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Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging

You can see how tiny the kitten is who showed up at our door a few days ago. Fidget, the larger cat, isn't full grown. Dipstick has made himself completely at home. And baby makes three.

That gray contraption taking up half the room is oxygen. The feet in the background of the first photo belong to Rochelle who is the clunky shoe person. The clutter is always there but at least it's fairly new clutter. I go through once in a while and make order but it's Ray's side and when I do that it takes him days to find anything. I try not to look. This room is too small to hold everything we've crammed into it.

Welcome to Atasha, an online friend of Tanyetta. She's originally from Trinidad and now lives in California with her husband, son and daughter. She loves classical music which means we have one more thing in common.

And to Susan of Friday Playdate. Susan lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two extremely energetic sons. I've been a fan of hers for a while and here she is.

You're both on the blogroll.

The girls' mom turned up with a large bag of clothes for them tonight. A few days ago, she gave them an assortment of tops that she no longer wore. Elcie and Rochelle are her size now, shoes and all.

This means it's triage time once again, with clothes. I don't have drawer space for all of it unless I put some of it in Elcie's dresser (which currently holds things I haven't gone through for discard recycle). That will mean she must take responsibility for her clothing once it's clean. I'll hang dresses and jeans but she can put the other things in drawers and keep up with them. The other two are already doing some of it for me and it's time for Elcie to join the party. And they can all sort socks. I'll try to stay out of their way and not be compelled to prove I can do it faster.

Tomorrow they decide what will fit who the best. Rebecca has hers staked out and in a box. It's easier because she's smaller and this last batch of clothing came in several sizes. They were all given to a friend of their mom's whose kids are heavier than the girls so nothing fit. Perfect for these three though and current styles for summer. They were dancing for joy. One would think they were naked up to that point but there's nothing like a new wardrobe (new to them in any event).

Other than that, nothing new. Rebecca's had a tummy ache much of the day but she seems better now. I'm keeping an eye on her.

It's getting late, Ray is asleep and I think all three girls may be by now. They're all in the living room. All were restless for some reason and as long as they're settled in they'll be okay. Probably still whispering. Yep, just checked. One asleep, one cuddled with cat (Fidget I think) and another with kitten. Told them time to go to sleep. Past time actually and usually this doesn't happen, even in the summer. I think they're a little over excited. They can sleep in tomorrow.

School starts Monday for Rochelle. I just found out she'll be in 6th grade summer school at the local middle school. Wish I'd known before. I'm not sure if she's ready for the adjustment without her sister there. They may squabble but they stand up for each other as well and this school (where they will not be going in the fall) has some serious gang problems. One whiff of trouble and she's out of there. She's been to summer school every year and done fine but middle school is different. She'll be in the youngest group and have to contend with some tough 7th and 8th graders.

And I'm probably worrying over nothing.

A couple of people have asked about the ergo keyboard. It's a Microsoft 4000 and I read a couple of very good reviews this morning (after I bought it of course). I'm no longer tripping over the center section and it's become comfortable. One or two more days and I'll never want to go back to anything else. The mouse is performing as a mouse should and the lithium batteries seem to be working in the camera. For now I'm not swearing at any modern technology except Blogger.

I never fail to be amazed at the words spell check doesn't recognize. Triage?

Girls now sleeping soundly and it's probably past time for me to do the same.

Mollie - Giants went into bottom of 9th tied 4-4 and won on a walkoff wild pitch. That Pirates pitcher is probably still crying in his Gatorade.

Take care everyone.


doubleknot said...

Such a nice day. I know the girls are looking forward to trying on the 'new' clothes. A while back my sister cleaned out her closet and brought me enough shirts that I won't need to buy any for a while.

doubleknot said...

I forgot to say how adorable the kitties were. Both black and white. We have a black and white one and the neighborhood is full of them - some cat must have been busy.

ipodmomma said...

yeah for SF!! glad they pulled it out...

several years back a gal we knew who was mom to a gal Ted's age gave us a bag, mostly of jeans. J was the very happy recipent of them, and they were styles I'd never buy; fancy, wide leg, etc. she was a happy gal, until she grew out of them.

but now J is the one who likes stylish jeans. Ted is like me, happy in Levi's 501's, and occasionally whatever Cat brings over that she doesn't want anymore. but Jocelyn is my fashion girl.

hope they have fun! and I love the kitties... that new one is very cute... :)))

Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ Looks like another busy day with the girls trying clothes on. Should be fun for them. I wish you had more storage space to make life easier,
Thanks for comment at my blog.
Thanks for the e-mail and advice.
Take care Ann, Cheers, Merle.

Arwen said...

I love hand me downs!

Jacqui said...

Hi Ann,
I hope you had a good sleep, I think we all like getting "new"things and can't wait to try them on.
I have an older sister and growing up I always had her hand-me-downs, which wasn't as good, but sometimes things came from a neighbour, I can still remember one particular dress, all these years later.

hugs jacqui

megz_mum said...

Hi there! Thank you for sending me the word-crossing-out code - and I see you have used it! Best way to learn, actually putting it ino practice, so I will have a try over the weekend.

peppylady said...

Middle school is hard on both parents and kids. We went through it and don't wish middle school on anyone. Actual we had a pretty easy time of it.

Tammy said...

Cute kitties...for more kitty pics go to visit Melange at

VMC said...

Glad you have all of your stuff working, Ann. Plus, you are really beginning to amaze in layout management. The color contrast and readability of the new scheme is great. Plus strikethrough and and blogroll! You are on your way to techiness!

Marsha said...

cute want to see clutter...visit my house.

J said...

Your pics made me want a kitten. :) Too cute. Ted's violently allergic, though, so we stick with the dog. I love the ergonomic keyboard, too.

wolfbaby said...

Sorry I haven't commented lately but blogger is giving me all kinds of grief... I have been reading though:) Gotta love recycled cloths, the lady I baby sit for gives me all her daughters old cloths and since shes a couple years older it will fit cookie monster for a while and even sweet pea so long as cookie monster dosn't demolish them beyond all recognition LOL have a good day!!!

PEA said...

The cats and kitten are so adorable...I always had a cat while growing up and miss having one since I got married, hubby is allergic to them:-( I love hand me downs and to me it was like getting brand new clothes...hope the girls have fun trying out everything and that lots of it will fit them! Blogger is still acting up for me today grrrrrr...will be glad when they finally get their act together!!

LoisLane said...

Cute kitty!!

Overwhelmed! said...

Will you post a Five Ingredients Friday recipe on your blog today for me? :)

No Blogger ID said...

I also hate to sort socks. So I bought a whole bunch of diaper pins and now I pin a pair together as soon as I buy them and wash them and store them with pins on. Only remove the pins to wear them, then right back on. Works for me. The hardest part was finding the diaper pins. I had to do some serious shopping to find them.

Autumn said...

The cats are precious. Looks like the little one has made itself right at home.

Jo said...

I love kittens! But I also love puppies and babies. In fact I like all three much better small than when they are almost grown. I think it is wonderful your girls are grateful for recycled clothes. I read about bratty teens who must have it all new and very expensive. Not mine, we go for cheap here and bargains are celebrated. Good luck with the triaging. If you get done early, come on over and help me pack!

Sothis said...

Dipstick. I crack up everytime I think of a little kitten named Dipstick. I don't remember if you mentioned it or not--who named him?

Atasha said...

I too laughed when I saw the kitten's name. Thank you for the warm welcome. That's pretty cool.
Hey enjoy that keyboard! I think I want...ahem..need one too.

Badoozie said...

havent been here if a few, your blog looks good. you darkened the purple, or brightened the green, not sure which. you got a kitten, you lucky!
i was scrutinizing that gray box, and had come to the conclusion it was some sort of oxygen contraption and i saw your explanation right below it, boy did i feel dumb. you explain everything so well!

L. said...

Howdy rowdy roo. Ann, you should join Crazy Hip Blog Mamas. Please do it -- I want you to be one of their bloggers of the week. (MIM got that honor this week.)

(And glad you liked my cat FOOD blogging.)


oshee said...

Now that I can comment again...

-I like the variation on your colors in your template. It is much easier to read now.

-The kitties seem to be getting along great. That is good. It isn't always so easy in kitty relations.

-I agree. A new wardrobe is always nice even if it just new to me. My kids agree too.

Glad to know things are going well for you and your family right now.

Gina said...

Just saying hi and that your template looks good, although I can't figure out if it is black or just a really dark purple.

But who really cares, it looks good and that's all I need to know!

Hope you're having a great night, Ann.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

We were very poor for a couple of years when my sister and I were in middle school, and occationally we'd get had-me-across was what we called other people's hand-me-down's that came to us.

It sounds like your really getting the hang of the new key board, congrats!


montchan said...

Purple and green are my favorite colors!!! And the pussies (ha!) are adorable! Cats RULE!

Ms. Lori said...

Sweet kitties! Does my heart (and head) good to look at darling little fluffballs. I stare at my cat all the time, just stare and stare and admire. She thinks I'm weird.

Love the new blog colors, btw.

montchan said...

Hi Ann,
I got more strangely named cat food. Just for the love of mankind, please go pee first before viewing:-) How do they come up with those names????

Granny said...

Hi anonymous

I used to pin their baby socks. Now I buy all white, 20 pair at a time but I can't always get the exact brand that I bough last time.

So they sort.

Did you intend to be anonymous?