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Sunday, September 03, 2006

My Weekend So Far #4 Update

The #4 in the title should tell you there are three posts below this one with nothing but pictures. Too many pictures but Jonathan was really showing off for the camera and I kept clicking away. He's at that wonderful age (born in May) where he's laughing out loud, chattering away to us and fascinated with the world around him.

I thought in all this I had a picture of Elcie with her new haircut but I searched and couldn't find it. I know I took it. The computer ate it? I'll catch up with her again eventually. There should be one of Melissa in there too. Very strange. One would think Jonathan didn't have a mommy but she was sitting right there with us. I don't think I deleted them from the camera yet so I'll start over. They should be on there somewhere. Update - found Melissa but Elcie wasn't anywhere. I'll take another one later today or tomorrow. See post #3.

I finished up most of the grocery shopping on Friday afternoon with a fast run to Grocery Outlet for canned goods, crackers, all the stuff they have cheaper and better than anyone else. That should do it for the month except for the usual milk, juice, bread, etc.

Elcie and I went for her haircut on Friday while the other girls were skating. They did a great job. Took about three inches off the length and layered it. Not a huge change but no more dead ends and frizz to deal with, at least for now. Then we went for Chinese food. She pigged out on chow mein, broccoli with chicken, grapes, and a small dish of ice cream. I prefer the small individual items. I really like dim sum (no restaurant dedicated to it here so far) but this buffet is leaning in that direction so I grabbed what they had. I'll have to wait for my next San Francisco trip for the real thing, I guess.

It's an odd restaurant. They have one table dedicated to "American" food which to them includes all the makings for tacos along with pizza. I think they have a few french fries there too. Another table has sushi, lots of salad fixings, fruit, tapioca pudding, and jello. Finally, they have a soft ice cream machine in three flavors and a small assortment of cookies.

The other three tables have the assortment of Chinese food, including 3 different soups. I love hot and sour soup so that's usually my first stop. Sometimes I take a container home to Ray and Carol who like it too. They're quite good on their seafood variety, I like the buffet for the kids. They charge by age (up to 13) and the kids can pick what they like.

In the meantime, Rebecca and Rochelle were busy falling on their backsides at Roller Land. They compete to show me the most bruises which to them means they had a great time. I picked them up and we all went home and crashed.

That brings us to Saturday morning.

I hung out at home catching up on some blog reading and then set out with Rebecca and Rochelle for their haircuts. Rebecca decided at almost the last minute (once she saw Elcie) that she wanted her hair cut too. Thank heavens. You can see from her picture (below) what they did. Not too short; just a neat little bob and once again they layered it. It fits her face.

Rochelle wanted hers short and they did a lovely job. I know some people don't like Super Cuts but I've always had good luck with them. I took Elcie to a more expensive place for her first professional cut a few years ago and not only were they almost rude to us, they didn't listen and did an awful job. Tim (who worked at the Mall then and knew everybody) complained to the manager who was appalled. Elcie will get their best person and special treatment if I ever decide to go back. I don't think so. Once was enough. They spoiled what should have been a special occasion for her for no reason that I could see. I guess we weren't "cool" enough for them.

Anyhow, Rochelle loved her new look until she got home and decided to "fix" it. She snuck into the bathroom and tried to remove a couple of little twigs from the back. At least she's not bald but I don't know what she was thinking. She has one place in the back that's really noticeable. Carol is good at haircuts and I'll have her take a look today and see if she can smooth it out. I'd told her curly hair often does that and not to worry. Once we washed it again we could see if anything needed a little trim. Did she listen? Of course not, she listened to some kid instead (see below). I almost cried and so did she once I got through with her. (No, I didn't beat on her - I don't do that but there was no doubt in her mind how unhappy I was).

The one good thing about hair - it grows. If we can't fix it, Rochelle with have to live with it. I'll look at it as a learning experience for her. Check with granny before you do something like that.

She said "some kid down on the corner" was teasing her. I told her everyone who'd seen her hair loved it - she was going to listen to some dumb kid? I worry a little about Rochelle. She's always been the "easiest" child; in some ways almost too easy. She's a follower, she wants to please everyone, and I'm concerned about her judgment. She'll bear watching as she gets toward the teens. A very good girl but even good girls can make mistakes (sometimes more likely - Rebecca would know better and probably kick the first person who tried anything, Rochelle I'm not so sure).

I digress. Sorry. We went from Super Cuts to Payless Shoes right next door who were having their "buy one - get one 1/2 price" sale. We went through looking for sale shoes and found a pair for each child that should last through the school year. They had shoes from last year but they've been washed many times. They're still good enough for play and I've warned them once again to take their school shoes off as soon as they come home. Rochelle is up to a 7 or 7-1/2 depending on the shoe and Rebecca measures at a six but a pair of 4-1/2's fit her perfectly. I don't understand sizes at all.

Elcie wasn't left out - we bought her shoes before school started. I still need to go through all their school clothes though and thin out their closet so I can get a couple of pairs of jeans and tops each for Elcie and Rochelle (they can share - same size). Rebecca's outgrown most of her size ten clothes from last year and is in hand me downs for the most part. No problem, they grow faster than the clothes wear out.

Then we headed for Barnes & Noble to annoy Tim for a while. He said Jim made it home for the long weekend after all so I called him. They were out running errands but said they'd try to get over there. They did - just as girls and I were getting in the car so we headed back in. Had a great time. Jim doesn't usually wear his uniform once he's home but he had Army (Nat'l Guard) errands to run while he was here so you get to see him almost hidden by camouflage. I'm sure he blends in with the Mojave desert perfectly. (To any who don't know, he's on military leave from his Barnes & Noble job and stationed with the Guard on the border). It looks like he may go back to full time Guard once again which will mean he can retire as a Sergeant with 20 years in 2010 (counting his regular Army and Reserve time) and go right back to B & N. It's probably safe to say they'll still be in business.

The girls shared a strawberry frapp, Rochelle ate a cheese pretzel, and Rebecca and I shared a turkey and cheese chipotle sandwich. I had my usual - a caramel macchiatto. Tim managed to take a short break - he's in one of the pictures.

We finally got home and they headed right back out to the neighbors who invited them to walk down to Sonic (hamburgers, chili dogs, etc.) with them. They'd been saving up and had enough between them for all the girls to pool resources and eat. The other girls' dad walked with them. I told them if it was too much walking (about a mile each way) to call and I'd rescue them. Not necessary - they did just fine. They spent the night over there and they're not home yet. (About 7:30 a.m. now - I woke up early to a quiet house).

And that's my weekend so far except for one unexpected grocery run. I'd forgotten eggs of all things and one of Ray's prescriptions next door to the grocers. While I was there I spotted a sale on ice cream and sodas. I don't buy many sodas but once in a while we have root beer and Sierra Mist (like Sprite) as a treat. No caffeine; if there's one thing they don't need, it's caffeine.

I'd thought about a picnic at the lake for the weekend but I may skip that. Our warm weather will still be here next weekend and it won't be crowded. Today will be a mob - the holiday weekends always are. (Our Labor Day weekend). I cooked a big pot of white beans on Friday and we need to finish some of them (maybe with franks - I think most of the meat I put in with them is gone by now).

Elcie just woke up and is surrounded by cats. I'm trying to make up my mind about church today. If the girls come in on time, I might try for it. Ray's still asleep too and I'm watching Meet the Press (halfway). And now Carol's awake, this post has run on much too long, so I'd better find a stopping place.

Thanks to all for the comments and enjoy what's left of the weekend. To those of you on the other side of either ocean, that won't be much.

Oh, I've heard from a couple of friends in "hurricane territory". They're fine although one (Autumn) lost power and her sister was surrounded by water in the yards and street and downed branches but no real damage. Good news.

Take care everyone and stay safe.


Gina said...

Sounds like a pretty good weekend, except of course, for the hair experimentation.

Great baby pics, he is a cutie!

The girls looked great as well.

And you still have almost two more days to go before the weekend is over!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!!!
wow, i caught you right after you posted. which is unusual considering you usually post at night.

have a great day!

Dem Soldier said...

Hello....Yep very good weekend. Enjoy the rest.

Erin said...

seems you all have been vvery busy too. Glad things are going fairly well though. Take it easy.

Sue said...

Sounds like you've been running here and there and everywhere! The baby is too cute for words...
We have a grocery outlet here too. You're right about their deals! Do you have a Senior Discount Day too?

Ava said...

Must feel good to have the shopping done!

I fell on my butt a lot while skating too. I even broke a wrist skating one time!!!

Sounds like you're having a good weekend.

Alissa said...

The baby is adorable! He's really growing. And the girls' hair looks quite cute.

A friend of mine has a 7 year old that just cut her own hair last week because a boy in her class told her she looked 'dorky'. After the stylist repaired the damage she had gone from nearly waist length hair to an almost-chin-lenght bob.

Was that restaurant East Meets West? We just got one of those here and your description sounds just like our place.

Kendra Lynn said...

Wow! You've had a busy weekend!
The girls haircuts look very nice. :)
Hope you have a nice Labor Day.


Peter said...

Hi Ann, just confirming that Merles site is temporarily out of action due to the change over to the new Beta getting a glitch in it.
Hopefully she will be back in action soon.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Very full weekend, with some hair experimentation. My girls seemed to become obsessive with their hair on occasions!!

Your family all looks well!!
best wishes

Puss-in-Boots said...

Dear Ann

What a lovely newsy post. I loved it. It sounds like Ray is coming along quite well, I'm happy for you. You sound like such a lovely, close family and I wish all of you the very best life has to offer (and you can take your pick from that).

All the very best to you and yours.


Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Oh dear, teasing! I'm glad you told her that, and besides how often is she going to see that kid anyway?

And "nothing" grows out slower than a bad, or re-cut hair cut! Believe me I know that! I had a bad hair cut a while back from J.C. Penny's hair salon, and it took forever to grow out!

And why is so called "nice" salons rude, and do a worse job than so called "cheap" places?

My daughter's foot size is up to a size nine now. How on earth did I have a child with such large feet?

Such a busy day, and I hope you did find some time in there somewhere to get some rest?


wolfbaby said...

grandbabbie is beatufl.. adorable.. they are such fun at that age... sounds like you have had a really busy weekend as usual...