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Monday, June 12, 2006

Any Ideas for Double Knot?

Here's what she wrote today.

I don't know what I did now but my blog isn't acting right. The info that is suppose to be in the side bar is acting like it is on another page waaaay at the bottom of the posts. I tried to redo my template thinking this may fix it and lost all my list of bloggers so I have been trying to redo them. Also for some reason now my past posts and archives are in a bigger font then everything else. Oh well - I have the storm on my mind and really feel like I shouldn't be on my computer but it isn't doing anything but raining right now.

If you have a solution, send it either to me or to Doubleknot

Also, she's in the hurricane area and I know she'd appreciate your good wishes


Autumn said...

I left her a comment..It is probably from the way she has her links listed..She may have it in the wrong area of the template. Wordpress does it for me now..I like it so much better on that host.

Sue said...

I don't know if she is using IE or Firefox, but mine did exactly the same thing when I was using IE. Since I've changed to Firefox, I've had no problems like that..

Atasha said...

She will be in my thoughts. My brother flew into Miami this morning and isn't scheduled to fly out until tomorrow. Are they in the path of this hurricane? I don't even know. His wife is going nuts! I hope everything turns out well for all.

Granny said...

Mine did it on IE too but it also required some tinkering (from an expert, not me) to yank the blogroll back up top where it belonged.

I switched to Firefox and mine has been okay, at least from my end. I don't know what others are seeing unless they tell me.

Gawdessness said...

Been a while since I could check in but...
I love the new colours, all the cat photos and kid pictures and those boots and jeans from the last post - Wowie!