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Monday, July 24, 2006

Baseball - Before the Game - Part 4

Jim and I are standing in front of the statue of Juan Marichal at the entrance to the ballpark. He's another Hall of Famer, pitcher of course. That leg kick was his trademark. I've watched him pitch and could never figure out how he kept from falling down.

The guys in the picture with Tim are two of our closest San Francisco friends who met us at the game. I've known Louis (in orange) for 25 years and we don't see enough each other.

You can't tell from the photo angle (we were sitting between 3rd base and the outfield) but those people with balloons formed a ribbon. CCH Pounder spoke briefly and she threw out the first ball. An HIV positive child from South Africa was an honored guest as well. Both teams joined the balloon group to form a circle. (San Francisco always invites the visiting team to join - I don't think they've ever refused). The players all wore the ribbons on their uniforms. Eventually the balloons were released. The SF Gay Men's Chorus sang San Francisco and The Star Spangled Banner (one of the few times it didn't set my teeth on edge from being mangled so badly).


Ava said...

Awesome pictures! Glad that you had a great time!

tAnYeTTa said...


I would have definitely annoyed you the whole time asking a million questions. Like, why do they wear tight pants, why does the guy behind the guy with the bat always puts up finger signs to the pitcher. You know, stuff like that. LOL :)

p.s.Can you tell I'm clueless when it comes to sports????

abqchunk said...

This makes me miss professional sports so much! My grandparents had season tickets to the 49ers @ Candelstick and then my dad inherited them when they moved to TX.When it was time for us to leave CA, I think the hardest thing for my dad to do was to let go of those tickets. I also got to see my Giants play the Pirates, my second fav. team w/Andy Van Slyke. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Hopefully I can get my boys to SF for the whole experience one of these days.