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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Work in Progress

I may never catch up on the introductions and I apologize. I will try to backtrack through the comments and the posts for the ones I missed but too much time may have passed. Sometimes things get away from me. I think I did get all the newer visitors on the blog roll though.

There is one, however, that I am sure of. "Lois Lane" noticed my comment on another blog about my life growing up in the New York Mohawk Valley. It turns out that's her home as well and we've had a great time exchanging my old memories and her knowledge of what it's like now. Almost as good as a trip home or finding a blogger who lives 30 miles down the road from where I am now (Hi Lady Jan).

I have now taken the blogroll as far as I can without some outside help.

I started with the comments and then went through my bloglines list. I just heard from one person, (hi, Sothis) who I missed so there will probably be others. Let me know and I'll add you.

Beth and Gina, your links are now functioning. It must have been Blogger because I didn't change anything.

Some of the entries have double bullets - I don't know why. I couldn't see anything in the code but if anyone has an idea, please let me know. It's no big deal but I might as well fix it if I can.

Jen and Andrea, thanks again for setting it up and patiently adding names until I finally figured it out.

My next project is to move some of the right sidebar content over to the left. I didn't realize I'd have so much info over there but it's getting a little lopsided. I just need to figure out how to do it. And I may sort the blogroll by countries - but not tonight.

Our picnic dinner worked out nicely. The girls spent much of the day outside (even Elcie) and it was cool enough for Ray and me to start cleaning out the patio for summer. It's the equivalent of a garage with no room for the cars.

It was an ordinary day except for one Rochelle/Elcie squabble which caused me to turn the car around and drop them back off at home. They need a reminder from time to time that when I say "enough" I mean it. I gave them one warning and when they started up again we were homeward bound. Rebecca stayed with me - for once she had the sense to keep her mouth tightly closed and she hadn't been part of it begin with. As usual, it was over something silly. Elcie got bossy, Rochelle said something like "you're not the boss of me" and it was downhill from there.

We're going to try for the park tomorrow - all of us. There's a nicer park toward the edge of town with better playground equipment and a yucky pond where they can watch whatever slimy things live in it. Occasionally they see a crawdad and there are always frogs. They love it.

It has much more shade than the one they're allowed to walk to so we can take our foldup canvas chairs and relax. Probably a portable radio for the ball game of course. They're old enough to play as long as I know where they are.

Midnight already and probably time to get some sleep if I'm going to be any good tomorrow. I want to have a relaxing day if possible.

Mollie - Giants won. Barry still at 714.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ I remember you saying that Jim's blog was hard to read. I find this with others as well, so what I do is highlight the text and it is far easier to read. I do it with yours too.
Just a suggestion that originally came from my nephew Marcus at Holt Press.
Take care, Merle.

Anvilcloud said...

Re the double bullets. I think that the preceding tag isn't closed. In each case you seem to have an li (which opnens a list item rather than closing it) as opposed to a /li. See if that does it.

Andrea said...

Ill check things out today. didnt have time last night.
on another note - way to go granny!!!!!! I knew you could do it!!!! WAHOOOO!!!