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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Surely They're Not Talking About Us - We'd Never Do This

Several bloggers on my "must read" list feature jokes. Most of you know Merle of course but I'm not sure how many have read Crazed Mom of 4. She's very funny. Here's a sample.

A wife was making a breakfast of fried eggs for her husband.
Suddenly, her husband burst into the kitchen.
"Careful," he said, "CARE FUL!
Put in some more butter!
Oh my GOD! You're cooking too many at once.
Turn them!
We need more butter.
Oh my GOD!
WHERE are we going to get MORE BUTTER?
They're going to STICK!
I said be CAREFUL!
You NEVER listen to me when you're cooking!
Turn them!
Hurry up!
Are you CRAZY?
Have you LOST your mind?
Don't forget to salt them.
You know you always forget to salt them.
Use the salt.
The wife stared at him.
"What in the world is wrong with you?
You think I don't know how to fry a couple of eggs?"
The husband replied,
"I just wanted you to know how I feel while I'm driving."


Gina said...

That is exactly me when my husband is driving. I am a total back-seat driver.

Sue said...

Someone set me that in a email too! Very cute!
Hope you're feeling a bit better today and that Ray is doing well also...

Alissa said...

Ha! That's hilarious! Except, I do the cooking AND the driving... ;-)

mreddie said...

I guess it's all in the perspective. :) ec

Beth PFLAGfostermom said...

I copied it and emailed it to Evan.

Of course he's a teenager and I am teaching him to drive...but that's what it's like.

Mary P. said...

I used to do that with my first husband, but then, he was a TERRIBLE driver. Just terrible. I never do it with my now husband, right sweetie? Um, sweetie? Right?

Well, hardly ever.

Tom said...

Thanks Ann, I'll give this to Joyce for her joke day at curves.

Puss-in-Boots said...

That's a good one. I don't like being driven by other people ever since I was in a car accident. Someone else was driving and the car was totally written off. We were lucky to get away with bruising and concussion only. Although it wasn't that particular driver's fault, I'm real nervous if I'm not driving. Just shows, it's all about control in my case, isn't it?

Enjoy your day and all the best to Ray.


Kendra Lynn said...

LOL...that is hilarious. I read it to Scott...he loved it.
I am a recovering back-seat driver, and the poor guy has a heck of a time calming me down while he is driving.
Love it.


Tammy said...

ROFLMBO...this is so funny cause I am a control freek in the car when Hubby is driving...I brought him in here and read this to him...he said "I like that one!"

Madcap said...

What? Men drive? Not when I'm in the van!

Josie said...

I love it...!

I hope you're all feeling better at your house.



PEA said...

LOL very funny!! Hope you're feeling better today Ann! Back to school for the girls tomorrow...give you a bit more time to yourself:-) Hugs

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

OH...That was good. My husband would love this one.

Lavender Dawn said...

I love that joke. I read it before and it killed me. I like that he got revenge!

Andie D. said...


I'm trying to catch up with what's been going on in your life. And I think that I'M tired.

As much as I admire and respect all that you do for your family, wow. Do you have any time to take care of yourself? I sincerely hope you do. I wish I could do something for you.

tAnYeTTa said...

I'm with Andie! ;)

tAnYeTTa said...

p.s. that joke was hilarious!!!!!!!!!

karrie said...

Very cute!

wolfbaby said...

thats funny