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Friday, May 12, 2006

See Who I Was Hanging Out With Today

This is The Hampshire, an upscale senior residence here.

A friend invited me to a special "50's" lunch today and promised entertainment. This was it. The menu was hot dogs, hamburgers, and a milkshake. I saw one poodle skirt but most of the people who thought they were wearing 50's attire had the 50's and 60's mixed up. Doesn't surprise me since most of them were teens in the 40's. I wasn't the youngest in the room - that would have been my new friend who invited me and just barely makes the age qualification there - but I didn't miss it by far.

The impersonator was very good. He was actually singing with a karaoke setup - not lip synching ** and he had the sneer and moves down pat. I told my friend the boys' dad went to school with Elvis in Memphis (true - they were friends but not bosom buddies). He also knew Conway Twitty (Harold Jenkins) when they both lived in Helena, AR as very young kids. I thought he was making it all up until I met his mother and she confirmed it.

I may be back later but wanted to get this on.

** That spelling looked strange so I sent back and checked. "synching" has twice as many google entries as syncing and Wikipedia adds the "h". They both look strange. How about Lip Sinking? Posted by Picasa


tAnYeTTa said...

I knew he wasn't dead!

Ok sorry that wasn't funny.


Janice said...

Ann, you had a very personal Elvis sighting!


My Fourteen almost fifteen year old daughter likes Elvis, and she's got a cd and a record!


Granny said...

He closed his act with the karaoke guy saying "Elvis has left the building".

Gina said...

I only like a few Elvis songs, but boy, was he one good looking man in those early years.