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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Too Many Pictures 1 (Outside and Laundry Room)

The house isn't leaning, that was my lack of skill. This is the side of the house; the main entrance is around the corner. We blocked it off so we wouldn't be tracking through the living room and we needed the space. If we have to use it, it will be simple to move my rocker and open the door. This door leads through the laundry room and into the kitchen.

You can see part of my washer, all of my dryer (faces the washer), and some of the overhead shelves my friends built as their housewarming gift to us. The outside views should have been at the top of the post but we all know how adept I am with pictures. Not!!

Every room except the bath has at least two windows. My computer room has four and the laundry room has three. The only slightly dark rooms are the living room and bedroom and I could open the blinds and fix that.

Spunky, our alpha kitty and the only one we have now, went missing for a few days but is now back to stay. She's made friends with the cat who lives in the front house.

I almost forgot to mention that the funny looking thing hanging above the dryer is a knee high stocking covering the vent. Landlord is supposed to put in a vent but it's not done yet. No problem because I can open the door and the windows and we can get away with washing twice a week now but the stocking keeps the lint out of the house.

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