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Friday, June 30, 2006

So Where Do I Start

First, thanks to all of you who have managed to keep up with me in spite of all this. Bloglines has its little quirks but it sure came through for me. All the encouragement and good wishes helped.

Next, to everyone who pitched in with suggestions and took a look at my template beginning with Mollie's husband who managed to get something other than a blank screen here. I'm afraid I'll leave someone out. Andrea, Jerry, AC have all pitched in and I can't even remember all of the people who said "it's happened to me and here's what I tried".

And then there's my baseball buddy Angela who has worked off and on for much of her day patiently experimenting until it finally worked. I'm not sure how she did it and I might not understand if she told me but it had something to do with working from her template to fix mine. I wouldn't have known where to begin.

The only thing missing is the pics of the girls and they were at least a year old and should be updated at some point. For anyone who hasn't seen what they look like, there are lots of pics back in the archives.

Write this down somewhere. Never make changes to your template before you have the original copied and stashed in a safe place. I'm sure I inadvertently deleted a crucial bit of code trying to move one small section of my sidebar above the blogroll. It was all downhill from there.

In the meantime, life around here went on. The girls have gone to the lake every day this week. A friend of mine goes with them. Ray came home on Tuesday afternoon as some of you already know. He hasn't been feeling well since and tonight the dizziness and chest pain returned. I took him back to the hospital and now I'm waiting to hear something. It probably won't be until morning and I'll get over there early to see him.

Rochelle and Elcie are asleep. Rebecca decided to bunk in with me tonight and she's wide awake sorting pictures. And singing to herself. It's okay; we're all a little up in the air again and I'm not going to make a fuss about bedtime. She can sleep in tomorrow.

Normally I'd have more to say but I'm rather tired.

I'm behind on blog reading so may check in with some of you I've neglected the past couple of day and then try for sleep.

Thanks to those of you who have already left comments about Ray. I'm trying not to fret but it gets a little harder each time.

Take care everyone. I'm sure glad to be back.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back! I'm sure it was sooo frustrating. Another reason I just don't mess with mine too much :)

Ray went back to the hospital? I'm sorry. But I guess that's the best place if he's not feeling well. I keep you guys in my prayers, hoping that the doctors figure all this out.

Get some rest.

ipodmomma said...

so glad you are back!!!

if ever God gets you across the ocean, Betty's will be a multiple return trip for you and me... :))))

Carissa said...

Glad you're back up and running.

Sorry to hear that Ray's had a return trip to the hospital.

Trope said...

Hey, Granny! It seems that the blogs only go futzy when we really don't have time or energy to deal with them. Hang in there, and I hope Ray is on the mend now; I saw from L's blog that he had just gone back in. My good wishes are with you both.

PEA said...

Good morning Ann:-) Glad to see your blog back to normal again...the other day I had noticed all the recent posts were gone! My blog was acting up yesterday, apparently all you could see was a white page...I republished it and it was fine so I don't know what the heck that was about! Sorry to hear about Ray having to go back in the hospital but I do think that's the best place for him to be if he's still experiencing all those symptoms. You hang in thre and know we're all here for you...just wish I lived a bit closer so I could help you!!

Kendra Lynn said...

Bedtime is sometimes loosely observed around here as well.
My girls sleep in most mornings and so they stay up later. I try to have them in bed around 9 - 9:30...but last night it was almost eleven before they were asleep.
Ah well.
At least they don't have school yet.


Cuppa said...

Hope Ray is feeling better today and you get some answers.

JunieRose said...

Sorry abour Ray's return to the hospital.

Hope it all gets better for you soon.


Jo said...

Dear, dear Ann, I wish I was there to take you out for a bit of chocolate and a good laugh. Prayers for Ray, I know you must be worrying yourself sick along with taking care of your girlies. Be kind to yourself, you are in need of some nurturing.

Anonymous said...

I started from scratch. And changed the colours until they were right, and all of your links were okay as well. It was frustrating because I kept losing the end of the template. But, it's here now and we have a saved copy. And that's what matters.

Hopefully, you've heard from Ray and he's doing well.

Gina said...

Aren't friends wonderful?

Again, prayers for everyone up there. Maybe it's time for Granny to pamper herself a bit.

Tammy said...

Welcome back...yes, tweaking the template can get a little risky and frustrating...I'm learning by trial and error myself.
I will go to someone's blog and see something I like and try to do it my defense I have been peeking at the Blogging for Dummies book at Barnes and Noble...I refuse to buy it because most of it I already know but will peek from time to
You Ray and the Kids have a great day today!!

Ava said...

Sorry about your blogging problems, but very glad that they are fixed now. Very frustrating!!!

I hope that things work out with Ray this time and they are able to solve some problems.

Love you!

Get some rest!


JBlue said...

How's Ray? Hope you're holding up, too, Gran.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I'm glad your blog is back, but it's too bad about Ray. I hope he is better soon.


DellaB said...

Frustrating, isn't it... wonder why we do it?

prayers coming your way for Ray...