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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Should Just Recycle an Old Post

He's home and the first thing he did after he sat down was to remove the collar for a few minutes.

Star Trek is on for the first time in days and I don't even mind.

More later.

Hugs to all



pissed off patricia said...

Ummm, who is he? Is he a priest? A priest who likes to watch star trek? I need more info I guess. :)

Beth said...

I hope he has the doctor's permission to take off the collar. Don't want to poor boy to get hurt.

I also hope he is in proverbial heaven with his big TV.

Sp00kalot said...

Niceeee! ALL collars are itchy. I think, if youre bad and go to hell, you'll have to wear collars for eternity.

Sue said...

That must be a relief for both of you to have him home!
We walked at the waterfront late this afternoon and the Giants fans were lined up in force to catch the ferry to SF.
It's beautifully balmy and a light breeze here.

Atasha said...

Glad Ray is home Ann. I hope it's the Original Star Trek with Cpt Kirk. I love. Anything else, like Next Generation is a joke. Just my opinion

Ava said...

I'm so glad that Ray is home. I know that collar has to be uncomfortable. Poor guy. Enjoy your time!

Star Trek Rules!!!!!!


Angela said...

I'm so glad he's well enough to be home. It must feel great for you guys. Enjoy your time - come back when you feel like it!

ipodmomma said...

wonderful! thinking cool thoughts, and sending much love...

tAnYeTTa said...

Yeahhhhh.........Ray's home. That's some really good news!!!!!

ps..Darrin was/is/not sure anymore his stance on it all but....I do remember him LOOOOOOOVINg star trek.

Alice said...

Glad he's back. I don't blame him for removing it. Seems like it was causing more problems than it solved, poor guy.

Is this good ol' fashioned sexy Captain Kirk Star Trek or the crappy newer ones?

If the former, I'm jealous.

Just checked out your recipes. Wow! Ice-cream! Sounds fantastic. Can I print them out?
I'd love to try and make it next month; I'm hoping to book a week off work.

Well, you know I’ll be there to comfort and soothe if you feel like having a paddy for whatever reason. The good thing about being across an ocean is that if I say the wrong thing I don't have to duck.


I don't need patience.
I'm just there.
That's what friends are for.


Arwen said...

Did they discover what the problem was?

Jacqui said...

Hi Ann, if the collar that Ray has, is the sort that you have to wear after an accident, I certainly don't blame him for taking it off. I have had to wear one on two different occasions, and they are awful, so hot and itchy, but in my case they did work, so hope something comes out of it for you and Ray.
Hugs jacqui

PEA said...

You must be so happy to have him home more going back and forth to the hospital for visits! I find that the hardest part!! I could never get into Star Trek, even the original one but my boys used to watch it faithfully! Get well hugs to Ray and bigggg hugs to you Ann!

Jo said...

What a blessing, hopefully and prayerfully it is for a good LONG time. And what is wrong with Star Trek??? hmmm????

CaerLiveSound said...

Whoa, I didn't read for a few days and I sure missed a lot! Good luck, Ray! And good luck to you too, Granny, I know you've got a lot to deal with.

Rowan said...


And there's nothing wrong with a little Star Trek!

'Beam me up!'

wolfbaby said...

ok i know im in the minority but i love the next generation:)

Merle said...

Dear Ann ~~ At last some better news!!
So glad that Ray is home and hope he continues to get stronger, and the speech better. Your recipes look great so I have saved them.. I do hope you are feeling much better yourself. Though a little tantrum accasionally probably lets off some steam. Glad you liked The Yellow Shirt, it was popular. Thanks for saying hello to Jeanette, she is a lovely lady, widowed last year and has battled cancer. Take care, Love, Merle.