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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Friday Cats and Other Things

The kitten is called, I think, a tabby swirl. Another half starved critter shaping up nicely. The other one is Fidget, now almost grown and a little less silly. He parents the kittens.

I mentioned Michelle briefly a week or so ago but I was thinking about her sister Autumn's Lemon-Lime Squares recipe and didn't do Michelle justice.

Michelle would enjoy some company. She's a new blogger with a little bit of everything. Her two latest posts (as of this writing) feature makeup tips and a most unusual lobster. I wonder what she'll write about next.

I totally lost track of what I was saying. The Giants just hit back to back to back home runs. Doesn't happen often. Bonds (722), Durham, Feliz for anyone keeping up with these things.

I've had a couple more lazy days. A little running today, A church Social Action committee meeting in the early afternoon, stop at the grocer for milk and bread, and then a quick lunch with Tim.

We've committed ourselves to 4,000 holiday goodie bags for the women's prison at Chowchilla, right down the road. Hotel size shampoo, soaps, conditioner, etc. Maybe some stationery. Many of these women have no families or anyone on the outside to care. This may not be much but it's something. We'll reach out for help of course. 4,000 little bottles of shampoo is a lot, to say nothing of storing all the stuff and then putting the bags together for shipment. We have until mid December to get it all done.

Sunday, if all goes well, Tim, the girls, and I head for San Francisco via charter bus to watch the Giants. Unless one of them is reading over my shoulder, they know nothing about it yet. Should be fun and Until There's A Cure Day (AIDS) is a good cause. A couple of old friends from San Francisco will be meeting us there. We were hoping Jim, Melissa, and the baby could go but both are working that day. Darn.

You'll notice I didn't rant about the heat. It hasn't cooled off at all but I'm still enjoying a comfortable room. The forecasters are saying 111° tomorrow and I'm translating to 43.9 C. Cooler that way. They were wrong last week; maybe they'll be wrong about tomorrow.

Not much going on otherwise. I'm still not doing much cooking. No one is really interested in hot food although I have a spaghetti request for Saturday. They'll always eat homemade spaghetti and I can start it early in the morning before the heat sets in. The late afternoons are the worst.

Recipe post right below this one.

Take care everyone.


kittenpie said...

I love the Friday cat posts - I'm a sucker for a feline, and that first picture is adorable and funny at the same time.

Sothis said...

Cute kitten!

Thanks for making up those goodie bags. We used to do the same thing for the homeless at my old church (I'm UU). It is scary to see how the churches are filling in all the gaps left by the government. Best wishes to your Social Action group--that is a huge task and a great thing to be doing.

Try to stay cool.

Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ Thanks for the compliment. I always use Comic sans font , and size 14
Sometimes I use something I have copied into Word and these can be different
font and print. What great work you and your chuech group do with those Goodie
Bags. "If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it." You amaze me !!
Love, Merle.

Alissa said...

Wow. 4,000 is alot of goodie bags! I just made 16 for a birthday party and I thought it was alot. That's great of you guys to do.

We're actually getting a break in the heat here. It's supposed to storm today and only be in the mid-to-upper 80's tomorrow. yay!

Jacqui said...

Hi Ann,
not sure if you have had an explanation about a sandwich tin, they are what we cook sponges in, usually the mixture is divided between two of them, then when they are cold, they are "sandwiched" together with cream or some other filling, thus making a sponge sandwich.
Hope that helps, I tried to leave the explanation on Val's site, but couldn't get to the comments.
You do so much remarkable work, like merle said, you amaze me too!!
hugs jacqui

Sue said...

4,000? Wow! as Merle says if you want something done ask a busy lady! Are you able to get hotel, etc to donate the smaller sizes? I noticed on our last trip that Bath and Body Work had small shampoos and conditioners in the hotel, so they must make them too!
Good luck...

Badoozie said...

do you need donations for that project for the womens prison, if so what do you need?

Kendra Lynn said...

What pretty kitties. I hope the heat doesn't get too bad for you all.
I'm taking the girls to the sprinkler park today, not that they will get wet, mind you.
They seem to be afraid of the other kids and the sprinklers. Ah well. One of these days they will jump right in.


Overwhelmed! said...

Hey, I want a recipe from YOU for my Five Ingredient Friday exchange. :)

3catsmeow4me said...

Thanks for the intro :-) Your AWESOME!

Carissa said...

It wouldn't hurt to see what kind of donations you can get from local businesses for those goody bags. Good luck!

Tammy said...

Very nice what you are doing for the women prisoners!

Jo said...

Catching up here! So happy to hear you are cooler. What a blessing. Hoping your hand and leg and all etc are feeling better too! I am sorry my trip was so last minute, but next time for sure, there will be more planning. The trip to the Giants sounds like a fun surprise and just what the dr. ordered for Granny's spirits too. What a sweet thing to do for the prisoners, we donated all our extra books to the local jail here when were moving. People often forget inmates. Here is to cool homes!

tAnYeTTa said...

Like I've said before, Granny always does for OTHERS before herself. I love it. You are tooo awesome! Thank you again for all the support too. My goodness, I'm feeling better already :)

BarBarA said...

Hey thanks for telling us about Michelle, I stopped by there. These kitties are so cute!

I have a friend who works at a women's prison and think its wonderful what you are doing - it will mean a lot to them.

Take care,

Autumn said...

Thanks for the plug for My sis Michelle and my lemon lime squares. Wish we lived closer I woudl make a batch and we could sit down with some ice tea and enjoy a nice chat.
I stopped in and go the recipe for the cinnamom tea sounds yummy.
Loved todays post as usual

Puss-in-Boots said...

Love the cats, my favourite animals. Well done with the goodies for the women's prison. The world could do with more people like you.

All the best :-)

Ava said...

Love the cats! Very pretty ones too! Hope you have a great weekend.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Great cat pictures.

That's awsome making so many goodie bags, and for a good cause too. And that's good for the girls to be involved in as well.


doubleknot said...

Your cats are lovely. I am afraid our Moocher has a girlfriend. I tried feeding him outside a few days and if the ants didn't get the food I looked out there and he was letting his girl friend eat his food. He is really mean to all the other cats in the neighborhood.