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Friday, December 15, 2006

To Ginny (partly) - Updated - see last link

And anyone else who wonders.

Here is what google says about a "meme". Somehow the blogging world picked it up and made it their own. Who knows why? Not I.

It's something like a chain letter on a blog. We do one (usually stolen from someone else) and hope other people pick it up and do it too. Some people "tag" which means they list a few people to do the "meme" on their own blogs. I don't do that; I just invite everyone.

They can be very short and funny or long and involved. The "elf" a few posts down is a "meme" of sorts.

She also said the sweet potatoes should be a dessert. They don't miss it by much but then how could I rationalize the pumpkin, apple, cherry, and Karo pecan pies?

Ginny, sure wish you had a blog. Otherwise I'll have to keep cluttering up the BB comment boxes answering you. (lol)

Hugs right back.

Carol is settled in in Turlock and Ray is doing okay. My friend David took me first shopping for a few things for Carol (purple fuzzy slippers to go with her purple robe) and then to Turlock where I signed more of the same papers I'd already signed. Still more to go - maybe next week.

Then he took me to lunch at a place called Red Robin. Anyone else know that one? It was a little on the noisy side when we first came in but we were in the back and got used to it quickly. They have an extensive hamburger menu, salads, and some very good fish & chips (which I had).

I came back here and fell asleep for two hours.

Thanks to all for the comments and glad you're enjoying the meme. I'm going to turn on some Christmas music and relax for a while.

Have a good weekend everyone.

P. S.

Peter in Australia has written an informative post on Beta blogger. It seems the commenting problem (the most recent one) is a Blogger problem and they're trying to fix it - again. I'm not having any problems commenting on the Beta blogs but many others have. I'm including the link here because more than one person has mentioned the commenting problem to me. Boy, are they asking the wrong person for technical assistance!!

I haven't switched over yet. I said once before that I am a "team blog" which means more than one person is listed as a "contributor". Alice and Tim post from time to time; Jen and Andrea help me with some the technical things. Angela had to drop off so she could switch to Beta. I've heard this will change shortly and teams will be allowed to join.


JBlue said...

Red Robin is a favorite of ours because the Jedi can have pizza or corndogs, and we can have something good, too. My favorite is the Whiskey River BBQ Chicken sandwich. Good stuff.

Sounds like you had a decent day, which I'm glad to know.

Sue said...

Glad Carol is settled. I know all about paper work for Hospice as I have spent lots of time with it this week.
Red Robin is all around here. The grandkids love the "never empty fries" or whatever there name is for them.
Quite yummy!

Gina said...

We like Red Robin, there's one just down the street from us.

Thinking of you and the family.

PEA said...

Glad to hear that Carol has settled in...I'm sure it puts you more at ease also knowing she's being well taken care of. I haven't switched to Beta yet but I did read they will give you no choice soon. Sigh, I don't like changes! lol Hugs xox

Peter said...

Hi Ann, thanks for the link, what's in that brief post is about the sum total of my knowledge so I hope people don't come expecting an expert.

Anvilcloud said...

Commenting is working okay for me too lately -- for the most part anyway. Sending continued best thoughts to you and Ray and Carol.

Val said...

Thanks for the link to Peter's comments on beta blogger. I too have been reluctant to change...

Ginny said...

"Ginny, sure wish you had a blog. Otherwise I'll have to keep cluttering up the BB comment boxes answering you. (lol)"

I am not interesting enough that anyone would read it. :)

I do feel a bit "famous" since you put my name in your post. he he

Thanks for the education on Memes. :)