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Monday, November 06, 2006

National Peanut Butter Lover's Day

Elcie's field trip was a great success. There were five, not four short plays. She liked The Monkey's Paw the best. Scary story but Elcie's fond of those.

Not much else going on. We finally got Rebecca out to pick her present. She opted for the Dollar Tree and picked up a little of this and that. The others ended up going along with a couple of $ each. Usually I try to take just the birthday girl for her present and lunch but this has been a crazy week or so. Rebecca was fine with it and willing to count our Friday night pizza as her night out even though her sisters were along.

Tonight I have to finish up our absentee ballots. Election day is tomorrow here in the states and I've been procrastinating. You'd have to live in CA to understand just how complicated the elections can be (and how ugly this year). I'll be glad when they're behind us.

Ray's still in the hospital. I'm hoping they might let him out tomorrow. I was there briefly today but they were about to do an EEG so I dropped off his clean clothes and left again. I'll get back over in the morning.

It's the girls' bedtime which means I'd better start them settling them down. Thanks to all for the comments and take care everyone.

Tomorrow is bittersweet chocolate with almonds day. How do they come up with these?


Sue said...

The ballot is long and complicated isn't it!
Hope Ray is able to come home and you can get back to "normal" whatever that may be!

Bacchus said...

I love the Monkey Paw. I was hooked on moral stories like that as a kid.

Happy Birthday Rebecca!

Turtle Guy said...

Do we have the makings of a national holiday here?

Peanut butter and cucumber was always my favourite.

Merle said...

Hello Ann ~ Glad things have settled down a bit for you. Hope Ray gets home soon and will keep much better health.
I can't believe Bittersweet chocolate with almonds Day, or Peanut Butter Day.
Way, way in the past when Britain was an empire, we used to have bonfires for Guy
Fawkes Day. You were right 5th November.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Atasha said...

Bittersweet chocolate with Almonds Day?Must be thought up by a woman :-)

I hope Ray gets home soon and does well, healthwise.

Siri said...

Glad Ray is ok. Thank you for taking time out to visit my blog and post ur comments :)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Bittersweet Choc, almonds - yep! Peanut butter - no way, brings on an asthma attack.

Hope Ray's EEG is ok and that he's home soon.

Take care

Anonymous said...

I think Peanut Butter Day is a great idea!

Hope Ray comes home today. Hang in there.

Margaret said...

Hi Ann, I hope all is well again for you and yours. You certainly have been having a time of it as I saw whilst catching up on your posts. I am a fan of both peanut butter as well as almond chocolate, oh wait!!! I think that may be ALL chocolate and All nuts!!
Hugs Margaret

Beth PFLAGfostermom said...

I sure do 'preciate you keeping us up on all the "days", Ma'am.

Seriously, though, where do you get these?

I have sometimes used the CA proposition list as an example of why various theorest (e.g. Plato) thought democracy was a horrible idea. Who can expect a bunch of people who have other things to do with their lives to make decisions on dozens or even a hundred propositions on one Tuesday in November.

How many y'all got this year?

Granny said...


granny p said...

Good luck with the election today; we'll all be waiting with baited breath. Given how US policy affects all of us, we should all have a vote.

Anyway the bitter-sweet chocolate with almonds should help allay the suspense.

Anvilcloud said...

Dark chocolate and almonds sounds like a most excellent day. Much better than peanut butter. I don't mind pb, but ...

LoisLane said...

Just sending some hugs and good thoughts for you all. :)

Madcap said...

Who decides which "day" it is? I think I've been eating the wrong treats.

I wish Ray wasn't in the hospital. It must all be very nervewracking.

Take care.

Cuppa said...

Oh I love peanut butter. It is celebrated every day at our house.

Dark Chocolate with almonds is AC's fav by far. MMMMM good.

Gina said...

I think I'd better raid Mr. P's Halloween candy to celebrate the day.

I so hope Ray comes home today!

PI said...

We had a very good production of 'The Monkey's Paw' when I was at school - in the olden days, and it still scares me when I think about it.

JunieRose said...

Tomorrow is bittersweet chocolate with almonds day. How do they come up with these?<<<

;) I don't know- but this one sounds GOOD!


Kendra Lynn said...

Hope Ray is doing well today.
WE have go vote in a little while as well.
Hmmm...not my favorite thing to do, but the right thing to do.
Have a marvelous day.


Jo said...

Yummy days! I can live with that. Bald Man's family in your direction, grows almonds. Did they find anything helpful for Ray? I hope he is feeling better. You too! Happy Birthday to Rebecca.

PEA said...

Chocolate with almonds?? My favourite!! I guess they did that holiday just for me?? lol So glad to hear that Elcie's field trip went so well! I'm sure the birthday girl loves what she chose for her presents and it's lovely that she doesn't mind her sisters being part of her birthday lunch! I'm sure most of you Americans will be happy to see these elections done and over with. We have municipal elections going on over here in Ontario and the campaigning is driving me bonkers! Hope Ray comes out of the hospital real soon!! Hugs xox

tops-y said...

Hi Ann. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to find time to get to know you and your family better!

mreddie said...

That is a good idea to take the birthday girl out to pick out her own present - that way she gets what she wants for sure. ec

Kristen said...

The dollar store - way to keep it simple. What a sweet kid.

Good grief, I know you'll be glad when Ray is home. Sheesh. Poor guy.

Margaret said...

I guess I could live with a peanut butter day, also a bitter almonds and chocolate day, but wait that could be any old chocolate day. I enjoyed reading and catching up with your posts. Thanks for your visit and comments on my site, glad you enjoyed your hot chocolate as well as the great family time.
Cheers Margaret