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Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to Pea - Update

Pea has invited all of us to her online birthday party. She'll be celebrating all day tomorrow. I just dropped by and came away with the memento above.

Pea's blog is always great fun to visit and today she's outdone herself with the party preparations.

Happy Birthday Pea. Fifty is Nifty!!

(Update - It occurred to me this morning that I should give credit for "Fifty is Nifty". It's not mine. The first time I heard it was on a t.v. special celebrating Dame Kiri Te Kanawa's (the pride of New Zealand) 50th birthday in 1994. At the time, she looked around 30 if that. She is drop dead gorgeous and my older son, Jim, is in love with her. I just heard she's retiring. I'll still have her videos and cd's.)

And to all who have had birthdays recently, I hope I got around to you. A Happy Birthday to all.


Janice said...

Happy B-day to Pea.

T*mmy said...

You've got an award at my place...

PEA said...

Dear Ann, thank you SO very much!! As I've just told Susie, you are all helping making it a bit less painful to turn 50! lol Thank you for being such a wonderful caring friend!! You and Ray and the girls are always in my prayers! xoxo

Mary said...

Happy Birthday, Pea.
There's nothing negative about turning 50. Congratulations! I turned the very same age a few years ago and now am nearing 60. Not sure how that will go. I still have a couple of years to figure it out. My birthday was yesterday and I enjoyed it a lot. We had a feast.

Blessings for you today and everyday throughout the coming year.


Josie said...

Happy Birthday to Pea. 50 is indeed nifty :-)

Ann, I'm glad to hear you're doing well, and you're back in the blogging world, full-time.

I hope Ray is well too.