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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Nadine in Montana

Nadine is a seven year old girl in Montana who was seemingly cancer free after treatment. A different type has now surfaced.

Her mom is asking for postcards for Nadine.

Here's the link to the Blogging Baby post today. The "Susan" Jen Creer refers to writes Friday Play Date . She suggests we hug our own little princes and princesses. I agree.

Thanks to all of you who wish to participate.



Susan said...

Thank you, Ann, for your incredible kindness.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

how sad, i will have to pop over there and read wahts going on..

tAnYeTTa said...


Thank you for stopping thru to say hello to me. You ALWAYS rock!!!

I have some catching up to do on your blog.

Bloglines tells me I have 22 unread posts. Say it ain't so! I could have sworn I've been here way before I missed 22 posts. Sorry (bad, bad tanyetta) LOL

Kristen said...

I hope she gets a zillion princess cards. There is a card shop in my building at work. I think I'm going to find one for her today. Thanks Ann, Susan, and Jen for spreading the word about this.

Dee said...

I booked it. I have to travel some distance to get the cards but I will do it next week or the week after. I hope she gets loads of them.

Angel said...

OHH Thank you for posting this about Nadine! When the kids get home, we'll work on cards for her.