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Sunday, July 16, 2006

We're All Still Here - I'm Whining Again - Update

Three of us have been sick most of the day. Not Ray, thankfully. Rochelle, Elcie, and I have all had tummy upsets. Probably from the heat.

I got to the checkout counter at Save-Mart today and my left hand turned into a claw. It then spread to my lower leg and foot. I couldn't get into the car. I called Ray and told him I was going to try to walk it off. If I couldn't, I'd find someone to pick me up and drive the car home.

Finally, the leg eased up a little and I managed to make it home; mostly one handed. Took a bunch of ibuprofen and waited. Finally, Ray and I went to the kitchen to make the nachos I'd promised Elcie for dinner. I was okay for a while and then it came back again. We managed to get everything cooked, sliced, diced, and served (including a canteloupe for dessert) before I collapsed completely. Nachos are easy enough but they entail slicing tomato, lettuce, avocado, and a large Bermuda onion. Oh, and a couple of limes for garnish. They like limes. I cheated and used the packaged grated Mexican 4 cheeses. Served with the taco mixture over Fritos. They like them better than the authentic chips. I forgot the sour cream and Elcie noticed but she was okay with it. No snits.

Now it seems to be gone for good but I'm almost afraid to lie down. As long as I'm sitting with my feet a certain way, I'm comfortable.

It's happened before and it's not a big deal except it really hurts. My leg used to do that when I was working and wearing low heels instead of flats. I'd take my shoes off at the end of the day and my foot would go into spasms. I finally stopped wearing them completely and eventually the tennis shoe became popular in San Francisco. Greatest thing (next to panty hose and pants) ever to happen to women. And now more and more women don't feel the need for pantyhose. Good.

No more torture.

I sure become sidetracked easily don't I.

Rebecca is spending the night next door with a friend and the other two are asleep. I will be shortly, I hope.

Update: Forgot to mention she tried to pick her braids out with a small comb and became completely entangled. I had to cut her loose from the comb. I don't know yet how she managed it. The day after my friend redid them, she finally decided they hurt. Why not before, I wonder. It's barely noticeable fortunately. Just one little place on the side. No other way to do it or I would have. Maybe break the comb in half? Now I think of it. Oh well. Please don't tell her there might have been another way.

Elcie may have turned a corner with her attitude. I hope so; it's been a rough few months around here. She's been cheerful most of the time and much more interested in spending time with me. For a while there, I thought I had a contagious disease. She's been updating me on hauntings and was quite surprised when I knew the name of the hotel in San Diego and had heard of the Queen Mary. She's fascinated with the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. We looked it up online after she saw it on t.v. Discovery maybe? "Grandma, you've been there? "Sure, but it's been a while." We priced it and maybe up toward the fall. It's a little closer than San Francisco. It's expensive but I could budget for it if they promised to give up a few things. It's not wheelchair accessible but she gets around well and I'd be right beside her.

Here's a link to the sad story of the Winchesters and their fortune for anyone who isn't familiar with it. Money doesn't always bring happiness.

Update 2: Just noticed she has changed my wallpaper to the Hotel Del Coronado (San Diego) with a silhouette of the woman (Kate Morgan), a con artist who committed suicide there (or was murdered?) and is reputed to haunt it.

The other two were grounded from the car all of today. I took them with me Friday night to pick up a sick friend from the hospital clinic and they just wouldn't settle down. My friend was still sick, I was driving into the setting sun almost blind and they just kept it up. I didn't say much except how disappointed I was with their behavior when they knew my friend was sick and then I grounded them. No trips with grandma.

My forecast of 111° has been lowered somewhat. Still in triple digits but not quite that bad. I'll be glad when it cools off. I'm even boring myself.

Molly, you don't want to hear about the Giants. Awful, just awful. Only good news - San Diego lost too. First time in a while I've cheered for the Braves.

Hope all are well and are either enjoying or have enjoyed their weekend.


Anonymous said...

Yuck. Is that just muscle spasms that you have? It's sounds terrible! I had horrible leg cramps when I was pregnant with the boys--the Dr.'s told me to eat more potassium. I ate lots and lots of bananas.

The girls sound like teenagers. I can imagine it's frustrating, but probably it's typical. :)

Angela said...

I've gotten those nasty leg cramps Alissa mentions above. I can't imagine it happening to my entire arm as well. Ouch!

Winchester does a lot of cool things towards Halloween, just a heads up. If you're going to spend a fortune to visit, at least get all the perks!! And yay that Elcie found something that she can relate to Grandma and hang out. That will help with the attitude thing - suddenly Grandma knows things that are important to her (not that you didn't before, but 13 yr olds need some encouraging sometimes!)

We were supposed to be 102-103 (which is about as high as we usually get) but our forcast dropped as well. However there are still thunderstorms forcast every day this week. Which basically means fires. Boo!

The A's lost as well. Hmm, I forgot to check if Texas did too. And, I root for Atlanta whenever Tim Hudson pitches. That's about it. Not many other times!!

And, this is a really long comment - but you wrote a lot about different things!!

madcapmum said...

Lots of water! Those muscle spasms can definitely be a sign of dehydration. My chiropractor told me that in hot weather, aim to drink a litre a day for every 40 pounds of body weight. I was getting severe cramping during our "heat wave" a couple weeks ago.

(I'm sorry, off the top of my head I don't know what a litre is in imperial measurements.)

Erin said...

Hope you're doing a little better today Ann. The weather here is rough but we haven't hit 100 YET at least!
Hang in there

Tammy said...

Granny sounds like you need to get a little more hydration maybe...gatorade or something!
Bless your heart!!
Here's to some cooler weather coming your way!!

Kendra Lynn said...

Wow...what a story, that Winchester HOuse. LOL
Scott and I had a good laugh over that one.

Gina said...

I went to the Winchester house once, but it was a while ago and I don't remember too much about it.

Glad things are turning a corner with Elcie, nothing like a reminder that Granny has done a LOT Of things and has cool stories to tell!

And amen to the tennis shoes. I don't think I've worn pantyhose in years, since all the weddings I've attended have been in the summer and I could get away with no nylons.

PEA said...

Have you ever seen a doctor about those muscle spasms? I've had them in my legs but never from my hand right down to my leg...can just imagine how painful it is! Those nachos you prepared sound so delicious, it's no wonder the girls love it:-) Ouch, hopefully Rebecca has learned her lesson and won't try to pick her braids out with a comb again! lol As for Elcie, I'm glad that she seems to be getting closer to you...they go through phases at that age and sometimes it just takes a subject like the haunted house to bring you closer:-) I will read the story after I've left my comment! I don't blame you for grounding the two girls from car rides for now...they're old enough to have known better than to behave like that! Hoping you have cooler weather real SOON!!

The Mama said...

I'm glad you guys are feeling better. Those pains do sound pretty awful, I second (or third?) the idea of staying really really hydrated. My chiropractor told me the other day I should be drinking a gallon of water a day, wow, who knew!! We are also in triple digets here in Colorado, yuck. Can't wait for the cooler weather of fall already!

Sothis said...

Ouch! Sorry about the cramps, they must be really painful. I agree with the water and bananas--you are probably low on water and essential salts. Gatorade works (or any other electrolyte drink). I hope that heat breaks. Everyone must be nuts from it.

Hmmm... nachos... I miss nachos. Really can't get Mexican food here :(

Sorry I haven't commented in a while. I was incommunicado in Germany and Spain without a network connection for a couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

how long has it been since you had blood work? i want to know how your potassium levels are. in regards to your cramping, or whatever it is your having.

you strike me as the type of lady who is so busy putting everyone else first, that you neglect your own self. and there have certainly been many things to keep you occupied around there. you need to take care of yourself, because everyone needs you and you can't be any good for them if your not healthy. now i'm done with my lecture.

JBlue said...

Ann, I hope you're okay! Is it the heat? Will you go to the doctor if you don't feel absolutely well this week? Just wondering and, to be honest, HOPING.

Hey, I saw that Winchester House on the Travel Channel last week or so. It was fascinating. And very, very odd.

That's good news about Elcie. I know it's a tough time for her, and she has additional burdens and all.

jw said...

Ann, It is 1 PM and I see it is already 98 deg. F. (37 C.) in Merced with a forecast high of 108. Here in Phoenix it is now 101 with a forecast high of 109. Hey, you could be on Phoenix. Need some cactus seeds?

I see you have been delurking at - - loved your comment.

Gawdessness said...

Hoping you are better and cooler and I agree with madcap about hydration, and heck, why not eat a few bananas too?
Take care!

Alice said...

I hope you're feeling better and those spasms really have gone for good.

Mention of Rebecca trying to undo her braids reminded me of our daughter, Sara, when she was about 4 years old. She had quite long, straight, honey blonde hair, but one night she thought she would like it to be even more blonde. So she sat in the bath for ages washing her hair and rubbing handfuls of it between her hands as though she could lighten it by srubbing it. When she finished, she was surrounded by this huge mass of tangled, wet, Afro style hair.

My first thought was, "I will NEVER get this untangled as I can't brush it while it's wet." I took her back to the bathroom and started working a whole bottle of conditioner through the hair and gradually untangling it. She was actually in bed asleep by the time I finished getting most of the tangles out and putting it in two loose braids.

Sara's now 23 and we've often teased her about the night she wanted really blonde hair. It's many years now since I've seen its natural colour. I'd be very surprised if it was still blonde.