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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Gremlins in (or on) my Computer

Pea is blaming gremlins for my computer woes. She may be correct as you can see. He's been hanging around for at least 25 years now - first on my office computer and now here.

His name is Gizmo after the little guy in the movie "Gremlins" and he's probably to blame for the typos as well.
I wouldn't be surprised if he caused my fingers to zap my whole blog a few months ago. Naughty Gizmo.

(My friends from Australia will recognize him as an Australian frilled lizard.) One of the girls dressed him more years ago than I can remember. They're responsible for the stickers as well.

The pecan shelling party was a huge success. Once they got the idea with three nutcrackers, 6 picks, and a tack hammer (which worked the best), they (along with friend Dawn and her daughter) had it done in record time and ended up with a lot of perfect halves. Excellent so we may do it again. I have enough for 2 or maybe 3 pies. I'll measure them later and compare the price with buying them already shelled so I'll know if it's worth the effort (and the mess).

I almost forgot. Jo asked me in one of the comments the other day about soft shelled pecans Click on the link if you don't know about them. I didn't realize they were so hard to find.

I taught Rebecca how to do over easy eggs this morning and the two of us made pancakes as well. She's still the most interested of the 3 in cooking. Please pray for patience (for me) as I allow her to flip the eggs and pancakes. It's very hard to refrain from grabbing the spatula.

I finally took Rebecca to lunch to celebrate her B Honor Roll achievement. Chinese buffet followed by a hot drink at Barnes & Noble and annoying Uncle Tim for a little while (for any of you who don't know he manages the B&N Cafe and my dil Melissa works there as well). They were both behind the counter when we arrived. Melissa manages one of the book sections but pitches in at the Cafe when they're shorthanded or extremely busy. We did a little window shopping through the kids' book section (I have a few more ideas for Christmas now), and then over to Save-Mart across the street to pick up the few things I'd forgotten for Thanksgiving, especially the marshmallows and whipped cream (essentials of life). The Sara Lee Dutch Apple and cherry pies were both on sale (they weren't the other day) so we grabbed them while we were there for both Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

My usual Thanksgiving crowd has shrunk considerable considerably (Gizmo strikes again). My grandkids (Jim's older children) and their mom will be out of state, Jim has decided on Christmas for his leave time, and his wife Melissa was tricked into cooking by her middle daughter. They all (including the "exes") usually show up here so that takes at least 8 people (not counting baby Jonathan who might gum some mashed potatoes but not much else) out of the picture. The girls' mom (Tasha) is going to her mom's in San Francisco for the week. That leaves us, Tim, my friend Dawn who cooks but also stops by with her husband and daughter for a small plate, and the drop-ins from the neighborhood. Possibly the girls' dad (my grandson) but I'm not sure. He knows I always cook and he's always welcome.

I told Melissa I'd send her a Care package if she didn't make it over here.

It's not a problem but I'm not used to cooking a holiday meal for so few. Fortunately I have a full freezer (rather small) and a side by side. Right now the freezer is holding three turkeys and a 10 lb ham. I bought 2 turkeys (buy one - get one) and then a friend gave me another. Almost 60 lbs of turkey. Yikes!!. The Mission often runs short for their Christmas meal - maybe I can find a home for turkey #3 then. They're okay on food for Thanksgiving or I'd do it now.

My goal between now and around Tuesday is to defrost the full freezer and reorganize both (see above). I think I'm going to need all the space I can find.

Why oh why didn't I defrost before turkeys instead of after? Maybe I can do it the day after Thanksgiving or after I've taken turkey #1 out to thaw.

Anyhow, enough out of me for one day. I leave you with this thought.

Today is National Teddy Bear Day. Sorry it's almost over for this hemisphere and completely over for the hemisphere to the south.

Thanks to all for the comments and take care everyone.


peppylady said...

I like to use different ways to crack a nut or two.
When my oldest Sawyer was in head start they brought different types of nuts and nut crackers and he told his group that his family uses vice scripts and a hammer to open nuts up.

Glad your computer is up and running.

mreddie said...

There are many pecan growing areas south of us in Georgia and even a few locals that we usually get ours from around here. I usually get to enjoy two Thanksgiving dinners, one with my brother's family at 12 and then our family at 5pm - I usually feel as stuffed as the turkey. :) ec

PEA said...

Seeeee told you it was I know his name...Gizmo! lol I've never bought soft shelled pecans, in fact don't think I've ever seen them! Well since some of your guests aren't coming for Thanksgiving dinner...I'll cross the border so I can celebrate Thanksgiving again! lol I wish it was that easy for me to get to your place!!! Sounds like the girls have been a big help and I'm glad you had a chance to bring Rebecca out for a celebratory dinner. Take care dear Ann!!

HORIZON said...

Wish we lived closer Granny- l'd buy one of your turkeys! Looks like your stocked up for this year and the next -lol
Glad the nut cracking party went so well- the girls will remember that. Perhaps you could have a freezer thawing out party too??
Bests for now :) x

Merle said...

Hi Ann ~ Well you sure have the turkeys under control and glad you and Rebecca had your outing. Sorry you have trouble, must be Gizmo again. same here, all my posts get altered to small print and no
color, so I may have a break. Glad I chose a hero of yours, Yogi Berra. I like de ja vu all over again. Take care
Love, Merle.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are at least going smoothly, if a little busily!

We're having our own Thanksgiving--Andy has to work so we can't travel. However, I just heard last night that my youngest brother and his wife may come, so we may get some company anyway. I have an 8 lb. turkey breast, and all the fixins. It'll do.


Hi! Just dropped by to say hello and say how are you?

thordora said...

I don't get the thanksgiving's never that nuts here. Although I envy those of you with tons of family to have around.

Actually, no I don't. Not really. :P

Gina said...

It seems this is the incredible shrinking Thanksgiving everywhere. We went down from a usual of 18 to perhaps 12 if we are lucky. But why am I saying "we" since I don't do the bulk of the cooking nor do the hosting!

JunieRose2005 said...


I always enjoy visiting with you and hearing all your family news!

I will be cooking for 11, as I usually do!

I will do those harvest loaves ahead...and the only other dessert I make from scratch is my banana pudding! (This is ALWAYS expected) I get frozen pies-a Pumpkin- for sure!

granny p said...

Seems enough people to me, Ann. Enjoy when it comes. Spent one thanksgiving with family - distant relations, but dear ones - in Connecticut and it was one of the nicest occasions I can remember..

The Mama said...

Sounds like a very nice Thanksgiving planned. I think that sometimes the nicest ones are the ones just spent with a small group of friends or family. We are having a small Thanksgiving this year, we're having dinner with our friends and their two kids. We'll probably play poker after dinner and that's about it. I'm looking forward to the long holiday weekend! I have to make a green bean casserole and pick up a pie, so there won't be much work or clean up for me! Christmas will be much more hectic so I'm glad for this small celebration.

Hope the gremlins go away!!


The Mama said...

Thanks for coming by. I don't know why I don't show up on bloglines but Ann told me the same thing last week. I went to their site and James is going to see if he can figure out why, but unfortunately for now it just doesn't seem to be working. I had never even heard of bloglines til Ann mentioned it, it's like a whole new world to me!!


The Mama said...

Haha, not Ann (that would be you!) but Sue told me last week.

Anyway, I'll stop leaving you comments now!

Sue said...

Hi Ann,
I am so used to cooking Thanksgiving, but this year we're off to Fremont to my brother's house. (About an hour or more depending on traffic)
You've got plenty of turkey for sure!
We donated two large ones to the homeless shelter. Safeway had some good deals on them again this year..
(You're still not coming up in bloglines and neither is Alice)

Kristen said...

Okay, all this talk of pies and thanksgiving meals and hot drinks at B&N is making me drool. I could go for some pumpkin pie and a latte right about now!

wolfbaby said...

your a sweet lady you know that I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!!! I'd go broke if i had a family member working at a book store..*grin*

stefanierj said...

Shoot, all we're making is turkey, stuffing (the Stovetop kind and the cornbread dressing kind--daddymatic's a Southern boy and has to have his cornbread dressin'), and pies--the next-door neighbors are hosting, so they'll have all the other stuff. It's our first Thanksgiving away from NC since we were in Peace Corps almost 10 years ago, and it sucks, but it'll be nice to be out of the loop on family drama for one holiday. :)


Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Ann

Love your cute "frilly" but surely, surely he's not the gremlin - poor little frilly!

Three turkeys - goodness me! Would you like some visitors from Australia to help you dispose of them?

I know what you mean about defrosting, that's something I have to do before 29th when I get my Chrisco stuff through. We order hampers from this company and pay them off over the year. Mine are due to arrive next week - I can't wait, but I have to tidy my pantry and defrost the freezer before then. Sort of puts a damper on the excitement.

Hope all goes well for you.