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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Too Many Pictures 3 (Kitchen)

The kitchen is at least twice the size of the living room and bedroom together (and possibly my computer/music/library room as well) so I've taken the pics from different angles to show all the storage and how great a kitchen it is. It lacks counter work space but with just the two of us, I can work at the kitchen table. It also has a pullout chopping board at the sink. We'll do fine with that.

The microwave, can opener, and toaster look odd by the sink but we're short of outlets and I'd as soon not use extension cords in the kitchen. I wouldn't do that if we had kids around but Ray & I are careful and everything except the microwave is unplugged when we're not using them.

Those two windows face almost due east and catch the morning sun.

I'm not sure how many kitchen pics I have but I'll split them over a couple of posts and then come back and tell you what's been happening lately.

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