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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

We're Having a Heat Wave

New baby pics two posts below this one for anyone who hasn't seen them!!

96° again today and I.m absolutely zapped. So are the girls. Elcie didn't finish up homework and I didn't even care. I'll send a note tomorrow. We were trying to divide decimals into decimals and neither of us could focus. I can do it; just couldn't put together an explanation that made sense. Her book wasn't much help. I will google and we'll work on it tomorrow.

Managed to put together a one dish stir-fry; cheating every step of the way with frozen veggies and rice-a-roni. Only one stove burner working. They ate it with no complaints; even Elcie who doesn't like rice-a-roni (or so she says). It was covered up with broccoli and cauliflower which she loves along with 6 or 7 other veggies.

Mom and Jonathan were doing fine last I heard. I didn't stay long this afternoon. Two of Melissa's daughters were there plus me, Jim, and Tim. Too many for a new mom. I'll see her tomorrow and maybe the next day I'll take the girls or they might even bring the baby over here.

We have several new visitors between yesterday and early today but I'm dripping sweat into the keyboard, even this late at night, so I'll try to get back to them tomorrow.

It's supposed to start cooling down to the high sixties by the weekend. Maybe I can accomplish a little more. Clean laundry piling up but the girls aren't naked so I'm ignoring it. Tomorrow maybe.

Elcie's wheelchair is in for repairs so she was on her crutches today. We're trying to charge her electric enough to make the day tomorrow. Darn thing has never worked. The agency which provides her needs is shopping for a replacement (we finally gave up on sending it back) and she'll be measured next week. We wanted a scooter for her but there is no way to tie them down to a school bus. So the wheelchair it is. She should have the electric by the time school starts back in August. She'll be mainstreamed for the most part which means classroom to classroom and a lot of pushing with the manual chair. She managed on crutches in elementary school but this is a big, crowded campus and I'm worried she'll be pushed around.

Thanks to all for the comments and compliments about our little "monkey feet'. I'm afraid that name may stick. Discovered it's because he had his toes firmly wrapped around something (the cord?) on his way out. Jim says he has a fantastic grip for a newborn. He has Jim's bull neck but at least missed the ears. Adding Dumbo to watermelon head and monkey feet would be too much.

Giants swept Houston, Mollie - now tied for last place. Barry didn't play. He'll be the DH when we play Oakland in Oakland over the weekend. Long road trip - about 10 miles across the bridge and over to the Coliseum.

I'll try for a little more inspiration tomorrow. Just too darn hot tonight.


Alice said...

The pictures are beautiful, the baby is lovely, the words of wisdom are perfect and the fact that Elcie will be getting what she needs is great.

All in all, a good few days.

Talk to you later, Koolaid Gran.


megz_mum said...

Hope your weather cools off - the heat is very draining, hard to get motivated as you said

MsSisyphus said...

He's gorgeous Ann. And the monkey feet/watermelon head just give him personality :)

I bet the girls can't wait to meet him!

What a lucky boy to be born into your family. He'll never lack for love and suppor tin his life, that's for sure.

Gawdessness said...

a tropical heat wave!
Us too. Yuck!

The baby is beautiful, reminding me of a plum in those first pictures!

Hope you get some cooling breezes!

J said...

Great pics, and I'm wondering if you're getting the cool breeze that we're getting right now? It's almost like there's some SF fog somewhere that I can't see. Lovely. Wasn't 96 here yesterday, only 90, and we got lucky because for some reason we never had to even turn on the a/c. Sounds like you don't have a/c, which should be against the law in Merced. Our high today is supposed to be in the low/mid 70s. Hope it's cooler there as well.

Thanks for the baby pics. I'm glad a better wheelchair is in the future. Boy, life gets complicated, doesn't it. Sigh.

ipodmomma said...

send some of that heat our way!!!

actually I was out weeding earlier, and it was really very nice and warm. had long sleeves on, because of the flies...

then it rained. girls thought I was nuts!!! :)))

Ava said...

A heat wave? Dang! I've got the furnace on!!! It was cold in my bedroom last night and I went to sleep on the couch in the living room where it was warmer!!

Elcie doesn't like rice-a-roni? One of my sons doesn't like mashed potatoes.

Glad to hear the new mom is doing well.

You hang in there and have a nice cool drink to cool you down!


peppylady said...

Everything going up. Heat and Gas. This week of may been very hot 90, yesterday and gas at $2.95 for regular.

pissed off patricia said...

I wasn't on the computer too much the last couple of days so when I got here and saw your mention of the baby pics I scrolled rapidly down to see them first. Gosh, I had forgotten how tiny newbies are. Sweet little face!

Now I'll go back and read your post. Priorities ya know. :)

Praying for your Prodigal said...

What a beautiful baby boy! ENJOY! And congrat's to Mom/Dad....and of course...GRANDMA!!!!


oshee said...

Odd, you all are burning up and we got rain. Odd weather out there right now. I hope the weather cools down for you soon!

Nice words of wisdom...

Peritia said...

Congratulations so much with the new grandchild! He's so beautiful! In my family we're now all waiting for September when my brother and his fiancée are expecting their first baby together: a boy, something that is perfect since both of them have a daughter already. Your pictures make me want to take a nap and not wake up until September.

I'm posting a new picture on my blog that you should see, might give you a nice mental picture to escape from the heat wave.

And concerning your last comment on my blog: You should see the steakhouse I work in. It's a 100%wannabe-American steakhouse. The uniform I hate so much is kind of cowboyish (is that a word?), the decorations are... well, also cowboyish, and all day we have to listen to country music. If I ever see Faith Hill I'll throw something either hard or disgusting on her, possibly both.

mreddie said...

I saw on the weather channel tonight that you guys were having excessive heat out there. We are cool here at the moment but that will not last long. Glad the little one is doing OK. ec

Jacqui said...

Hi Ann, I know where you are coming from with the heat, that's why I chose to live here in Bridgetown, or as one of my boys calls it, Fridgetown. We often have the coldest overnight min.
Hope all goes well with Elcie's chair and that she copes ago in the mainstream.
hugs jacqui