I adore the photo of the three of them together. They all look stunning smiling there, close and happy.

$40 sounds like a hell of a bargain for all those clothes. I feel lucky if when I have to shop (I hate clothes shopping) I get a quarter of that for £40, although I suppose the currency would be different and that would affect pricing?

Well done on a very productive day, anyhow, but I must as point out that you have a very important item on the agenda that has been missed.
Item 10000000000009999999991:

Have a slob-out-and-do-basically-sod-all day.

Ok? Good. Now, on your marks...

Ava said...

Wow! What a day! And did you ever find a bargain on clothes!!! That's wonderful. And look at those beautiful girls!!! What a great picture of them.

I'm amazed and in awe of all you accomplished!


ipodmomma said...

boy, Rochelle does look taller... I think she's grown since March!

I totally know that feeling of trying to stretch those clothes out. now here we don't pull out summer stuff until May, and usually don't wear it until July... ha ha ha...

however today it is gorgeous out! 64 degrees... amazing what one becomes acclimated to... hee hee hee....

and speaking of gorgeous... your girls are so lovely!!!

Melissa said...

Hi Granny,

Can you come to my house and do the same? I'll give you coffee.

Gina said...

You and I were possessed by the same spirit, Ann! Hubba-hubba took the boy away to the park for a few hours and boy, did I do some de-cluttering. It felt great, so cheers to us!

What pretty colors to go on such pretty girls!

I just don't see the point in buying expensive clothes for kids when they are just going to grow out of them. Maybe once in a while something really nice, but usually Old Navy does it for me.

oshee said...

I bet waking up this morning was a treat. When the house is organized and the kids have what they need, where they need it, it makes everything go much easier.
I haven't gone summer shopping for my kids yet. It is different here. They wear shorts most of the year. So, they all have things from last fall that still fit. I buy my kids shorts as back to school clothes.

They are beautiful girls. They look very happy in the picture. They look like they really like each other. Such a powerful thing for them to have each other.

You are doing well.

Turtle Guy said...

Is that a FULL fridge!!???? Need a house-turtle?? I cook...

JBlue said...

That was some day! I broke a sweat just reading it! ;)

Expat Traveler said...

Ann - you do so much! I'm so impressed. It's so great to be so young and vibrant (as opposed to my 30 years). And well turtle guy is really jealous of that fridge of yours.... And those prices of clothes... WOW! Wished we could find deals like that up here in Canada.

Jo said...

I was tired after I read about everything you did. I think I need a nap now. Way to go, it feels so good to be so productive. Way to go! And the girls spring clothes look lovely.

Anonymous said...

ok, first off where have you been lately. or is it my imagination, and its really me that has been missing?

and what is the "factory 2U" place. i can't believe that deal you got there. is that new stuff? that is amazing. it might even be worth my trip.

you are not possessed by demons, they are mean, and they don't clean stuff or buy people things that are nice. you are overcome by the hosts of heaven.

kudos to you

becksterh said...

Wow, you had quite a busy day! Can I borrow a cup or two of that energy! I did the dishes yesterday and had to lay down for an hour!

Bacchus said...

I feel lazy, all i did was get bus passes and supplies from the pet store. Other than that Baby and I played and while he napped I checked work emails.

I need to hit my closet and get rid of all those things that don't fit. It's either that or get another closet.

mreddie said...

Wow - that was busy day, I've heard of spring cleaning but I am a little fuzzy on spring shopping. Don't have young ones underfoot though or I might learn about shopping. ec

Gary said...

Phew! I only have two things to say:

1. You better get a good rest tonight if you're going to keep this up.
2. Those girls are so lovely and so loved...

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Oh, I'm glad your feling better, your post had been so short of late, and you kept mentioning either being tired or taking a nap. I figured the stress of Ray'd illness was getting you down, as it would anyone.

It's great getting things done, and having the energy to do it all is priceless!