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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Send Ice Please. Lots of It.

High: 103°
Low: 67°
sky: sunny


High: 105°
Low: 67°
sky: sunny


High: 107°
Low: 70°
sky: fair (day)

Mostly Sunny

High: 107°
Low: 72°
sky: partly cloudy (day)

Partly Cloudy

High: 105°
Low: 73°

Today through Monday

I'll be back if I haven't melted.


Missy said...

Hee could always come up here. It's only been topping out in the mid sixties so far, though we're due for a "heat wave" in the next week. Yikes! Over 80?! :P

I hope the news on Ray is good. Update us all when you can.

Sue said...

Would you share the ice with me? (103º here)
Hope Ray is doing better :-)

Lavender Dawn said...

ewww yucky. it stormed here today and knocked our power out. it wasn't hot. but without ac it got sooo humid. i opened the windows but it wasnt very windy. i hate being sticky!

Bacchus said...

I moved here to get away from this weather. Where o where is my fog!! It is way too hot, which means the parade is going to be scorching.

Hope Ray is feeling better and you'll have good news.

Gina said...

Oh man, that's bad.

All of you, stay cool. That's hot enough to be dangerous.

Andrea said...

ohhh here too!!! we are expecting a high of 37degrees!!! IN CANADA!!!!! AUGH!!!!
There is no ice to send - it has alllll melted!!

ipodmomma said...

my dad and I were chatting that he would send us some of that heat!

if only... :)))

stay cool as you can. muyc love is sent, if no ice...

Beth said...

oh my!

Atasha said...

Oh my word Ann. And I am complaining about the heat where I am, I think it hit 82. I better shut up after seeing what's in store for you! I think we will be at 89 on Sunday!! I hate the heat. I always joke and say that I've moved to the wrong state. I lived in NY, much worse as I see they're at 80 as I speak. YUCK!! Please keep cool as Gina stated that heat is dangerous.

Mary P. said...

I'm with Atasha. I will now officially not complain about the heat till we top 105. Good Lord.

Sothis said...

How about I send you some cold from Belgium? It is only 65 F here. We could use another 10-15 degrees...

Angela said...

Ew! Ew! Ew! I could not handle 107, especially with your humidity. I'd be dying. Seeing as how, I can't handle humdity anyhow - let alone with 107 degree temperature. You need otter pops, popsicles and anything else cold you can come by!!!

Sp00kalot said...

What?? Those temps are INSANE!! IN. SANE. What are you thinking living over there?

FYI - I did send ice, but I dont think it made it.

PEA said...

Geez, I melt when it's 80 here lol I don't know how anyone could stand that kind of heat!! But then, a lot of people ask me how I can stand the -40 in the winter time...I'm a tough northern Canadian girl...but can't stand the heat! lol

montchan said...

I would eat a dead rat to get some hot weather here. Today we had a high of 63, which with the wind, and the humidity (94%) feels like 50 degrees. And rain, more rain... It is the MUD season. Until one day the rain will turn into snow, let's hope not before October. Last year it started to snow on Sept.19th.

Ava said...

Wow, you're hot!!!!!! I hope you have fans or AC or both!!!


karrie said...

If its dry heat--my husband grew up in Vegas--and limited to a few days I could deal with 100+. But not with humidity. We have at least one stretch like that each summer here in Boston, and I simply stay inside, in my underwear and sit in front of the airconditioner.

Stay cool!