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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blogroll - Updated 7-23-07

I've been going back through my feeds adding (mostly), deleting (only when I'm absolutely sure they've closed down), and correcting (bad links, etc.)

I know I didn't get everyone; I was too far behind.

So, do me a favor. The blogroll is over there on the sidebar. Click on "Ann's Friends - Blogroll" (in the section at the top which says "click here first"). I moved it to the top and moved the banners down.

The blogroll is alphabetical - either by your name (if it's public) or the blog name.

If you're not listed, let me know in a comment or email with the name of your blog (a link would be nice) and I'll add you. I'll try to check the links but if you have time, click on your own to see if it works. I know some are outdated.

(Alice in Charlottesville, VA - I can't find you anywhere except my guest book. Do you have a blog?)

There are a few others on the guest book I can't tie in with a blog either. If you left a comment in the guest book and you're not on the blogroll, let me know. Sometimes I can associate first names with blog names and sometimes I just can't remember.

I have no restrictions on the blogroll. If you've commented and have a blog, chances are you're there or should be.

Maybe once it's completed I'll get back to introducing people in my posts. I really enjoyed doing that but it's another custom that fell by the wayside during the last few months.

And I still want to sort it by country. Eventually.


Gwen said...

Hi Ann.
Hope thing are going well with you and yours.
Thanks for the visit,we usually start with talkbut this time it happened.
Stay Well Ann xx

lushgurl said...

Oh Granny, you crack me up! As if you have sooo many friends you can't remember us all! I'm just grateful that I made the list!!! can steal MY guestbook (with the map) if you like, after all I stole the idea from you!
love you!

Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ Well done on the update of your blogroll. Good idea if you get around to countries as well. Takes
a lot of time to do all these things.
Thanks for your comments, glad you enjoyed the jokes etc. I hope your
computer is behaving better for you.
Take care, dear friend, Love, Merle.

Ava said...

Sounds like a job to me!! But I like that sort of thing too!

Rositta said...

Hi Anne, Do I need to sign the guest book to be on the blog roll? ...ciao

david mcmahon said...

G'day Granny,

Only because you asked, mind! My blog is authorblog and it's at



Emma Sometimes said...

It's nice to be loved!!

By the way, I signed your guestbook and I put in Pacific NW. Now I live in Pacific, MO on the slideshow. Hmmm. Can you delete it, I'll add another picture with my proper location??

I just got how you named your blog...your girls! (duh..)

Autumn said...

I keep thinking I should list my favorite blogs, but I have about 75 of them and I am to lazy to list them all one by one..Good for you for taking the time to do it.

jennifergg said...


I'm Jennifer at Pinwheels,

Can I add you to mine, too?