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Monday, August 28, 2006

Soup's On - Updated - and a Meme

From Sothis, a ham, sausage, and vegetable soup from Galacia. It can be adapted for non meat eaters as well. Update: I should have mentioned Sothis is currently living in Belgium and autumn is arriving there in cold, drizzly fashion.

It's still in the nineties here so I'll file this recipe away. By late October, we'll be ready for it, turnips and all.

Update: Since one person has already asked, here is a description of the cannellini bean along with acceptable substitutes. I'd probably use Navies (small white beans) instead of Great Northerns (big white) only because I prefer the smaller beans. I'd think you could use any legume your heart desired.


Your Driving Is is: 52% Male, 48% Female

According to studies, you drive both like a guy and a girl.
This means you're a pretty average driver, with typical quirks.
Occasionally you're frustrated and or a little reckless, but that's the exception - not the norm.


Autumn said...

I like soups and stews, chilli and such in the winter. I checked out that link and I'm sure it is tasty but I don't know what those beans are...Guess you could sub, any white bean..I will copy this and think about it when the weather cools off.

mreddie said...

Yes, soup is a bit much with the weather like this - I'm starting to want some cooler temps myself. Looking forward to some soups in the cold though - if it ever gets here. ec

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i am hungry now:)

Gina said...

Mmmm, soup. A hearty soup is just lovely.

And, I want you to know that I have tried multiple times to post a comment, and it never goes through. Argh!

Atasha said...

Man I've been hungry whole evening and soup would definitely hit the spot right now minus the sausages and ham ofcourse :-)

Sothis said...

I'm 30% male, 70% female--I guess I do drive like girl!

Thanks for the link to the recipe. You can use any white bean in it if you can't find cannelini beans. Now I just have to find kale. Unfortunately, Belgians see it as rabbit food (literally) and are shocked when I say I am going to eat it. I think it is considered poor people food (and what people had to eat during WWII).

Puss-in-Boots said...

I drive 41% male, 59% female. That was fun.

We're finishing soup weather and starting on salads but that one sure sounds interesting, and I'm one of the strange people who actually likes kale!

Oscar sends headbutts and purrs to his buddy.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm. It sounds yummy. Anything with smoked sausage in it can't be bad! I will file it away for this winter.

clairesgarden said...

just catching up with you, we made two different kinds of soup on saturday with fresh vegetables from the tutors garden, lots of herbs too. I love the pictures of the girls being grumpy going to school.

Sarah Elaine said...

Checked out the recipe for Caldo Gallego. Definitely looks like a Must Try!


Tammy said...

Your Driving Is is: 49% Male, 51% Female

According to studies, you drive both like a guy and a girl.
This means you're a pretty average driver, with typical quirks.
Occasionally you're frustrated and or a little reckless, but that's the exception - not the norm.

I do have a backseat drivers!!

3catsmeow4me said...

I'll have to try makig it this fall, right now the wether is just too hot!

I think that my favorite is navy beans and ham.

PEA said...

Your Driving Is is: 37% Male, 63% Female

According to studies, you generally drive like a typical female.
You are a careful, skilled driver. And you are patient in sticky driving situations.
You may get aggressive from time to time, but normally you're a cool, collected driver.

Yup, that's meeeee!!! lol Fun test to do:-)

My mom is known for her soups...whatever ingredients she has, she makes soup and it always turns out delicious! Figures I'm not much of a soup person! lol

Sue said...

I'm so behind on reading blogs! It's just not soup time here yet, is it? Maybe around Halloween?
Our weather is nice, but it was so hot up north on our getaway!!

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I drive like a lady! And I've got it posted on my blog Lady Jan's Home.


Alice said...

Ooh, soup! I like soup.

I'm a guy/girl driver too, only I'm 51 % female and 49% male, if I'm remembering it coorectly.

I'm surprised, actually, that it was only 51. Sexist as it is, I really DO drive like a very stereotypical girl. Probably didn't ask the right questions.

Anyway, sounds like you had a great time at the lake. Great pic's and I'm sorry Elcie didn't feel up to going. Hope she's feeling better now?

The baby is gorgeous! He looks so, well, you said it: "happy".

Hope Ray's rehab continues to go well.

Let them help, ok?




Jenny said...

So what you're saying is that when you drive, you're a hermaphrodite.