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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Graduation 05

I give up. There should be four pictures here. I can see the one of the four of us.

This is the same thing I'm running into on other blogs and it makes me want to pull out what little hair I have.

Between all the posts, you should be able to see a collection of photos from Elcie's 8th grade graduation night.

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fjb said...

Hi Granny,
I finally made it over here, and I'm glad I did. Way back when, I was a therapeutic riding instructor (accredited by CANTRA - Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association) and worked with a physiotherapist instructing kids like Elsie to ride horses. My pride and joy was Mark, an amazing young man with, you guessed it, spastic diplegia.

When I find my pics (and I have a lot) of Mark riding and even show jumping (he ended up competing in regular shows, not just "special" ones - that was his goal) I'll send some to you. I think I even have a few with me in them, so I'll make sure to include one of those, too.