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Monday, October 23, 2006

Melissa and Jonathan October 2006

I tried to get this one on last night. For once I can't blame Blogger. Kodak kept freezing on me and I was getting sleepy.

Thanks for the kind words about the other pic. He is a cutie, isn't he.

I'll get back later - hopefully tonight.


Tammy said...

Cute with a beautiful momma and a handsome daddy!!
and I just love Granny!!!

PI said...

Seems to me you are the stability in the girls lives. Jonathon reminds me of my first nephew - also Jonathon, with identical ears. He never had anything done about them and also had a lovely smile.

Crazedmomof4 said...

What a handsome little guy! Can see why you are such a proud Granny!

I'll keep the girls in prayer. I'm glad you are there for them. I'm sure you are as much as a blessing for them as they are to you too!

Pumpkinburger anyone??? It looks yummy!;)

Josie said...

What an absolutely beautiful picture. What a gorgeous girl and adorable baby...! You must be so proud of them.

Look at the look on his face. Hey... you takin' my picture?


Missy said...

Hey Granny. Thanks for the comment. Sorry for not staying in touch. I've been busy...

I hope you're doing well. That kid is a cutie!!

You know my feelings on free speech (regarding the pedo blogs). I'm as conflicted as you are...

Sorry for not having much more to's bedtime and I've got class in the morning. Again, I hope all is well.

mo-wo said...

like omigod cute.. but maybe it's just how much he likes the sweetheart behind the camera

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Very Cute Baby. Blogger hasn't let me comment. Sometimes I write these really long comments only to lose them. I'm a little upset, but it's free...what can you say.

Meow said...

What a beautiful photo.
Just thought I'd mention something a lot of people I know, including myself, have discovered. The Kodak picture program can be very nasty to your computer, and many people have experienced huge problems, which have miraculously gone away when they uninstall the Kodak software. My computer was doing weird things, and once I uninstalled the Kodak program, it hasn't happened since. I never used it, anyway. Picasa is a good program to use in it's place.
Just thought I'd mention it !!
Take care, Meow