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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Friday Cats, Kids, and a Blogging Buddy

Okay, so it isn't really Friday. By the time I got around to the blog, I was falling asleep once again.

That's Elcie with Fidget. Not the greatest picture of Fidget but it's one of the better ones of Elcie. It really shows her smile and those curls that persist in spite of everything.

You may have to click on the picture of the three girls. It's a little dark.

And of course that's brown eyed Rochelle. I think she took that picture of herself. There were several on the camera I didn't know about until I transferred them all.

The young mystery woman is Angela who writes Adventures of a Nanny. She travels a "fur piece" a few times each baseball season to watch her beloved Oakland A's up close and personal. We've been known to watch baseball games "together" on t.v. while Instant Messaging back and forth. "My guys can beat your guys". Probably, judging from our last 6 games, all losses. She's also the computer wiz who rescued my blog from oblivion a few weeks ago.

Her trip this weekend took her within driving distance of me and we met about 40 miles down the road last night for dinner. Had a wonderful time chatting and eating (Chinese buffet once again - seems to be universal). (Our own mini-BlogHer). It wasn't nearly long enough; she had other commitments, but at least we met and I know one more person I've become fond of.

I haven't looked at a thermometer or a weather report in a couple of days but it seems to be cooler. It can't be that we're getting used to it; that wouldn't happen.

We actually did some cooking two nights in a row. We've been eating without cooking most days.

Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary. We've caught up a little on housecleaning and the laundry is put away once again (except for what's in baskets in the laundry room from today).

Amazing what a couple of days under 110° can do. I don't think it will last; they're predicting more heat next week but at least we have a short break from the misery.

And I still haven't caught up the blogroll. Maybe later tonight or tomorrow?

Take care everyone.


Sue said...

How fun for you to meet a blogging buddy! The pics of the girls are such happy ones!
Glad it seems cooler for you. I know we all needed a break. I was dreading having to turn both ovens on to cook pizzas in that heat tomorrow, but I think it will be nice!

Alissa said...

Oooh, fun to meet another blogger. That's something I've yet to do.

I find mystery pictures on my camera all the time. Now it's my husband. When I lived with my parents it was my youngest brother. He can't pass a camera without taking a picture of himself--the goofier the better.

Stay cool! I'm off bed. The boys will be up early, I'm sure.

Gina said...

So glad to hear you had a lovely time! It can be so fun meeting other bloggers, and I've yet to hear of someone who met someone and was less than enthusiastic about the experience.

The temps are cooler down here, but the humidity is horrible. So it doesn't really feel all that much cooler.

Cute pictures!

Heidi aka VirusHead said...

You've been tagged dear. Have fun.

The Mama said...

The pictures are great, I especially love the self-portriat!! And how fun to meet another blogger. I am hoping to meet up with some later this summer, we'll see!!

Glad you're not melting at least for a few days!

tAnYeTTa said...

Sisterly love, tooo cute.
Self portraits are always my favorite too. I never come out looking cute though ;) ;)

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I'm glad you had a nice visit with your blogger buddy.

It is a little cooler 89 instead of the way too hot 111 to 115. And cool enough to sleep at night also.


Jenny said...

What great pictures!

Man...I wish I had thick curly hair...sigh...

clairesgarden said...

nice pictures of your happy girls.
your doing a great job with them!!!!

Kendra Lynn said...

Your girls are so cute. :)
I love seein' them smile. :)


PEA said...

I had to smile when I saw the one of Rochelle she took of oldest son Shawn was always taking self portraits with the camera and to this day he still does it! LOL How wonderful that you got to meet up with a blogging buddy and sounds like you had a greatttt time:-)

Carissa said...

Rochelle has such beautiful straight teeth! Lucky girl!

Crazedmomof4 said...

Your girls are so beautiful!

My best friend since 8th grade is named Rochelle also. It's a rare name but pretty. I like rare names. My girls are Timothea & Isabella. Isabella is not rare anymore. It is the new Mary. We pronounce Timothea different then it's suppose to be. Tim - o - th - long a - short a.