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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fours Meme - Updated

Becase wolfbaby asked so nicely.

Four Jobs I have had


Shoe salesperson

Statistical typist/bookkeeper/general flunky (on a typewriter with the world's longest carriage (3 feet) and an entire row of tab sets Strange beast. At least it was electric.) I did that twice; once with a large San Francisco morning paper and then for a steamship line back in the days when the USA actually had more than one.

Insurance broker (ships at sea) (Actually I had a solicitor's license but that always sounds slightly kinky. People wonder what I was soliciting.)

Four (oops five) movies I would watch over and over

Susie sure is picky.

Fargo (may be my all time favorite)

The Magic Flute (Ingmar Bergman) This one is fun and a good start for kids and opera.

La Traviata (Franco Zeffirelli) Teresa Stratas seems to have found her niche portraying tubercular women who have fallen from grace. She does a great Mimi in La Boheme as well (not on film but it is on dvd).

Carmen (Julia Migenes-Johnson/Placido Domingo) She is the best Carmen I've ever seen. Maybe not the greatest voice but she fits my idea of what Carmen should be.

The Third Man (partly for the zither but mostly for Orson Welles)

(aren't you glad you asked?)

Four places I have lived (Doesn't include my home town, Detroit, Albuquerque, San Jose, Memphis, Jonesboro, AR, or any whistle stops I may have forgotten)

Buffalo, NY

Phoenix, AZ

San Francisco, CA

Merced, CA

Four TV Shows I love to watch

Giants baseball

Law & Order (all of them - counts as 3)

Four places I have been on vacation

Vacation? Except for the trip east, these were all long weekends.

Marysville, CA (long story)

Eureka, CA

Paradise/Magalia, CA

Mohawk Valley/Adirondack Mountains, NY (trip home)

Four sites I visit daily (please don't feel left out. I get to everyone on the sidebar and some who aren't there as often as possible.)

Too tired to do links. Blogging Baby is on my sidebar; all others, including wolfbaby, are on the Blogroll.

Blogging Baby

ipodmomma (Mollie)

One Girl & Her Cats (Alice)

The Homesick Home (L.)


This one has been around for a while. I've been tagged before and can't remember for sure if I did it. Not tagging anyone. If you haven't done it and would like to, feel free.

Ray sounded better yesterday and today. He hoped to be out but I'd rather wait and have him well than have him sent home to soon.

Yesterday a friend I hadn't seen in years stopped by. We sat around here and chatted; then he took me to lunch. Lovely surprise. We both went to see Ray for a little while after lunch.

I took the younger girls in the evening to display of safe and sane ground fireworks sponsored by the Merced HS band. It's always fun as well as letting people know what fireworks are available. I went back the next day with Tim and we picked up some between us. Not a huge amount; just enough for the girls to enjoy.

Then we (all of us) went to lunch and then dress shopping for Elcie. Found a nice dark green scoop neck dress and a pair of tan Naturalizer dress flats. Shoes are always a hassle. They have to be flexible to go over her foot which knocks out at least half of what's out there. She can't wear a heel or a platform; sandals don't provide enough support (although she wears them for dress sometimes anyway). Doesn't leave much to choose from in our price range.

Rebecca was feeling puny much of today. I took Elcie with me this morning for my regular coffee date. Carol was home with the other two. Rebecca called around 11 and said her tummy and head hurt. Meantime, Tim had called and invited me to lunch and I said sure; he could help me shop for Elcie. I went home, gathered up Rebecca and Rochelle and set off to meet Tim. Already talked about the shopping trip, etc. We had lunch but Rebecca couldn't eat and she whimpered all the way through the store. I would have taken her back home but the store was right next door to the restaurant and I thought it might take her mind off her ailments. It didn't. I finally got her back home, she slept for a couple of hours, got up and went to her mom's for a little while. I picked up R & R around eight for the real fireworks (Elcie begged off), picked up Tim (again), and Rebecca was sick again. Finally decided it was sinus (Dr. Ann here), stopped and bought some Comtrex and snacks. She was feeling fine 30 minutes later and it hasn't come back. I figure the headache triggered the tummyache earlier. She was tensing up which made her hurt all over.

The fireworks were a fizzle. We got there right before they started and they lasted about ten minutes tops. We said "Was that it?" No grand finale, they just stopped. We drove back and lit the ones Tim and I had bought. They were more fun. Baby Jonathan had his first 4th of July and was wideeyed right up to the minute he fell asleep.

And somewhere I have misplaced two packages of sparklers. We know they were in the same bag as the others so where did they go? I'll probably turn them up in time for Labor Day.

Hope all of you who celebrated had a great time (as well as those of you who didn't).


ipodmomma said...

howdy there! sounds a pretty nice 4th... we hung around, watched tennis, girls sunbathed and had Indian for dinner...

pretty tame here too... :)))

glad Ray is feeling better, and that you had a nice visit with an old friend...

thinking of you all...

much love too..

Merle said...

Hello Ann ~~Glad you had an enjoyable day for the 4th. I hope Rebecca is well,
and glad that Ray is feeling much better
but he must be patient until he is really better before going home.
Ann, Thank you for those jokes, they will get posted. Take care, Merle.

Alice said...

"He hoped to be out but I'd rather wait and have him well than have him sent home to soon."

Yeah, keep on the hospital's case about that. I'm not saying they do it callously but quite often the front line workers are pressured from high above to free beds and discharge patients who aren't ready, and I'd hate that to happen to Ray, although considering this is his, what, fourth/fifth visit in such a short space of time, it sounds as if it has happened before anyway.

Sounds like the day went well, and I'm glad you had a good time. No injuries, so that's a relief. Poor Rebecca, though; the heat won't be helping. I hope she recovers soon.

Send her a hug from me.

Bet Elcie looks beautiful in her new clothes. Post a picture if at all possible.

Talking of pictures, when things have eased up for you a little and Ray is safely home, how about a family picture of all of you, including baby Jonathan?

That'd be fantastic.


Talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

Could Ray see any fireworks from his bed? Some of the hospital patients here could see the local ones from their rooms.

I did a few for the boys, and our neighbors put on quite a show--a nice, unexpected treat.

Glad you had a decent holiday, and everyone's feeling better!

Jacqui said...

Hi Ann,
Fireworks are illegal here, only licensed pyrotechnics are able to put on displays. It's a pity really, because I can remember having them as a child and loving it. It's something to do with safety. I must say the Australia day ones, in Perth, they have them over the Swan river, are quite spectacular.
Hope Ray is well and home soon,
hugs jacqui

Erin said...

Our fourth was rained out... boys napped, I watched the soaps -- kinda sad! we saw the town fireworks on Monday and are awaiting the ones on Saturday night. Sounds like your day was decent. Hope things continue to improve with hubby!

Ingrid said...

We visited friends who live out in the country and it was very muggy and humid as this week we're having lots of rain and thunderstorms. We saw fireworks this past saturday which were nice so the one we missed last night was not a big deal.
We're just recuperating and 'chillin' right now..

Tammy said...

Interesting Meme...I may tag myself and do it soon myself!

Sue said...

Glad you had a good 4th. It was one of the cooler ones in my memory. Our fireworks from Six Flags were awesome!
All other types of fireworks are illegal and they were writing citations to anyone caught using them...

JunieRose said...

Charles and I did nothing except ride out into the country to catch the sunset!

Posted those on my blog today!


thordora said...

We used to have the same fireworks where I grew up on July 1. Actually, since we were on the St. lawrence, we got 2 sets of cruddy fireworks-July 1 and July 4. Fun Fun.

Atasha said...

YOur day sounded so busy! How do you keep up?

We stayed home for the whole day. Alyssa was teething and is pretty grumpy for the 1st time. The husband BBq'd whole day. He loves to cook so he was very happy. Later on we hung out on the patio and saw some fireworks that was taking place in a nearby park. Alyssa was sleeping by then. I'm glad because the noise would have surely upset her more. Christopher loved it though. He just kept shouting "Boom" everytime the fireworks would go off.

Beth said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hi.

wolfbaby said...

Thank you for doing the Meme;) Sounds like you have lead an interesting life!!!! I was born outside of phonex Az...

Glad ray is feeling better..
What's wrong with the little ones foot that the shoes have to be so strict? Just curious..
have a good day.

PEA said...

Enjoyed the Meme...I always find they help get to know a person better:-) Sounds like you had a busy day...great that you got together with an old friend for lunch, that always brings fun to a day!! Hopefully Rebecca is feeling better now? Glad to hear Ray is doing better too and I agree with you, it's better he stays a bit longer in the hospital and not sent home too early again! Take care Ann, thinking of you!!

JBlue said...

Finally, another person who likes Fargo! When I say how much I like it, people usually look at me like I'm a little bit odd.

Glad Ray's better.

Carissa said...

I have to ask which steamship line.

Kendra Lynn said...

Glad to hear Ray's feeling some better.
You lived in Detroit???? I live right outside weird.


Carissa said...

Ann -
If you're still up, stop back by and read my latest post. :-)

Andrea said...

I am glad Ray is feeling better but you are right, he should wait till her really truly is better before coming home. It will be hard for him though I am sure.

Glad you and the girls had fun with the sparklers. They are always so pretty at night!

hugs to you all.

Gawdessness said...

You sure pack a lot of living into a post!
Glad your 4th was good and hoping Ray is better soonest.

Dreaming again said...


I'm from Mariposa!!!

Well, actually living in Tulsa oklahoma. But I grew up in Mariposa and my heart will always be in Mariposa. We did our monthly grocery shopping in Merced! Taco Bells always remind me of Merced, even though we have them around every corner here ... growing up, we had to drive to Merced to get to one.

Oh man, now I'm all homesick again.


Angela said...

I'm going to do this - probably will post tomorrow. I don't think I did it before - and if so, it must have been a long time ago!

Merle said...

Hello Ann ~~ Well done -- 25 and counting. That is terrific. Answers
tomorrow, Hope all is well at your place. Take care, Merle.

Tom said...

Watched Fargo last night. Watched Prarie Home Companion live from Tanglewood in the Berkshires two days ago. Am learning to flatten my vowels and say "aw jeez".

Turtle Guy said...

OMG... time for memes and tons of reading?? Not now, unfortunately... *sigh* but thanks for thinking of me. Remind me about the 10 words, k? Later... much later!

You rock, you rebel!

Sheri said...

Happy 4th to you (a little late, I know) Hope everyone is feeling better!

Carmen San Diego said...

You learn so much about someone with those questionaire things. Thanks for sharing.

Meow said...

You certainly lead a very full life, Ann. Your posts are always chock-a-block full of interesting people, places, things you've done. It's wonderful.
Glad you had a great 4th of July.
Hope Ray is doing well.
Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

am i the only one who noticed you can't count?

Ms. Lori said...

Fargo is, by far, one of the best movies ever made. I cringe, I laugh, I lust after William H. Macy...

Sue said...

"Susie sure is picky?" Is that a movie?
Better not let my dh see that if it's a movie!