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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Title? Maybe I'll Think of One Later

I left off yesterday morning planning to come back later. By the time later rolled around, I was asleep. It's been one of those weeks.

Ray still has five weeks to go on the therapy. The rehab center will transport for $5/round trip. I may do one more week and then take them up on it. Or amybe have them do one day. The three days a week is a lot. It's too short a session to be worth coming back home but nothing tires me more than hanging out waiting. This morning it ran 30 minutes over and I was falling asleep (and getting a backache).

I think with the cost of gas I wouldn't quite break even but it wouldn't be too bad.

Nothing special going on. I cooked a pot roast for dinner with the usual vegetables. Rebecca made the biscuits and I taught her how to make one kind of gravy. At some point I'll teach her how to do the browning flour variety. It's a little touchier but it's not hard. I cheat a lot but I do make my own gravy. She sure likes to cook.

R & R are playing across the street until around 8. Homework done, what there was of it so they can bathe and be in bed between 8:30 and 9. Elcie's feeling a little puny but she made the day. Went to bed a little after six but she changed her mind and is lying on the living room couch. I wouldn't be surprised if she falls asleep there. She's okay; just cramping some.

I was going to tell you about my friend and the creative writing class. He has a 99 year old friend who is "writing" his memoirs in the form of telling stories to David. David records, the two of them edit, and another chapter is completed. He brings the older man to the class and reads the stories aloud for him. I've heard just one so far but he's led quite a life. It would be a shame for it to be lost.

The class was fun. I'm just not sure about 3 hours on a Wednesday morning. We'll see. I may be able to make part of it or even all. Depends on how much is going on.

The girls are in mourning over the former planet Pluto. I can't explain to them how yesterday it was a full fledged planet and today it's just a big chunk of ice and a "slave" of Neptune. And after they went to so much work to memorize all nine of them.

I got sidetracked for a couple of hours with kids.

Stilll can't come up with a title. Oh well. Sleep beckons although it's not late.

Thanks to all of you I haven't thanked personally for the comments and take care.


Gina said...

You know, I think it is worth it for almost everyone to record some of their favorite stories from their lives. I keep meaning to do it with my grandparents, I need to get with it.

Nothing is quite as boring as waiting for someone to finish their medical appointments! A good book is needed, perhaps?

J said...

Sometimes I think that that grown up time, just for me (in my case, my yoga class) OUTSIDE of the house (as opposed to blogging) is the best thing ever. Thus I would encourage you to try to keep to your class.

If the shuttle is managable, and Ray doesn't feel deserted, I'd go for it. As Gina said, waiting for someone's appt. is horribly boring.

I love the term 'puny' for not feeling well. I had a friend from Georgia once who would use that term. Is it southern? I think I may adopt it.

Diane said...

Granny, Yes, it's still called Nettleton, but Jonesboro incorporated Nettleton years ago and it became part of Jonesboro. People our age still call that part of town Nettleton, though, and the school is still Nettleton, too. You wouldn't recognize Jonesboro anymore at all. Highway 63 is 4 lanes and about to become an interstate in a few years,
I 555. It will be an interstate all the way to the interchange at Lake David to I55.

Population is over 55,000 and growing like wildfire. You should do a search online and check it out. ;D

Hope everything is going well with the girls and you and Ray. :-)

Puss-in-Boots said...

I love the photos of your beautiful girls. Just lovely.

Your writing class sounds interesting, especially with the almost-100-year-old gent writing his memoirs. People in that age group have seen many changes in their lives.

Take care, Ann.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda mad about Pluto, too. There have been 9 planets for as long as I can remember--I'm going to have a hard time teaching my kids that there are 8.

The shuttle for Ray sounds like a great idea, at least once a week. I'm not good at waiting around like that, either.

Dawn said...

Did something happen to Pluto? I don't keep up the news very often.

Beth said...

I know you are on a fixed income Ann, but if you can swing it, paying someone else to drive sounds like a wonderful gift to yourself. I hope you decide you can give it!

granny p said...

Could you manage to pay for one round trip. That would let you off a bit. You're a good wife, granny and all. Apart from which, I love the 99 year old telling his life story. Shame his assistant can't blog it for all of us..

Andrea said...

I need to start doing a recording memories thing for my grandma. gotta get my but on that.

PEA said...

Ok, I obviously missed something and should be watching the news I guess...what happened to Pluto???? It's no wonder you're so tired at the end of the day Ann, just the driving around can tire one out. How interesting about the writing class...I would love to read the stories that old gent is telling!! You take care of yourself!!

Josie said...

Dinner sounds yummy. I love pot roast. I have been thinking of doing a post on my boring little blog where everyone can exchange "comfort food" recipes.

I feel rather sad about Pluto as well. Our solar system has been diminished.

JBlue said...

My little boy says he's going to continue to call Pluto a planet and no one can stop him.

Can't we make it an honorary planet? We could, say, "grandfather" it in? :)

Your time and comfort are worth something, too, you know. Definitely $5!

Merle said...

Hello Ann ~ Loved the photos of you and the girls. You all look great. At least
there is an end in sight for Ray's therapy. How is HE coping with it, is it helping? I hope you can use the ride offer once or twice a week, to save you the driving. No wonder you get tired.
The pot roast sounded beaut, one of my favorites. Great that Rebecca loves to cook, I'd encourage that!! Thanks for your comments. Take care, Love, Merle.

Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, I'd love to take a writing class. I just don't know when I'd fit it in to my busy schedule!

Thank you for your comment on my How do you cope when a child goes down the wrong path in life? post!

I really appreciate you sharing your personal story! It helps me understand a few things.

I believe my aunt mentioned the idea of attending Al-Anon meetings. I think it might help if she and my uncle did.

Thanks again for your response!

tAnYeTTa said...


I've missed you! We're still on family vacation. I love the title of the post. If you notice, when I can't think of a post, I always call it fun times (i cheat) ;)

As far as the writing class, do you think I should take one?

""Eye meen is their anything wrong wiff mye riting? Eye theenk it iz purfeact.""


Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Isn't that something? Poor old Pluto isn't even a planet anymore!