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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hump Day - 4 Days to Go!!

Of the girls being home from school, of course.

It hasn't been too bad. The weather has stayed decent and we've managed to be out of the house some of the time. They've managed to avoid drawing blood which is a plus.

Tim, Elcie, and I went to see Carol today and then to lunch. She was feeling a little better but very sleepy so we just stayed for a few minutes. It's much easier to make the trip with Tim on his day off - gives me company. Now, all the girls have gone at least once.

And I finally got a haircut and feel much more like my normal self, whatever that is. I'd begun to resemble a sheepdog.

Ray's feeling better. He's supposed to see a specialist in Modesto (the other side of Turlock about 45 miles from here) about the possible crushed discs. Surgery? We don't know yet but I hope not. More driving but I can combine a visit with Carol with the appointment or my friend can take him.

Not much else but I wanted to check in briefly.

Did you know there is a new 12 Step program for Email addicts? I'm watching ABC news and they swear it's true.

Do you feel powerless over email? I think they're including the "blackberry" and the report is aimed more at businesses than at we folk who chat back and forth. I googled it and here is a CNN online article along with a link to the 12 Steps.

It's not a problem for me. I love getting mail and answering. I don't think I'm obsessive but that could be "denial".

Thanks for the comments and your kindness. Take care and have a good weekend if I don't get back before then.


mreddie said...

Checked out the 12 steps and I don't think it applies to me either - not yet anyway. Wonder if that applies to blogs as well. :) ec

Susie said...

I don't think I need the 12 step program either. So do the girls get another week off at Easter as well?
We've had gray skies and sprinkles.
Quite a change from our sunshine!!

Diane J. said...

Mostly mundane stuff here, too. Mikki got to go home from the hospital this evening, though, praise the Lord! I'll post on that in a while.



Atasha said...

Oh my word Ann. I think I may have a problem. I confess, I actually always have my inbox open and the volume up a little so that if I am not sitting here I will here when my message arrives via Outlook. OMG how sad is that? In defense of myself, I am involved in a lot of stuff and I don't like people waiting for responses/answers. Okay okay I have a problem. I AM IN DENIAL!

And i am sure you weren't looking like a sheepdog :-)Glad to hear Ray is feeling better. Everytime I read your blog I keep thinking to myself that you always have so much to do. Try to slow it down Ann, we don't need you sick too.

Atasha said...

"here" - hear, oh what's the use?

Yondalla said...


Gina said...

Have a good weekend too, Ann.

zzop357 said...

Hey Ann I miss your smiling face on the top of your blog.But it's nice to see the girls smiling faces:)But I know you don't look like a sheep-dog...LOL Mine try's to spike every time I go out in the wind...LOL.At 53, I'm a little old for spikey hair.
have a good day Ann,

Missy said...

I think I used to be addicted to email. Then, to blogs. Now, I'm just tired. Perhaps I'll go back to reading just regular books?

I hope you and Ray and everyone are doing well. I heard the words "crushed discs", that sounds painful. Good luck!

Gawdessness said...

glad to hear that you are feeling more youish - wonder if there is a 12 step program to deal with being snarky?
I could use the help.

PI said...

And Spring is round the corner:)

Ginny said...

Hi Ann,

Just checking in!

Nice to see you.


Granny said...

Hi Ginny (and all of course but this is the only way I can say hi to Ginny).

Arti Honrao said...

Hi Granny! I like the change here :)
For reasons unknown, I am missing you!
So strange, isn't it ...
We hardly know each other, we are miles apart but I am missing you ...
perhaps some granny figure to keep family together! I better quit before I start crying...

Hugs and kisses
Love n regards

peppylady said...

Let you on little secret I'm clueless about black berries.
Take care, Dora

Jo said...

No blood is a good thing! I would take that as a sign that everything was working out great and leave it at that.

Meow said...

Just dropping by to say hi, and to wish you a great weekend.
Take care, Meow

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Thanks for visiting Nick's Bytes, Ann. I am here to repay the compliment. Blessings to you and yours.

Jobthingy said...

just wanted to say hello. i have been crazy busy and stressed and run down as well. i hear ya. *hugs* to you. have a great rest of your week.

Andrea said...

i need to send some of my guys at work to that 12 step program. they have email text phone call waiting AND talk on the regular land line all at the same time. They are so stressed out because of it. I refuse to buy one.

Hugs Anne!!

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I hope is well for you, and I know how getting your hair done makes you feel better. Mine needs to be colored I look like a salt and pepper brunet and rather look like a red head please. I'm gonna take my daughter up on her offer to color my hair she's getting better at it anyway.


dongurigal said...

Hi Granny Ann

Hope your daughter is ok. Must be so tough.

Saying hi from Bangkok (it's so great to be able to comment again)

Take care

Anonymous said...

e-mail addiction, huh? I love me some e-mail as much as the next person, but I surely don't think I need a 12 step program!

Have a good weekend! Get some rest...

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Ann,just popped in for a quick visit on my way around the other blogs.

It was good to catch up on your news and now that all is relatively stable for the moment.

I need a hair cut too, but trying to find the time is a challenge. However, I have only one more week of full time work madness to go and I can then do all the things I put on hold for the last little while, including getting my hair cut!

Keep well.

Turtle Guy said...

Mentioning your haircut caused me to think of my folks who are in a nursing home. It seems everytime we turn around they're under lock-down for someone having contracted the flu or something. It drives my Mom nuts, and it reminds me of a time just after Christmas when she'd not had a haircut in some time and was unable to make it happen due to circumstances beyond her control.

zzop357 said...

Hi again Miss Ann,just saw your comment on Diane's blog and thought I'd drop in and tell you...Couches is still around and doing well.They now have one in Trumann as well as the one in Jonesboro....I love their BBQ....I just don't like their sause.But I'm one of the few,among many that do.I've never been able to finish a meal there.They give you way too much food.My hubby can't eat it all either.
Remember bbq on a bun with slaw and sauce,french fries and a pepper to top it off...yummm good!!!
I hope I stirred a few memories;)

Merle said...

Dear Ann ~~ I thought I left a comment here, but obviously not. I do
hope you are feeling OK, and Ry is over his fall, hope the girls are well love the photo of them. And I hope Carol is as comfortable as can be. It was good she had the week at home, even though it made her tired.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.