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Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging



See? I made a cat!

Aren’t I clever?


…I don’t HEAR anything…

No, I had nothing to do with this. It's courtesy of my friend Alice in Kidderminster, England (along with the zippy prose).

Day two of the bus. The morning went fine. I waited for the bus again. Monday I probably won't. It seems safe over there or as safe as they are anyplace these days.

They called me from the Hoover Middle School parking lot, exactly where they were supposed to be and said they were walking by way of their old school. Couple of blocks further but it has a traffic light at the busy street so I said fine. Then they called to let me know they'd made it as far as John Muir (old school) and were still walking. Rebecca's back hurt and Rochelle was carrying both backpacks. Then they called again to tell me to go to the sidewalk and look to my left. There they were waving madly. I think they've got it but I'll show them the shorter route again this weekend. They didn't realize they were going out of their way a little. Not that many streets cross the tracks so they had to walk below our house and double back. No biggie.

I'll see what caused Rebecca's backpack to be so heavy. She may have added rocks when I wasn't looking. She shouldn't have much except her binder and maybe one text and one reading book.

The cell phone was obviously a howling success so it's on my list of eventual purchases. Meantime, they'll continue to carry Ray's. If I leave and he needs to reach me, there's always the land line. We tend to forget we have one. How easily we adapt to technology.

Speaking of cells phones, some of you were thinking about them for your kids. I'm going to investigate this one too. Thanks Jerry.

Rebecca has recovered and just headed for her friend's house two doors down. Rochelle is across the street playing ball and Elcie is being lazy. She's entitled. They ate dinner as soon as they came in (back to school schedule on meals most of the time). I try to have dinner prepared when they come in most nights. It's early but they're starving and it saves some refrigerator raiding and then not being hungry for dinner. They can always snack later.

And me? I'm watching an Eagles concert taped in Melbourne, Australia. I like the Eagles as much as I do ABBA.

This morning I finished up rearranging drawers and putting a lot of clothing either up for next year or out the door. I have all the clothes either put away or hung neatly in the closet. I have two loose hangers left which means at some point I need the girls to stay put long enough to try on about 18 pairs of jeans. They keep wearing the same 2 or 3 over and over. They have 30+ in the closet (not counting the 3 pairs on their bodies. It may be a little excessive. I can't pass up a cute pair of jeans or top at the thrift store and some were passed down from friends. I do the same with their clothes or I donate them.

Hi and welcome to Caloden, mom to two boys and a girl. She's a new visitor here but I've been reading her in a couple of places for a while now.

Her comment started me thinking. When my two sons were going to school in San Francisco, they rode the regular city buses from the time they started middle school to the time they finished high school. We didn't have a car until the last two years I lived there; San Francisco is one of those cities where a car is sometimes more of a curse than a blessing. I didn't really worry about them too much.

Now I wonder. Have the times changed that much in those almost 20 years or did I worry less because they were boys? Perhaps I did or maybe we fret more as we grow older. It's something to think about. Anybody have any opinions? We love our kids equally but are boys easier than girls or is it the other way around.

Take care everyone and have a great weekend.


Alissa said...

I think I worry more than my mom did. We used to be gone all day in the summer, and all she knew was that we were somewhere in a 5 mile vicinity. I can't imagine being that way with my boys.

However, I am not in the small town that I grew up in. Not that I live in a city, but it's a larger area, with unfamiliar people and the beginnings of gang activity in the bad parts of town.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I think we have to worry about our kids more today. There is a lot more to worry about than when we were kids. Too many nasties out in that big old world.

I love ABBA and the Eagles, too, along with Simon and Garfunkel. Great 70s music!

Have a great weekend, Ann.

PEA said...

I think we worry more now because of the way society has's a dangerous world out there!! Nothing like when we were small and could be gone all day with mom not worrying at all...she only knew that we'd be home in time for dinner! Glad the school schedule is getting to a good start now and you must love having more time to yourself:-) Hope Ray is continuing on doing well...HUGS

Sue said...

That cat is very cutsie! I checked out the link on the Jitterbug. Sounds simple enough. I didn't see prices, but I will send the link to my daughter. Looks like she's going with a cell phone for the 8th grader...
Enjoy the weekend..

Autumn said...

I'm glad things went better with the bus today. By this time next week everyone will be completly settled in and will wonder why it was ever a problem. As for the jeans, I agree you can never have to many. I love thrift stores. I was there today

Josie said...

I was a single mother and I worried about my daughter constantly. I wanted to know where she was every minute. We lived in a big city, and in my mind danger lurked everywhere. I still worry...

I love cell phones.


L. said...

I think I worry just as much about my older son (11) as about my daughter (9). My main fear is TRAFFIC, and he actually has a shorter attention span than she does.
She pays more attention, in general.

Gina said...

Good to hear it is all working out.

You guys have a good weekend, too. I am glad to not be hearing of Ray having any more health problems. It must be such a relief for everyone.

Sothis said...

Glad to hear that things are workign out better with the bus. Very cute with the cell phone--they are sweet kids. We've got phones here that only let you call a few private numbers as well--emergency phones so the kids can always reach Mom, Dad, or another backup.

I've got the opposite problem with kid's clothes. My daughter sprouted this summer so nothing fits anymore (and what still fits it torn and icky--my daughter is not nice to her clothes). We've got to do a lot of shopping next week.

Merle said...

Dear Ann ~~ I am so glad the girls have worked out the cell phone and the bus and walk home. All working out well at last. A good idea having an early tea after school. That is when they are hungriest. Take care, Love, Merle.

Caloden said...


Thanks for the welcome. :) I am going to check out the cell phone thing for my kids. Thanks for the link.

I still maintain that girls a more work in just about every department. I find that I can reason with my sons -even the toddler. But the SHE one, nuh-huh. Once she sets her mind on something, that's it. Done deal.

Margaret said...

Thanks for comments, I am enjoying blogging now that my computer seems to be playing fair. Glad you enjoyed the jokes. Cheers Margaret