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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's Later Than I Thought It Would Be

I was surprised by the response to the poem. I liked it very much and it seemed to appeal many of us. The writer was talking about her son; it could as readily apply to our daughters and grandkids.

I've spent the past hour answering comments and know I missed some of you. Not complaining you understand. Thanks to everyone for the comments on the poem and our San Francisco trip even if I missed responding personally.

Maybe tomorrow I can get back to greeting new visitors. Links are difficult when my eyes keep closing and I sure don't want to do them twice. For now, consider yourselves greeted.

For anyone who's interested, here's a link to the local paper and its article on the heat. I have heat rash on my left arm (driving of course) and on my back and neck as well. Yesterday I was feeling sick and I'm sure the heat was most of it. Today I'm much better. Even the swamp coolers can't deal with day after day of 110° and up. I keep a careful eye on my husband. The girls are fine but they're spending more time in the house than they would normally. Not quite fine; Rebecca has a case of prickly heat very like mine and we've been rinsing each other's backs with cool water. It seems to help. We'll worry about modesty later. We can't reach our own backs and we're both female. Makes sense to me.

Enough. You must be as tired of the weather as I. Heard from a friend that St. Louis (or the part where she lives) has their power back. We haven't lost power yet but I keep expecting it.

Kept my usual coffee date today and was joined by another friend (and Rebecca). The two were meeting for the first time and seemed to hit it off. Rebecca enjoyed herself. My friend always has new jokes for her and today a new business card for her collection. Came home, did a tiny amount of housework, finally made Elcie's spaghetti, and collapsed again. We'll all pitch in on the house when the weather breaks but we can't do much at a time. I keep the kitchen and bathrooms reasonably clean, the laundry washed, and the garbage taken out. I can deal with clutter later. If I start on it, Ray will feel compelled to be out there helping and it's the last thing he needs to be doing. Priorities again.

Tonight was the PFLAG steering committee meeting. It's usually fun since we all like each other and it's informal. We're planning another bowling night and possibly a social night of bingo once we check on the local ordinances. If we don't charge, we're probably okay but I want to make sure. We're a 501(c) - non profit for any who don't know - so we have to be very careful.

What else? Oh, my National Guard son (with the new baby) is headed for the border day after tomorrow. Should be there for a couple of months. And they're in the midst of moving as well. Timing is everything but Tim will be there to help. Jim will have his job waiting for him. At least it's not Iraq; the old back injury kept him out at the last minute.

Between my mini vacation on Sunday, spending much of Monday asleep, and my social calendar today, I'm way behind on visiting blogs so please know I'm not ignoring you. I'll get there eventually.

Take care everyone.


Alice said...

Wow. Baseball, heat-rash, meetings, power cuts...I go away for a couple of weeks and America descends into chaos!

Well, more than usual, anyhow.

Hi Ann. I'm back, and reading my favourite Blogs once again. Yours first, of course.

Glad the trip went so well. I'll be honest and admit that with everything going on here I completely forgot about it.

TTYL xxx

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I know you always do your best to get back to everyone! And Lord knows you have enough going on in your own life that keeps you bussy with out worring about posting, or e-mail everyone who lives a comment here! But of course we are all glad that you do make the effort.

I see you made it to S.F. with your girls! Great! It sounds like you had a great time excempt for Rebecca asking "is it over yet?" But at least it must have been cooler there than here!

We have had some problems at our end because of the heat, and my husband has some kind of a heat rash as well. But we almost lost our elderly dog because of the heat, which I have just posted about on my Lady Jan's Home blog.

We had YGF for a sleep over last night, and the girls kept me awake till three in the morning. Oy, I need to be sleeping now too.

My daughter's fifteenth birthday is tomorrow and we're going to beat the heat--hopefully at island water park, and I'll post about that later.

Try to stay cool.


Anonymous said...

So his back injury kept him from Iraq but not border patrol? Seems silly. Lucky, but silly. I would think an injury would be an all or nothing deal. Are they perhaps moving closer to you?

madcapmum said...

I think of you often. We're having a lot more heat than usual, too, but it's not life-threatening.

Stay well, all of you.

Jacqui said...

Hi Ann,
I have just had a lovely time catching up with all your posts, I just love reading them and hearing about you, your family and all that goes with that. I am sorry that you are still having such awful heat, I think I would have run away from home by now, except there are not too many cooler places to go over there at the moment.
I sure am hoping that it will be cooler by October when we get to Vermont and November in San Fransisco and San Diego.
hugs jacqui

Tammy said...

Hi Granny...Heres wishing for you some cooler weather~~~~

tina said...

Ann, if you send your mailing address to my e-mail I'd be happy to send Rebecca one of my business cards(didn't know she collects them).

Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ Sorry you are still having so much heat. The poem was lovely and I have copied it. I hope the heat rash is getting better. One of my daughters used to get hives badly and the only relief she got was a handful of bicarbonate of
soda in a bath, or made into a paste with little water. Take care, Merle.

Gina said...

The heat is breaking over here with the arrival of the marine layer-finally! But I don't know about y'all up there. I know the high pressure ridge is supposed to be weakening, though. Sad when we think upper 80's is "cool."

Definitely be careful with the heat, quite a few elderly have passed over the last couple of weeks. That makes me sad and angry at the same time.

Angela said...

Seems like even as a nonprofit you could use bingo night as some kind of fundraiser for future projects (or even admin costs, if you have any. Unless every non-profit organization I've ever been involved in was doing things wrong!

Sorry about the heat, from what I could tell on the news it looked like some relief was on the way this weekend.

Angela said...

Seems like even as a nonprofit you could use bingo night as some kind of fundraiser for future projects (or even admin costs, if you have any. Unless every non-profit organization I've ever been involved in was doing things wrong!

Sorry about the heat, from what I could tell on the news it looked like some relief was on the way this weekend.

Carmen San Diego said...

Try and keep cool, even here in San Diego (Santee east county) its been in the 100's. Drink lots of water and find some shade if you can. My son is in football and has to run around in this weather. I feel so bad for the kids. Some of them have been throwing up and everything due to the heat.

PEA said...

Don't you ever feel bad or guilty about not getting around to reading all our blogs all the time...God knows you are busy enough as it is and in the heat you're having, it can't be easy doing anyting!!! I hate those heat rashes!! Glad you got to go out for a bit...just a change of scenery can be good:-) Take care and hopefully some of our cooler weather here in the north will reach you!!

Crazedmomof4 said...

Don't feel like you have to read or comment on my blog. I welcome it if you can, I understand if you can't. Sounds like you have your hands full as it is. Try & stay cool, if possible. Maybe move into a cool shower or tub. Of course, I know this is impossible & can cause you to turn into a raisin.

Sothis said...

I can't imagine how you are all dealing with that heat. We are dying in a monthlong stretch of 90-100. 110 is unbelievable.

Have you tried cornstarch for the prickly heat? It can help absorb the sweat and keep the skin dry. I've seen it work on kids. Maybe worth a shot.

montchan said...

Please take care!!! I hope you will get some relief from this heat soon!!! Hugs and ice cubes!!!

Ann said...

I can't believe how hot it is and you have to deal with it without air conditioning. I got my first taste of a swamp cooler and no thanks.
Hope it starts to cool off soon for you.

wolfbaby said...

hugs and comfort for the heat

i understand about the being behind... i managed to visit blogs about every two days ... or so depending on how busy school and the girls keep me...

take it easy!!!

DellaB said...

Ann, you do an amazing job of greeting and responding - I cannot imagine how you manage to keep up! And I've found lots of great bloggers from following your link notes. I agree with some of the others, you have nothing to say sorry for if you miss us occasionally - we know you are there..


I've heard the news about your heat wave. A 110 is just too far hot.
Thanks for dropping by.

JBlue said...

Gran, I'm wishing you well and hoping you don't have any outages. Drink lots of water!