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Monday, July 24, 2006

Baseball - Still in Merced and En Route - Part 1

Tim is putting Rebecca's pony tail in place. Jim is - I don't know what he's doing. We were quite early and waiting for the bus. He may be saying "are you sure we're in the right place?".

Rebecca is wearing San Francisco Giant colors.

Girls on bus - just underway. Rebecca kept pulling those pants up over her underwear.

We left here at around 8:30. Temp already in 80's and climbing fast.


Tammy said...

Nice shot of you and the girls...I copied it for my blogger friends notebook...looks like you had a good time...glad you enjoyed it.

tAnYeTTa said...

Love her BLUE eyes. Gor-juss.

Yeah, so my first trip to san fran found me saying out loud: i thought the bridge was gold. Oops!

Tim does hair too? Guess you better keep him around :)

Sue said...

What stunning blue eyes!
Anyone who was around this area in 1989 has their own memories of Loma Prieta.
My husband had just come through the Cypress about one hour before it collapsed. Remember the World Series was happening that day? Oct 17, 1989.
Our best friends were at Candlestick!
Enough memories in that alone for a post!

Merle said...

Hello Ann ~~ WElcome back . I love the photos of Rebecca and Elcie and you with the three girls. Sound like you all had a great trip. Sorry you didn't have a win, but it looked like fun.
Take care, Merle.

JBlue said...

Elcie has such a lovely smile. Your girls are so adorable, Gran. They look very happy, too.