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Friday, October 13, 2006

More Moving Bloggers and Other Stuff

Karrie, formerly of The Welblog has changed both her location and her blogging address. She can now be found at "One Weird Mother". I never thought of you as any weirder than the next person, Karrie, but whatever works for you.

I apologize for falling so far behind on reading, commenting, and welcoming visitors. I think I've kept up with the blogroll.

I'm feeling a little better but reading for any length of time is still a problem. I start feeling sleepy. My glasses seem to be okay but maybe it's time to get them checked. Anyhow, I've been doing more lurking than commenting lately but I'm still hanging around.

Thanks to all for the good wishes. I sent the girls back to school this morning but had to pick Elcie up. I was afraid of that but I've said before that if she's there when the bell rings, her attendance is counted. It puts the burden on the school to decide whether she should stay.

Right now she seems fine; when I picked her up she was nauseated. I made her some Cream of Wheat and she lapped it up. Comfort food of the first order.

Tonight is the Homecoming Parade for Merced High School. Rebecca and Rochelle will go with my friend Dawn and her daughter. They missed an early Halloween party yesterday because they were both sick.

I bought my train ticket; round trip not one-way (lol). I'll get into San Francisco a little before five in the afternoon which will give me the evening with my blogging friends (and Chinese food we think). I won't have to leave until late afternoon Sunday and should be back here in time to kiss the girls goodnight.

If nothing changes, Rebecca and Rochelle will stay with my friend from the time I leave on Saturday until sometime Sunday. It will take a lot of the stress off Ray and Elcie should be fine, if a little bored because she has no one to fight with. Her mom and dad are both around and will be checking in with her.

I haven't been away overnight without the kids since my birth mother died several years ago. That would hardly count as a vacation. I love the girls but lately I've been feeling a little overwhelmed. If Ray were up to the trip, I'd take him along (and probably drive) but it's a long drive (135 miles each way) much of it in heavy traffic and he's never been comfortable in social situations which involve meeting a large group of people for the first time. He'll be perfectly happy in his own little corner here with the baseball playoffs and his sci-fi.

The train will give me even more of a break. Not much scenery in this part of California (and I've memorized most of it) but I can curl up with a book or my crossword puzzles or even just stare out the window and meditate.

I've always liked trains except for the last time I was coming back from the city via Amtrak (from my mother's funeral and the week we spent putting her affairs in order) and the train spilled all its fuel along about 3 miles of track. We came to a halt in the middle of nowhere. No cell phone back then, the train crew said a train or bus would be along eventually and then they left. My son turned up at least an hour (maybe longer) later. His wife had gotten in touch with Amtrak when the train didn't arrive here. He borrowed an old truck and set out. I was never so glad to see anybody. I wouldn't have cared at that point if he'd borrowed a horse and buggy. It still beat standing around in a cornfield or whatever that was. Spooky.

Speaking of spooky, happy Friday the 13th to all. Not that I'm superstitious you understand.

Take care everyone. I'll probably be out of touch over the weekend (or so I hope, much as I love you all).


Gina said...

Such fun!

A blogger meet-up in SF sounds heavenly.

Have a wonderful time, Ann.

Madcap said...

Those girls are going to be just fine! You have a good time, Miz Granny!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip!

I've always wanted to ride a train.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Have a wonderful time with your blogging buddies and I can't wait to hear who you are meeting with. I would love to be with you on this trip.

I got a call from one of my blogging buddies tonight and it was nice to talk with her.

Sue said...

You are long overdue for a getaway and some fun! Hope all works out and you have a great weekend!