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Friday, May 19, 2006

Saying Goodnight - Updated 5-19

Between finally catching up on the clean laundry, the heat, and spending two hours at the middle school open house with all three girls, I'm about done in.

I'll be back tomorrow or even later tonight if it's too hot to sleep. Right now my eyes are closing. I can type with my eyes closed but I can't when I'm sitting here asleep.

Heat wave supposed to break over the next week with possible thunderstorms.

Maybe we'll all feel a little better. Hot, hotter, hottest - at least for the middle of May.

Traumatic day with Elcie which didn't help. I might get back to that tomorrow or maybe I'll just let it go. Nothing alarming; just teenage extremes.

Note to peppy lady. I enjoy your comments on both blogs. Your blogger profile doesn't show a blog. That doesn't matter so far as you commenting but if you do, I'd like to visit. Can you let me know; either by email or another comment?



Welcome to peppy lady from Idaho. Thanks, Madcap for the heads up. There she was, right on your blogroll. Neat blog too with lots of flowers. I'm sure she'd enjoy some more visitors


Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ Sorry that the heat is getting to you and making you so tired. How is Ray these days? Well I hope, and Elcie
is she managing OK?
Glad you liked the Volvo joke.
Take care, Merle.

Anvilcloud said...

Go figure the weather. You supply the heat, and we'll supply the water and cook up a storm.

Gawdessness said...

teenage extremes AND heat?!
Not for the faint of heart!
Our heatwave broke a little last evening then picked up again in the middle of the night.
Or maybe that was just me.

madcapmum said...

Ann, there's a link to Peppylady in my blog list, under "Mosiac".

Garrrrr, am I ever glad I don't live in your climate! High 80s is traumatic enough for me!

Gina said...

What is the deal with the weather here? You are getting hot hot hot and we are having haze that doesn't burn off until noon or so.

I can't remember a May with such weird weather.

It seems like I have been saying that a lot lately.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Your little Jonathan is just precious! Congrat's!!!!


Kathleen Callon said...

It's almost a hundred here, so understand the discomfort. Laundry and chores stink until they're done, and we get to look around and realize... gasp... I can do something for myself now? Hope you have a great weekend.

Ava said...

Don't let the teenage stuff get you down. I hope that all is well.

I'll check out peppy lady's blog sometime today and let her know you sent me.


L. said...

It`s raining in SF today (after a nasty spell of fog), so maybe an end to your heat wave is indeed on its way -- and maybe an end to our foggy spell, too!

mreddie said...

My growing up years were without air conditioning and I still remember having difficulty sleeping and sweating most of the night. Hope your heat breaks soon. ec