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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pumpkin - Part II

For some reason, Blogger wouldn't let me add text to the image below.

Thanks to Yellow Dog Granny who just sent me an entire pumpkin collection. This was my favorite.

I can't imagine the patience or imagination it took to create something like this.

We began using acrylic paint for our jack-o-lanterns several years ago. My hands don't work well with the carving and the girls love the paint. They can do it all themselves without my nagging at them to please not cut off their pinkie in the process.


Lavender Dawn said...

The kids had a pumpkin project for school. We weren't allowed to cut into it, tho. We turned austins into a fish bowl and tessa's was an earth with a mother earth doll on it, that we made.

Last year instead of carving I bought these potato head type things that just get stuck into it!

Tammy said...

I got an email that had the different pumpkins, very creative some people are anyway...

clairesgarden said...

I love the pumpkin picture, I havent carved a pumpkin for years but I hope to do good job with one of the ones I grew this year. I will still use the flesh I take out for cooking. the biggest one of my three pumpkins has gone to a friend who will cook it for supper for the five of them.

yellowdog granny said...

i think that hamburger pumpkin is fantastic..but i still like the one of the flasher pumpkin flashing his squash..haha

Beth PFLAGmom said...

Hi...just dropping by.

Are you having trouble typing quickly in other programs as well? What I recently thought was a blogger issue turned out to be an issue with spyware and ad-ware and other junk on my comptuer.

Anonymous said...

I love the hamburger pumpkin!

We always carve ours. How else would I get the seeds to roast? We do it the way my family has always done it. The kids draw the design on their pumpkin and then the adults do the actual carving. I didn't carve a pumpkin myself until I lived on my own!

granny p said...

Our island is overrun with pumpkins. But they remain pumpkins - Todos Santos is one thing...pumpkins quite another. Pity.

Sue said...

Someone sent me an email with all sorts of creative pumpkins in it. Love this one!
Hasn't blogger been a pill? It ate my post three times before I could get it actually posted. (there was nothing under restore post either)
Then it put in about four different fonts! Go figure!

wolfbaby said...

sounds like a great way to do a pumpkin.. and what a cute pic;)

Nancy said...

I had trouble with blogger yesterday too! I love to use paint on the pumpkins it is much easier to clean up but the kids love that gooey stuff inside!

grannyfiddler said...

a granny i knew years ago used to scratch the names of her grandchildren on the pumpkins in her patch... the kids would pick a pumpkin when they were just about full-sized and still green (this could apply to the kids as well as the pumpkins, i suppose... but i was meaning the pumpkins). the stratched name would heal over in a darker color than the orange skin, so i showed up really well. then they came and got 'em for Halloween - everyone had their very own personalized pumpkin.

Wystful1 said...

OMG!! Isn't that the most unique and so terrific pumpkin?!! How cool is that?

Super fantastic!!!
I've never painted a pumpkin yet, but always wanted to try it.

You've inspired me!!

Hope your weekend has been super.

Angel said...

I used to carve very intricate pumpkins, but my hands just aren't up to it lately.

We used self-stick foam faces for the kids' pumpkins this year, they came out cute! Hope to post them later.

And we're going to be eating pumpkin for a VERY long time LOL.