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Monday, October 22, 2007

Falling Asleep

I have a cat sleeping at my feet, CNN on the t.v. as I try to keep up with the disastrous fires in the southern part of California, and I'm close to asleep myself.

I meant to get back with an update over the weekend but Ray wasn't doing too well and I was spending time with him.

First, thanks to all of you who responded to my friend Carmen San Diego. Her husband's latest post was quite positive considering how serious her illness is. He also said that so far their home is safe from the fires. Let's hope it stays that way. He thanks all for their prayers and good wishes and said he's been reading them to her.

Another southern California friend reported 85 mph winds outside her home last night and no electricity. Being a true blogger, she wrote her post from the local library. Seriously, as of this morning, she and her family were okay.

The fires are fanned by high wind and spreading rapidly. Please keep all those families and the firefighters (we even sent some from here), in your thoughts.

A friend emailed me to ask if we were in any danger. No, Merced is a couple of hundred miles to the north and east of the fires. My son is in southern CA but he's almost on the Arizona border surrounded by desert.

Ray and I have had what might be called an interesting day. His leg (the one they removed the vein from for the bypass) began acting up a little on Saturday, a little more on Sunday, and by this morning was scaring me enough to call the home health care nurse. (You don't need the description; trust me, it was yucky.) We had a scheduled appointment with his doctor in Modesto this afternoon so we agreed to wait rather than send him to the emergency room here which would mean missing the appointment as well as trying to explain the whole thing to the e.r. personnel.

The doctor decided to admit him to the hospital there for a course of broad spectrum i.v. antibiotics "just in case". Only problem? No beds. We agreed the hospitalization could wait until the next morning and we came back home (50 miles more or less). At 4:30 they had a bed. Naturally. If we'd known, we could have hung out in the hospital cafeteria for an hour. Nobody at the hospital knew it was supposed to be tomorrow and nobody at all called me until 7:30 when the hospital wondered where we were. They insisted it had to be tonight - they couldn't guarantee a bed tomorrow. Don't these people ever talk to each other?

I managed to get there, it got even crazier when they couldn't find an admitting order. Finally, someone figured it out and I left him there after answering the same questions at least four times to four different people. Got home around 11:00 p.m., too tired to sleep.

Almost 200 miles in one day. My coffee drinking friend Janet made the last run and we chattered the whole way and back. Good thing - we might have fallen asleep. Bless her heart, she thought it was the local hospital until she went the wrong direction for the northbound freeway and I mentioned it. Oops. I shouldn't have assumed she knew it would the same hospital where he had the surgery. She was a very good sport. We're not sure about coffee tomorrow (our usual day because it's also senior day at the market). Might both be too tired.

Anyhow, it should be no more than a few days. He might be out by Thursday or Friday. It's common with this surgery for the leg to cause more problems than the chest but I was hoping it wouldn't happen.

Mary and Merle, I had a draft partially prepared with those award buttons but Blogger wouldn't cooperate. I haven't forgotten and I thank you both. Friday's Child, I think I have one from you as well. As soon as life calms down around here, I'll try to post them.

I spoke to the girls on Friday and they were doing well then. Not since so they're either busy or grounded.

Now I'm going to try for some sleep. Take care everyone.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

We're sitting here staring at the TV, holding cell phones we pray won't ring, as California burns.

"Don't these people ever talk to each other?"
Only when counting the money, I think. I spent 18 hours in the hallway after my second heart attack - four rooms and one corner removed from a room that had been empty before I came in! There's times when I get so depressed about the lunacy, that I wonder if health care for all would be a punishment, or a helping hand.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed and prayers sent up for Ray, and for those in the path of the fires and those fighting them.

Get some rest.

Merle said...

Dear Ann ~~ The fires are dreadful and I hope they can soon get them out. The wind is their main worry
I hear. Sorry Ray has had to go back to hospital, but it shouldn't be too long. I hope the leg comes good quickly. Glad the girls continue to ring. Terrible mix-ups at the hospital are so frustrating and they don't seem to talk to each other.Take care of yourself dear Ann, and hopefully Ray will be home soon. Prayers for you both and the firefighters and people under threat. Much love, Merle.

Arwen said...

My husband just broke his leg and felt a tiny bit of the frustration with the hospitals you feel all to often. Deep calming breaths are the best you can do even though you want to hit the administrators upside the head...

Anvilcloud said...

That's a pile of hassle and driving. I hope he's alright soon.

Jo said...

Don't know about you, I LOVE driving back and forth, back and forth. That is why I do it so much. (sarcasm)
Hoping Ray is feeling better soon!

Mary said...

I know what you are going through. When my husband had his bypass in 2001, I watched his leg like a hawk. I'm sorry Ray is having these problems. I'm keeping you both in my prayers.


Susie said...

Hi Ann,
Good to catch up on your news. I am woefully behind. Sorry to hear about Ray's leg, but if it is infected, the hospital is probably the best place.
I've said a prayer for Carmen, but have not been able to visit.
Those fires are so scary. Our town sent firefighters down too.
I've also got email inquiries about our proximity to the fire. I don't think everyone realizes how huge CA really is.
Keeping you and Ray in my prayers xo

Gina said...

Fingers crossed for Ray and his return home soon.

peppylady said...

Please take care of your self.

grannyfiddler said...

dear granny-no-fiddle.... i have this mental image of you plodding steadily through the busily scurrying beurocrats, something like the tortoise 'racing' the hare. weary but steadfast, and never questioning if you'll reach the destination.

why is red tape thickest around those things that are most important, like health care? it took nearly 4 weeks for the corporate machine to get me a left hand keypad required for 'modified duties' resulting from keypad tendonitis in my right hand. i could have got it from the nearest shop in less than a day, but we had to follow procedure. just a small annoyance by comparison to your experience, i know, but it makes my heart ache for you and Ray.

hope you slept soundly and long.

Diane J. said...

Sorry for all the runaround you got, but glad Ray is finally where he can get the medical care he needs (hopefully!).

I've been wondering about you and Susie and praying for y'all. I know CA is a big state so prayed for those in the path of the fires while hoping for the best at the same time.

Love you,


fjb said...

Hope Ray's doing better now, and you've managed to catch up on some shuteye.

PI said...

What a good friend to help with the driving. I expect you will skip coffee and catch up with some sleep.
I hope his leg clears up and he's back home again.

granny p said...

Eek. And we complain about our wonderful (sometimes) NHS. It has the advantage of UK being smaller. Hundred mile away hospitals unlikely... - Ann as usual I salute you and wonder how you do it all. Hope Ray is safely home soon. xx

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Hope you finally got some sleep. Actually, a cat asleep at your feet sounds better than what I had a few minutes ago: a cat asleep on my chest as I reclined in the bathtub.

My prayers continue for Ray.

mreddie said...

So sorry that Ray had to go back to the hospital - having more trouble with the leg than the chest goes right along with what the Spice went through in 2001. And though it seemed like forever that it bothered her, it has not been a problem now for quite a while. ec

Puss-in-Boots said...

I'm so glad you are safe from those awful bushfires, Ann. It's so shocking to us as we get bushfires in Australia and have had some pretty bad ones over the years.

It sounds like your health system is in the same state of deterioration as ours...sign of the times I guess. Health insurance is becoming more and more popular here and private hospitals are giving better and better service. Puts the public system to shame.

I hope all is well with Ray. It must be such a worry for you.

Take care. xoxo

Sandy said...

Hope Ray is doing much better today.

The wildfires of So.Calif have impacted many lives even all the way back here to Ky. So many of my family live in the path of those many fires burning out there. So far I haven't heard of anyone losing their homes although some did have to evacuate.

My prayers go out to the many firefighters who put their lives on the line to save as many homes as they could and also to the affected citizens who have lost everything.

Angel said...

I'm *so* glad you're not near the fires. Much love and many prayers to you and Ray.

Margaret said...

Hy Anne, the fires have been a reall worry. I am very pleased that you and yours were well away from them as I think you have had more then enough on your plate. Hope the Leg problem is better by now.
Prayers and hugs as

wolfbaby said...

im glad ray is doing ok.. and the girls as well... don't do to much.. make sure you get some rest

praying for those families in the way of the fire.

Kendra Lynn said...

I'm glad you are well and safe.
Miss you.