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Friday, August 03, 2007

Rupert Murdoch

If you've been keeping up with the news, you know that Rupert Murdoch, who owns FOX network here in the USA (among many other things), has purchased Dow Jones which publishes The Wall Street Journal.

No particular reason for me to mention the above but I got a kick out of the cartoon.

In other news:

Ray is outside watering the crab grass, Rochelle has gone swimming with friends, Elcie is visiting another friend, and Rebecca is hiding out in her bedroom. I don't think she feels well. She hasn't said that but she's very quiet and not interested in food. That's not Rebecca. It may just be heat.

I did my major shopping today. Fewer groceries than usual but the money I saved was eaten up by back to school stuff. (Counting down to August 13). New shoes for Rochelle, two new rolling backpacks (contradiction in terms there), pencils, binders, dividers for same, ruled paper. I think they have enough clothes for now since the weather is still so warm. I usually wait until the cooler weather to figure out what else they'll need.

Usually I wait to buy winter shoes too but Rochelle had either outgrown or worn out all her foot gear. She's much harder on shoes than Rebecca for some reason. Poor child - the sole of her shoe was flapping. She reminded me of Charlie Chaplin. The shoes she got for Christmas are in good shape but she's outgrown them already. Rebecca will inherit an almost new pair of Nikes.

Rebecca is going through a growing spurt finally and Rochelle towers over me as does Elcie. I doubt if much of their winter clothing except possibly for sweats will fit. I can probably pass much of Rochelle's down to Rebecca who occupies the unenviable position of being the youngest. After Rebecca they go to my friend Dawn for her daughter and from her to one of her friends. Considering many of their outfits came from yard sales and thrift stores to begin with, those clothes may be on their 6th or 7th child by now.

I'll have to spring for 3 PE sets at $15 each. Ouch. The 6th graders are exempt from dressing out but not the 7th and 8th. Elcie got away with just the shirt over her clothes in middle school. Now they want her to do the whole thing (I think I wrote about this before). Hoping they'll change their minds when they realize it will take most of the p.e. time for her to undress, dress, undress, and dress again.

It makes no sense. Her P. E. will be done mostly from her wheelchair (or scooter if it arrives on time) except for pushups. She won't run laps. She won't get very sweaty. Why this silly insistence on conformity? As Ralph Waldo Emerson said in "Self Reliance", "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds".

They can use store bought binders this year but they must not be blue or red (gang colors). I bought lavender and toxic green in the hopes that no gang has taken over those colors just yet. The dress code requirements arrived in the mail today. No major changes from last year.

What else? Elcie has requested white beans (probably Navies) and rice for the weekend. Girl, it's 95 (around 36 C) in the shade and there isn't any shade for miles. Oh well, I don't have to be in the kitchen for long. Beans are very low maintenance. I'd use the crockpot and start them tonight but it's too small for the amount I cook. I can barely fit a small roast in there and never mind adding any veggies except the onion, celery, and some bell pepper. ("In Australia, New Zealand and India, heatless species of bell pepper are called "capsicums". Thanks, Wiki.) I forgot to buy ham hocks and I used the ham bone from our last ham already but I'll find something to throw in with them. I'm not making another trip to the store.

Today I shoveled out two bathrooms. It used to be simpler but all 3 of the girls primp, they each have their own special conditioners and face products, brushes, hot comb, and all the other paraphernalia that goes with tween and teen girls. And they never throw away an empty anything.

Rebecca just came come out of hibernation. She organized her new binder, labeled her "back pack", and is singing. I'm watching the Giants (sort of - more like listening to the audio and looking up when the crowd moans - we're playing in San Diego). When they're at home, I listen for the cheers.

Yesterday evening, she composed the prettiest little ditty (sort of one-fingered Mozart - deceptively simple) on the piano (even a couple of chords). Then she couldn't remember how she did it.

That's about it from here. A lot of chatter about not much of anything, as usual.

Please keep a good thought or say a prayer for my online friend Dem Soldier who attends the University of Minnesota and for all the other residents of the Twin Cities - Minneapolis and St. Paul. In the midst of that disaster and subsequent injury and loss of life, there was a ray of sunshine. I keep seeing in my mind the photos of that big yellow school bus. 50 young people and aides walked to safety. (The last I heard, the driver and one other person were seriously injured - I haven't seen an update since last night but I hope they make it).

Thanks for all the comments on the last few posts. I've managed to get back to some of you despite my cranky internet. Have a wonderful weekend (half a weekend for those of you enjoying winter about now) and take care everyone.


Diane J. said...

Not too long ago I was rejoicing because I didn't have to buy school supplies and clothes anymore. Now that Emmy has come along I suppose I'll be helping kit her out when the time comes.

It's getting outrageous what they want preschoolers and kindergartners to have these days! Long lists of stuff, including Kleenex, liquid soap, paper towels, hand sanitizer and that kind of thing, in addition to actual school supplies.

Another thing they've started around here is that all backpacks have to be clear plastic. Most of them don't make it a semester, much less all year.

Enough whining. Hope y'all have a great weekend, Ann.

Love and hugs,


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Murdock concerns me. He has much too much control of the media. Here in Louisville he owns the major newspaper plus three TV stations—maybe more that I don’t know about.

Josie said...

I have always loved that expression: "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds". I work for the government, so I use it often.

The kids don't go back to school here until after Labor Day Weekend (the first weekend in September). They go back earlier in the States, don't they?

Is there anything Murdoch doesn't own?

Bacchus said...

it was interesting to read about your folder colors. I was recently reading an article about gang colors and advertising here in San Francisco.

Here is the link if anyone wants to read it.

Glad to hear that everyone is doing well.

Merle said...

Hi Ann ~~ Great to hear all the news of your family. Glad Ray is well at present and the girls doing well.
You have been busy sorting out school
supplies as well as everything else.
I hope you are doing OK and not being
too affected by the heat. Take care, Love, Merle.

Kimberly said...

I've been slowly hoarding Back To School items since last June. It's a bit of a pain devoting the closet space, and there have been some tears over my refusal to break out the new tee shirts, pencil crayons, or shoes, but overall I'm finding it's working as a strategy. By just picking up cute, unique things when I see them on sale, Diva Girl is pretty fabulously tricked out for September on a reasonable budget.

And I have to confess, I just spent a good half hour packing her new Groovy Girl messenger bag(saved $13 on it) and fondling her school supplies. There's just something about the Back To School sense of excitement and possibility.

Alissa said...

I love school supplies! I wish I could buy them for me, but Drew is the one who needs them. So I compensated by purchasing things for Nick, too, to use in his home studies at the babysitter. It did cost a small fortune, though. And we don't have to worry about anything like gang colored binders here, thank goodness. I don't think I'd survive in a city!

Stay cool!

T*mmy said...

Nice to catch up with you Miz make me want to go kiss my Mama...she raised 4 of us girls and we had much the same habits as you decribe yours!
I love white beans and cornbread...oh and a big ol' ripe homegrown mater and slice of onion too please *big grin*
All this heat will make us appreciate the cooler weather ahead!

Nicki Mann said...

Ugh is it already back to school time? Wah! Summer just started! I am not READY YET!

Val said...

I can't believe that the schools has banned some colors! How dreadful that life has become so regulated.

Your description of the girls' bathrooms makes me again thank my lucky stars that I had sons rather than daughters. I'm sure girls are much more prone to acquiring "stuff".

Puss-in-Boots said...

That was a delightfully newsy post about all your doings, Ann. Glad I haven't got adolescent girls anymore. My bathroom's my own...grin.

Dreadful about the bridge collapse, although the story of the young guy in the bus leading all the kids to safety was wonderful. But I feel for the bereaved families and those of the injured people. Terrible tragedy.

Take care.

Jo said...

Actually I would love to see a gang in lavendar. Perhaps they could be the gang that weeds people's gardens and plants flowers. I like that idea. I need to get Little Man outfitted for school too, but like you, I just can't bring myself to buy him any pants when I have sweat dripping down my back. He can wear his summer clothes and sandals until it cools off. Hot here too dear, to hot to leave the house sometimes. I have a HUGE crockpot, I got it on sale at Walmart a couple of years ago, sounds like you need one of them too. It fits a 4 lb roast, 2lbs of carrots and about 4lbs of taties.

Susie said...

I'm not surprised at the banning of gang colors. Here our grandsons are even told the brand of supplies they have to buy (Lysol wipes, not just antibacterial) My daughter, who keeps close track, said it was $78 for his list of supplies!!
That's not counting $300 worth of uniforms, the backpack, lunchbox, or shoes!!

Carissa said...

Hopefully they'll see how ridiculous it is to ask her to dress out for gym. I can't imagine that she could get changed fast enough to get to her next class sincce they usually barely give you any time at all at the end of class.

LOL on the binders. I want to see the gang that picks Lavendar as it's color! ROTFL!

Michael said...

Blimey, you got quite a family, my son Luke just done one year at his high school and now has had to move to a new school which he starts in September, I think he is a bit apprehensive about it all but still there is my niece rebecca there to introduce him to new friends.
You know after all them years drinking its hard sometimes to be ever taken seriously again which i guess is why i try not to.
Yes I know addictive personalities but today just had two chewies but I am wearing a nicorette patch.
In the UK smoking is banned in all public spaces now, pubs clubs etc..

Gina said...

I haven't really reached the stage of needing to buy lots of school supplies, for which I am grateful.

I'm glad to know that everyone is doing well. Hope it's not too hot over there for you. We have been getting this cloud cover in the mornings that has kept the temps down.

PI said...

Our schools don't go back till September. Glad Ray seems better. Girls in the bathroom rang a bell - our French grand-daughter has asked to come and visit us and we are told she is very fond of make-up. She's all of five!

Emma Sometimes said...

Uniforms are so spendy. (x3) of course.

The Minnesota bridge story is just horrible. Very sad. Makes me a bit on edge, we have over 14 bridges in Portland..makes me a bit on edge.

In much better news, glad to hear you are back online and...

You've Been NAB'd for doing nothing!

The Mama said...

Glad for the update, it's so hard to believe it's almost time for school to start again.....the time certianly does fly!

Pissed Off said...

I used to hate having to buy all those supplies-things the school should supply and most things that were never used--10 notebooks with one or two pages used in each!

Cecil said...

Can you believe what all you have to buy for school?? And can you believe Christmas is in 4 months???I know that no one wants to hear that! LOL

Michael said...

We dont get chips up here in the North of the UK but I am told some groups do down south.
I might stay quiet this year when they ask if anyones celebrated a bithday, I hate being in the spotlight!

Ava said...

Oh, the groove of getting ready for going back to school ... the clothes ... the shoes ... the notebooks ... the pens and pencils ... the groaning!!!

vicki said...

You continue to amaze me with your energy, love and wit. Checked out the America Burning blog today for the first time, too- that's a lot of work. Have you considered running for office in your spare time? ;-)

The children are growing up so fast- that's a lot of estrogen gathered around the mirror in the bathroom.

No Names Please said...

I have a really dumb sister. One of the only smart things she does is shop garage sales. She has no money and is able to come away with great finds. I just hope she really does stick to her budget when she goes to one.

Sandy said...

It was nice to catch up on reading your blog. School is about to start here by the end of the week and Brandon's school supplies, backpack & school clothes are ready. So is Brandon ready to return to school. He's now in middle school and can't wait to see his friends. He lives out in the country miles & miles from school.

mreddie said...

We are only effected in a second-hand way by school starting. The local daughter will have one in K5 and the oldest in high school. That last one is hard for me to believe - time marches on. ec

fjb said...

Hi Granny,
Thank goodness my Kevin is 16 and has been working this summer. He's going to buy his own school supplies this year, and is already buying his own clothes.
I got a giggle out of the description of your bathroom cleaning. My boy is now shaving, using body wash, body spray (one of the "Axe" products, no doubt), deodorant, special hair products ect.. I've quickly learned that 16 year old boys, attempting to impress 16 year old girls, spend almost as much time primping as the girls do!

The Subversive Librarian said...

Ah, Granny, I'm so glad you're there. I have missed the blogging world.

wolfbaby said...

wow sounds like your busy... gotta love how much school cloths cost ugh...

Cecil said...

Hey Ann.. I'm with you on the caramel macchiato!! I get those at Star**buc*ks... yum!!

The Subversive Librarian said...

I love buying school supplies. Somehow it feels like a fresh start.

Merle said...

Hi again Ann ~~ Thanks for your comments. I was very interested to hear about your American with a patch of grass, possibly where our lad got the idea. Lovely for them both and their mates. BTW My wrist is fine, Dr. said I have a ganglion on it and not to worry about it, unless it changes or gets painful. My nose looks a mess, but hopefully that will be the end of the lesion.
Take care, dear friend, I am so sorry you are still having trouble with internet. Love, Merle.

lindsaylobe said...

How thrilling to have Rebecca compose a pretty little ditty on the piano~Best wishes