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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Nothing is wrong - I took the weekend off because there wasn't much out of the ordinary happening and I was feeling lazy.

There still isn't and I still am. The girls have their bus route and their walk home down to a science. They seem to be enjoying it and call me at least 3 times enroute to let me know.

Ray's having therapy on his left arm and shoulder 3 times a week for the next six weeks (I may already have said this). I take the two younger girls to the bus, come back in time to say goodbye to Elcie, and leave with Ray for an 8:00 a.m. appointment. The timing is great - I have everything done early and the therapy is less than an hour so I just hang out on that end of town. There's a nearby Starbuck so I may treat myself on Thursday or Friday. Or maybe not. Barnes & Noble with the same products plus my discount has me spoiled. They don't open until nine unfortunately and they're further away.

I put gas in the car after his appointment at $3.05/gallon. I passed by the same station in late afternoon taking Carol to her oncologist appointment and it was $3.02. It never fails. If I'd waited, it would have been $3.08.

Rebecca has moved from her math of last week into basic geometry. I was much better at geometry in school than algebra so we're learning how to calculate angles. I think she gets it but I hope she spends enough time with them to understand how they work. Great fun. At least she's bringing her work home and doing it. I'm signing her agenda each day as I've done with Rochelle and Elcie all along. It means I can keep up with what she's supposed to be doing and I can check her assignments off as she completes them. Big improvement.

They've all settled into an 8:30 bedtime routine which means they're asleep usually by nine and up at six. Somehow my clock was set an hour ahead on Sunday and Monday I woke up with the alarm at 5:00 a.m. thinking it was 6:00. I made some coffee and stayed up.

I'm almost asleep sitting here but I didn't want my loyal visitors to think I'd jumped ship.

Mollie - if you're reading, we won and Barry hit number 275 into McCovey cove. Big splash.

Dawn I., that silly song is still running around in my brain. I'll never forget the name of it even if I forget my own. Tom's Diner.

Thanks to all for the comments and glad you enjoyed the toilet flushing cat and the cooking meme. Most of us long time cooks seemed to qualify as apprentice chefs. Who wants to wear one of those big white hats anyway? Not I. It would fall into the soup.

Oh, Rebecca came to me on Saturday to tell me she had a loose filling. I said we'd make a dentist's appointment; they're due for a checkup anyhow. A little while later she brought me the tooth. She'd failed to tell me the tooth was loose as well. Six year molar with her permanent tooth already showing behind it. I'm sure she helped it along a little rather than have the dentist work on that filling (the only one she has) one more time.

On Sunday morning, she brought me two quarters. Said she'd gotten them from my loose change because she knew I'd probably forget and I didn't have a whole dollar. It was okay, she said, I could owe her the other fifty cents.

I guess the tooth fairy is gone forever.

Take care everyone. I may feel more inspired tomorrow.


Abandoned in Pasadena said... sounds like you all are settled into a good routine that's working well now. That's good.

On Sunday we filled up with gas and for some reason is was down to $2.79 and has remained there. Listen to me saying it was down!...that's what they want us to think & say.
:( But at least gas wasn't what it has been $2.99

Autumn said...

Gas is down here to around 280 a gallon, maybe a bit cheaper if you hunt for it, but by the time you do that you have used up your savings of those few penneys. Glad school is good for the girls. Maybe you should have a little good bye party for the tooth fairy..All the girls might get a kick out of that..Take care

Wystful1 said...

Oh....busy busy time. I wouldn't call your schedule 'lazy'....come on!!!---that's a full day for sure.

And I know just what you mean about buying gas, and then going down the street and it's a nickle cheaper per gallon....wouldn't you know....and again, as you say---if you didn't get it where you got it,and drove would have been MORE!!

Murphy's law.

Anonymous said...

She brought you her own tooth fairy money? That's hilarious!

I paid $2.71 for gas yesterday afternoon, this morning it's $2.69. Same thing always happens to me. If I'd waited it would have gone up.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Ann -Good idea to take some time out and I agree I wouldn't call your schedule 'lazy'.

I drive a large Ford with an LPG gas powered engine, which costs about 40/50cents a litre and obtains the same mileage as a conventional engine. No pollution.

Our Govt recently announced a $2,000 contribution for any car converting to gas, which pays for the cost of the conversion.

The gas fired engines also lasts longer, and is cleaner. My brother in law's hire car, powered on gas was at 650,000 km before needing a re bored engine !!

I have just returned from driving to Sydney, a distance of about 1000 km (620 miles )one way. Its cost in gas was only about $40 cruising mostly at 110km or about 67 mph - freeway spead.

Best wishes

madcapmum said...

She may have taken your fifty cents, but at least she saved you a dentist visit, bless her!

Ava said...

I'm glad to hear that the girls have the bus route down now. That has to be a relief for you.

3catsmeow4me said...

Glad to hear that Rebecca is moving up in math. I HATE math.

LoisLane said...

I wish my kids would do the tooth fairy thing themselves because I have a tendency to forget. Oops. ;)

Beth said...

good morning

Sue said...

I laughed at your toothfairy story! When our grandsons have lost teeth here and spent the night, I really have to make myself remember to put my wings on.
We paid 2.93 at Costco last night. We're off to SF today. (by car) It's now almost $70 to ride the ferry for 4 of us) Yikes!!!

Tammy said...

I haven't been the most inspired person myself lately...maybe cause it's August...maybe cause of the dang gas prices...who!
Here's to more inspiration in all of our lives...just being alive should be our inspiration I'm thinkin...

CaliGirl said...

we right now are paying $1.14 per liter here. and if im right its 3.something liters to a gallon. and then figure out the exchange rate. we are paying more for gas they you. :p~ i win! lol

either way...gas prices suck everywhere.

good thing here they can only change the prices on the 1st and the 15th of the month whether its up or down. i remember how it was in was nuts...3-4 changes in price during the day at one station.

hugs to you

Desert Darlyn said...

Love reading your posts. They're everyday stuff, but to me very interesting. Again I will say to you, I don't know how you do it, taking care of so many people!

I admire you and pray for you. What a gal! Cathee

Turtle Guy said...

Given the choice.... I would probably have pulled the tooth myself rather than a visit to the dentist!

Then again, I would simply not go to the dentist... haven't been in ages with the exception of having my wisdoms out last September.

Not a cavity, not an issue! Lucky, I guess!

wolfbaby said...

they grow up so fast don't they...

ok im totally jelous of your bookstore discount... not fair..


oshee said...

It is good to know things are going well. I enjoyed Algebra much more than Geometry in High School. My oldest in the 5th grade isn't dealing with any of that yet. I think I will be getting a reeducation in all of it before long tho.

Anonymous said...

oh granny. so the toothfairy at your house is an airhead too? what is UP with her

PEA said...

Hi Ann:-) Glad to hear you've got a good routine must also enjoy having the evenings free to yourself and Ray with the girls going to bed early! That's what I remember enjoying the most when my boys would go back to school! lol I'm still laughing at Rebecca and how she handled the toothfairy forgetting to bring her money...too cute!!! Take care! Hugs!

Josie said...

Granny, I'm sort of glad you have been away from your computer, because that means you haven't visited my blog. I flipped out last night and posted a "rant and rave" (hah) but I deleted it this morning after coming to my senses.

Glad to hear you've got everything under control with your family. How do you do it, by the way?


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sounds like you have been busy..

i cant wait for school to start here..counting down the days;)

mreddie said...

Sounds like your schedule is finely tuned - I haven't been out today but the Spice told me that she saw gas for $2.59 at one place here - it just recently started coming back down. I did chuckle at Rebecca being her own tooth fairy. :) ec

Missy said...

You don't even want to know how spendy gas is up here. Diesel's even worse (something about changing over to the low-sulfur fuel...I call shenanigans...)

Hope all is well.

Josie said...

Where is bloglines? I deleted my rant and rave blog. I was really very angry, as you can probably tell.

Where is it showing?

How do I get rid of it there?


Merle said...

Hello Ann ~~ I am glad that you have got the routine going so well/ What a relief. You must get so tired by night-time. I hope both Ray and Angela are doing well. Rebecca is growing up -
with her tooth fairy deal, so funny.
Thanks for your comments. The butcher dance was a bit of a let-down, but I hope your son enjoys it.Take care Ann,
Love, Merle.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Aw, it's always so sad when they don't believe anymore. I miss being the tooth fairy and Santa claus.

When my daughter pulled out her last tooth she looked at me and said "it's okay mom I know your the tooth fairy." So I gave her a dollar.

You have a real good bed time rutine going there. I have a hard time just getting my daughter in bed by ten, but she is in high school now so I guess ten is a good enough bed time. Well, as long as she can get up by six am any way.

I hope the therapy helps Ray, and I hope Carol is doing well too.


Janice said...

P.S. I forgot to mention that we have a kitty. I'll post a picture tomorrow.

smiley said...

Hi Anne,

I see a lot has happened since the last time I visited your blog. Well things have been pretty hectic over here.

THe tooth fairy story is pretty funny :0)

Jenny said...

Man. When it rains it pours huh?

The tide's gotta turn soon my friend. Good karma's coming your way.

(Or at least that's what my fortune cookie says)

DellaB said...

Hi Ann, it's like Santa - I told my kids that only when they stopped believing would Santa cease to be 'real'. They STILL believe, at 33 and 41!

Margaret said...

Hi Ann, One of my grandchildren Michelle, made a killing a couple of years ago. Dad thought Mum had gone to bed forgetting the "tooth fairy", so left a generous amount under the pillow for her. You guessed it mum had not forgotten at all, Michelle was very happy with the inflated "tooth fairy" amount. Cheers Margaret