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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday Cat Blogging

This little kitty showed up out of nowhere about a week ago. I didn't think she'd last the night but Elcie took over with her and she's recovering nicely from what appears to be just a cold.

She's turned back into a mostly outdoor cat but today I think everyone thought everyone else had put out cat food. Didn't slow her down a bit. See the top of the bucket? She removed it.

This is my laundry room. The clothes you see are clean and in a basket. I'm not sure who left the juice but it's back in the fridge. It's a type that doesn't need constant refrigeration.

Tomorrow for sure on the laundry.


Janice said...

Hi Ann,

A converted alley cat do you think?


montchan said...

ha! We have to hide our cat food in the bathroom and close the door.

And glad things are getting better on your end. Now just hoping that the heat goes away!

I wish we could get some of that here. Today we have a steaming 18C (high 60s?).

I am still feeling miserable. Will watch CSI Miami reruns now...

PEA said...

Cats seem to find you, don't they! lol What another cute kitty and very smart too, getting into that bucket!!