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Friday, October 20, 2006

Bored? Too Much Time on Your Hands?

Try this. Thanks to Jenifer at Blogging Baby for the link. She has a link to knock-knock jokes (child friendly) as well. I think I won't mention them to the girls.

(Blogger just ate the rest of my post). It's been cranky all morning. Wouldn't let me type over 30 words a minute. It seems to be doing better now but I'll copy instead of trying to save the draft.

Starting over.

This week has gone by quickly and I've stayed busy. Ray did a great job of keeping up while I was away but there were still things to be done. I celebrated my return by cooking a pot roast on Monday. Tuesday the two younger girls ate at the church and stayed for Bell Choir and Wednesday we polished off the leftovers. Last night I made my infamous tuna glop, much to Elcie's delight. She loves it.

Kept my usual coffee date on Tuesday and lunch with Tim on Wednesday. He's leaving on his Mexican cruise next week and I'm so jealous.

Our weather has warmed a little and may hit 80 or so by weekend. Mornings are chilly though.

I know several of you have had problems with the storms in TX and moving eastward. One of my Ohio friends reported a lot of wind damage (trees down, etc). I'm glad everyone's okay.

The girls are on early dismissal beginning yesterday and continuing through next week. Parent-Teacher conferences of course. At least they're all on the same day and two will be fairly easy. Elcie is doing well and Rebecca is amazing. She brought her last year D in math up to a C and now to a B. She's more focused and much more willing to bring her work home and do it. She's been finishing the bulk of it in class. I can hardly wait to hear what her teacher has to say.

Rochelle (my easy child or so I thought) is another story. I've always been concerned about her. She's a follower and wants to be liked. I know that water runs downhill and I don't like some of the attitude changes I've seen. I know her teacher well - I'll see what she thinks.

I spoke too soon about the typing speed. Back to 30/wpm again. It's driving me nuts. By the time I type it I forget what I wanted to say next. The comment boxes and even accessing blogs have been difficult as well.

So - I'm still trying to catch up with everyone even as a lurker until Blogger gets a grip on itself.

Ray seems to be doing well and almost back to normal for him. Fingers crossed. My cold seems to have left for the most part. The girls are still sniffling but other than that okay.

I've taken Elcie off depo until we can arrange another visit with her pediatrician. Short version - it seemed to be causing more problems than it solved (including morning sickness of all things). I take her to Children's Hospital in Madera near Fresno on Monday to check out whatever the strange little growth is in her ankle. We're hoping it's nothing but it's time to have her orthopedic surgeon take a look. It's about a 50 mile drive each way - not too bad and she'll probably get lunch out of the deal.

Thanks to all for the comments the last few days. Glad you found the Bitacle info useful especially since I don't really understand it myself.

I had a couple more things to say but my typing speed has dropped even further and I'm afraid I'll lose this. Take care everyone and have a great weekend.

Now it doesn't want me to copy. (I have it saved - now it won't post).


Tammy said...

Granny...I loved the bubble wrap and sent it to my daughter...she is a nut for bubble wrap!!
I'm upset with blogger too...the one day I can catch up with everyone and it is being a b****!!
Have a good un...I'm off for the drug test for my new job!

Sue said...

Blogger is beyond beasty today! Sounds like you've had a busy and not too stressful week.
A Mexican cruise sounds fun. We did one just last year!
This weather we're having is nearly perfect! Love it!!

The Mama said...

You should try downloading Microsoft Live Writer for your blogging. It's what I use now and I love it. It automatically saves everything as you type it and I haven't had problems with it at all except when our photo host was full. That't the only problem with it, you have to have a website host for your photos, but just for typing it's so awesome. You could probably type and publish to blogger and then add pictures through blogger if that's easier. Although I have edited with blogger a couple times after publishing with Live Writer and had my post get weird like all the paragraphs run together!

Anyway, that's one long comment, but I hope it helps. It's worth just trying out. I really like it.


JBlue said...

Looks like the comments are working for me again. Anyway, my kids would sit and pop those bubbles all day if I let them. Now let's just hope they'll forget them.

Madcap said...

My kids are fiends for bubble wrap, too.

Hello Ann! I hope Blogger straightens up and flies right, soon. And I hope they can do something for Elcie, toot sweet.

Atasha said...

Thanks for sharing that link. I really enjoyed it. I turned up the volume pretty loud too. Now I need some of the real stuff! HA!
There's some cold or something or the other going around. My son got a 24 hour sickness yesterday. Pretty weird. I;m glad whatever it is has gone away. And hopefully the girls' sniffling will be gone soon.

That's a long drive Ann. I hope you get good news and nothing else to worry about.

Take Care

Josie said...

Hi, Ann. I love reading about your day/week. You have such a busy life, and your family all sounds so nice and normal, which is refreshing. Tell Rebecca congratulations for getting her math grades up. I can relate.

And... let me know the next time you have pot roast. I'll be right over (hah). It's my favorite.

Have a great weekend,


mreddie said...

Glad for you that Ray and girls are doing OK - in spite of the school stuff. The tuna glop sounds interesting - I'm the only one in our household that will stay in the same room with tuna. ec

Gina said...

Glad to hear Ray is doing well, but sorry to hear the Depo is not working.

Blogger has indeed been acting strangely lately. I have a hard time accessing people's sites and comments, as well as my own dashboard.

Badoozie said...

yes, i've noticed a lot of blogger issues, seems to be worse at different times of day

Atasha said...

By the way, I've tagged you with a meme so check it out when you get a chance. Have a safe weekend.

Meow said...

Hope all is going well in your world today.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
Take care, Meow

Margaret said...

Sounds as though everything is improving for you with the exception of Elcie's ankle, hope that resolves for her soon.Thanks for visit to my site and kind thoughts, Margaret

thordora said...

Move over to wordpress with the rest of us "cool kids" :P After the initial jolt, I've found it easier and cleaner.

Kristen said...

Yeah, blogger is being ridiculous. I'm glad things are going well - I hope Elcie feels better coming off the depo. Yuck.

Mary P. said...

I couldn't get onto anyone's blog all weekend. I could read them off bloglines, but comment? Not on your life.

Sunday afternoon now, and all seems to be well. When Blogger's having fits, I type my post into WordPerfect, then copy it into the blogger compose screen. If it doesn't go through, I still have a copy. Alternatively, I block and copy the whole thing before I hit 'publish'. If it won't publish, it's still waiting on the magic, invisible clipboard, and can be pasted right back in there for the second attempt.

You learn these survival techniques after you lose a carefully crafted post. Then all goes well for a few weeks, and you get complacent. Oops...

Poor Elcie! The misery of pregnancy with none of the good bits! (Assuming she were anywhere near old enough, of course.) There's no upside to that.

I hope Rochelle is just going through a temporary phase, and that soon she's back to her sunny self.

Teenagers. Exhausting critters, aren't they?

stefanierj said...

Ann, if you have MS Word, there's a blog button thingy you can download from Blogger that lets you post to your blog right from Word. Also, I think Word will save things automatically, so the loss of a post wouldn't happen as much. I might try the MS live writer that one of your other commenters talked about if you don't have word, though....

Good luck.