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Monday, November 27, 2006

Bloglines and Beta Blogger

According to my friend Beth, Beta works only with "atom", not with "rss". You realize I don't have a clue what that means but I'm sure she's correct.

Here's her solution for those of you who have been unable to get Beta blogs to show new posts on bloglines.

Beth says:

If you are one of the people who are having trouble with a subscription to this or other Beta Blogger blogs, I think I have figured out the problem.

Go to the blog itself (the one you want to subscribe or resubcribe to) and scroll down to the bottom of the page. In fairly little letters you should see:

Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)

(It's there on the Beta blogs or is on the ones I checked - Ann)

RIGHT CLICK on the link and select "copy shortcut". (Mine says "copy link location" - Ann)

Go to Bloglines or whatever reader you are using and subscribe by copying (pasting) the shortcut/link location into the window. (The first window that appears after you've clicked on "ADD" - Ann)

This has fixed the problem for me with respect to several of the blogs for which I have not been getting new information for a while. I don't know if the problem rests with Blogger or with Bloglines or what, but subscribing using the name of the blog does not always seem to work.

I tried it with Beth's and Merle's blogs. It worked. The non-betas are Blogline problems. For example, some people aren't seeing my posts come up on Bloglines. I don't have beta yet and I do have an atom feed as well as rss. It might make sense for everyone to switch over to atom when possible for everything.

Now will someone please tell me what the heck "atom" is? I know "rss". I guess I could google and find out.

Okay, I googled. Here, courtesy of Wikki, is an explanation I can't quite understand. Well, sort of.


Tammy said...

Oh Granny, thanks so much for this new information...I'm gonna print it off and see what I can do, I've noticed I don't get all of my feeds either :-(

pissed off patricia said...

I am going to stay away from switching over to beta just as long as i can. Don't need any more stress right now.

mreddie said...

You are way over my head with this stuff - I'll just have to limp along the best I can. ec

Meow said...

Thanks for the info, Granny. I don't use bloglines, I use blogrolling, but have noticed a few people have problems with bloglines.
Hope you are well.
Have a great week.
Take care, Meow

Sue said...

I'm thinking bloglines just kicked back in. You just came up with 25 new posts!
Is that how long it's been out??
I'm actually showing everyone in beta coming up in bloglines, but there are a good number non beta who haven't been.

Alice said...

So, other people have been having a problem, huh?

My only problem seems to be when Blogger plays up and refuses me access. But that tends to be the Blog itself.

Am I being a bit dense here? Because everything looks the same to me.

But then again, I've been out of the loop for over a month, so...

...Just reread it. It's to do with post updates. So yes. I AM being dense.

Oop. Break over. Gotta go. Left a comment about the (cruelly) hilarious joke, and I'm V. glad you had such a good thanksgiving, not least because you got to meet your son afterall.

Looks like I'm on a comeback, Blog wise. I may *gasp* even post later.



Autumn said...

I've noticed some problems with the blog lines but didn't know what it was. I'm going to go back to all my blogs and check out what the feed for them should be. Thanks
Oh just so you know I am a beta blogger so you need to change me to atom if you haven't already

Peter said...

Hi Ann, yes Bloglines has churned out LOTS of notifications, quite a few with 25, yours had 7 ??, I also install the 30 day trial subscription to FeedDemon, seems like it is working OK too, we'll see what happens over the next few weeks.

PI said...

I still don't know why I should change to beta blogger so am staying put whilst I can. Hate change!

grannyfiddler said...

having trouble getting on to comment... not sure which post i'm at but aftaid to close, for fear of not getting back... so, had to say i loved the 'we're getting divorced' story. now, can you tell me how to work that kind of magic as a solo? maybe if i told them i was putting in a pool?