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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New and Improved?

Welcome to the new improved Blogger or so they tell me.

And a big hug and thank you to super smart friend Angela who answered my panic stricken email when I wasn't allowed to access my blog without converting it.

Now we'll see if it works.

Carol's doctor appointment here turned out to be a mixup after all but no harm done except that the drive was hard on her. She couldn't sit up in the examining room and took a nap here before my friend who had picked her up in Turlock drove her back.

We won't have to do it again and one more doctor agreed with what the others had been saying.

Now it's Ray's turn for appointments. Nine o'clock this morning for an Xray and noon (almost there now) for an EEG. Two different times and two different places.

Frozen pizza for dinner tonight (although I may at least thaw and warm it first).

The girls have been trying to come down with something for most of last and this week. Elcie missed school yesterday. I sent her today but keep waiting for the phone to ring asking me to bring her home. Our pediatrician told my friend there are at least five varieties of the crud making the rounds in addition to scarlet fever. Their office is jammed.

And it's raining off and on and probably will be until at least next Tuesday. Nothing compared to what my friends in the east and mid-west are experiencing but I still could have done without it. Why can't we train it to rain on the farms which need it and not on the roads?

Rebecca is back on the bus, at least for now depending on her conduct and what the weather is like.

Thanks to all for the comments and I apologize for not getting back to many of you. The net has been working when it feels like it, I've had problems accessing comment boxes, and just catching up when I can.

And now blogger won't save this as a draft. I'm going to copy it and stash it somewhere.

Take care everyone.


Granny said...

Testing. The rest of it seems to be working the same as the old, unimproved blogger.

In other words, it works when it wants to.

Diane J. said...

Yep, I feel your pain, Ann. Same here with regards to Old/New Blogger. It's a little different, but it still has issues and works when and if it wants to.

Looks like the blog made the switch okay, thank goodness.

We've got flu and strep/scarlet fever making the rounds here, too, so it's a nationwide thing, apparently.

Hope your bunch gets over the bugs and back to normal soon. Take care of yourself or you'll be fighting it off again.

Have a good Wednesday, Ann. And don't worry about answering/commenting. I know you have a lot on your plate and I won't get my drawers in a wad if you don't get back to me immediately, or at all for that matter. I'll be checking in on you from time to time.

Gawdessness said...

I will probably write a terribly plaintive post about the sickness that will not leave our home today.
I was freaked out by the new blogger too at first it is a little easier now. Sort of.

Wow thawing and warming the frozen pizza! Luxury!
My kids will want to come there if word gets out.

Susie said...

Well, when I saw you had 26 new posts in bloglines, I figured you'd switched.
Sorry the bug is visiting you. It's around here as well. Seems like there's quite a few varieties as well.
Hope all goes well with Ray's dr. appts and that you manage to avoid any sickness in the air..

Anonymous said...

Ug! So they're starting to force people to switch? Sob sob! Nooo! It's Carin, but because of blogger's stupidity, I can no longer use that as my identity here to comment. eewweeww ug.

Peter said...

Hi Ann, pleased to see the switch seems to have worked OK, I don't know of any that haven't been over the last couple of months.

PEA said...

Hello Ann:-) I switched a couple of weeks ago and haven't had too many problems yet...touch wood! I finally downloaded bloglines but now that's giving me a bit of problems! lol Can't win! Good to catch up on all your news!! Take care:-) xox

Kentucky Gal said...

Welcome to Beta...I think you'll grow to like it...I'm sure glad I switched...lots of things seem so much if Bloglines would just work!!!

The Maven said...

The switch to the new Blogger threw me off a bit, too. It happens to the best of us (or in my case, the worst of us ;) )

Sounds like a busy few days! You make me look incredibly lazy, did you know that? I should probably come read your posts whenever I need some motivation!

mreddie said...

What you said about the frozen pizza conjured up images of pizza popcycles. :) ec

Puss-in-Boots said...

Don't computers give you the screaming ab dabs?!

A few weeks ago I was at the doctor's and as a matter of course he took my blood pressure. It was through the roof! No surprise when I told him I'd been having computer problems...oh, well, he said. They do do that to you.

Spadoman said...

Big kids have the flu, little kids have the ear infections and fevers, I just got over flu and still have lingering crud. That stuff is sure making the rounds this yea. Hope for all the best to you abd yos out that way. Prayers to all.

Anonymous said...

I am totally frustrated with the new Blogger. I cannot post anything, and if I want to post a comment to you, I have to post anonymously.
I am mad. LOL
Glad you are well.


Carin said...

let's see if I can post as me!

Carin said...

oh, and did you want your title to be rock rebel granny? Not Rockin' your rebel granny? Just curious if that was a blogger hickup or something.

Lauren said...

Ugh, everyone around these parts has been fighting the flu also.

Hang in there!

Kelli said...

Hello! I wanted to come by and thank you for visiting my blog and for the birthday wishes!

JunieRose said...

Hi Ann,

Haven't heard from you in awhile...I too have been having problems posting- and I haven't even switched yet

Take care,