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Friday, June 30, 2006

G is for Granny!! Update

I thought I'd managed to avoid this one but I've been tagged by Montchan.

The object. 10 words beginning with the assigned letter.

1. Galoshes. What I haven't seen since I left upstate New York more than 50 years ago.

2. Grumpy. How I felt the two days the blog was kaput.

3. Grateful. To all of you computer whizzes.

4. Geniuses. See number 3.

5. Grits and eggs. Any questions? Such as what is a grit?

6. Goulash. What I make on refrigerator cleaning day.

7. Guinea pigs. For further information, I recommend this expert. (Hi. L.)

8. Green. The color I turn when I think about adding guinea pigs to my collection of 3 girls, 4 cats in assorted sizes, and one overweight white rat.

9. Google. How else can I do this and look up words at the same time?

10. Giants. The baseball variety of course.

Whew. That was harder than I thought.

I don't normally tag people but in honor of Canada Day (tomorrow)

A is for Andrea (now in BC)

C is for Cali Girl (Prince Edward Island)

R is for Raindrops Hi, Anvilcloud (Ontario)

S is for Sarah Elaine (Alberta)

T is for Turtle Guy (Dave) (Alberta) because we can't have one without the other.

You'll thank me later. Sure you will.


I should have said anyone who wants to join in, please do. Use the first initial of your name or your blog unless it starts with X or something equally peculiar.


jel said...

just come over from Merle's blog,

will be praying for you and your husband!

God bless

Autumn said...

So glad to see you back on line. Glad you got things working again. I hope Ray is feeling better, and I love the new picture of the girls (other post) they are all so pretty

Andrea said...

hmm 10 A's. hmmm gotta think about this one!!

Ingrid said...

Hurrah you're back! So you have some canuck connections eh?(I am a naturalized Canadian myself, living in TX..such contradiction tsk tsk)
Good thing you remind me of this because I'll have to post something celebratory for tomorrow..woohoo!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

great list..i love goulsh..have not had it in years..

and i love google too:)

Expat Traveler said...

Well I'm glad I didn't get singled out because I'm out most of the day!!! :) But I really like that meme.

Gina said...

Galoshes? What are those? ;)

Great, great pictures of the girls.

Is it still really hot up there for you guys? It hit 100 on Wednesday, and of course our air conditioner decided to stop working.

DA said...

I side with Gina, Galoshes? Good thing I don't live in Canada on this hot summers day :-)

Merle said...

Hello Ann ~~ More lovely photos of the girls. You did well with your meme.
I hope things are going well with Ray.
Take care, Merle.

montchan said...

hmmmm.. goulash! And guinea pigs. Now I am having all kinds of EVIL thoughts! muahahahahaha!!!!

PEA said...

lol You came up with some great answers...I have some "galoshes" for when it comes time to digging up the potatoes...I call mine "gum boots" lol

Erin said...

Great answers! My great-uncle was a scout for the Giants... back when they were in NY!

Turtle Guy said...

some day soon!