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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Key Lime Pie (ala Jennifer)

My online friend, Jennifer Graf Groneberg, is one busy lady.

She has three young sons, including a set of twins. The older twin (middle child) was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and much of her beautiful writing, both on her personal blog and at Parent Dish, concerns her life with her children. She has the loveliest spirit and reading her posts fills me with joy.

While doing all that, she's recently moved to an older style house, complete with a Chambers stove. We've had some interesting email conversations back and forth about the stove since I used to cook on one many years ago. Rachel Ray's stove is a Chambers.

Anyhow, one of her recent posts included a recipe for Key Lime Pie. With her permission, I'm sharing it here (see the link to her blog in the first paragraph). I liked this recipe because it's simple and even I don't think I could mess it up.

Note: The link to her blog is her name. I should have been more specific.

In other news, I picked up some presents for the girls today in the hopes of seeing them this Thursday. Elcie will have books on Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, and Marian Anderson. Rochelle has two decks of cards and a book of magic trick to play with them. For Rebecca, I found a nice origami kit. I know she can do the cranes and hope she'll enjoy learning more. And they'll have a small box of Godiva chocolate to pass around to all for Valentine's Day.

We're having lovely, sunny, weather except for some early morning fog. Ray & I defrosted and inventories our outside (because there is no room in the house) freezer after I came home from a little grocery shopping, coffee drinking, etc. It was long overdue but the weather was just too cold and wet to get out there and become even colder and wetter. Didn't take long with two of us and now I have an idea what's in there. I'm making a spread sheet of the contents and will keep up with it, I promise.

I have a couple of "joke" posts under this one for any who haven't seen them.

Thanks for the comments. I've finally caught up with all of you I think although I may have been a lurker on a few. My computer is running beautifully and now I know why some things weren't working before. It was on its last legs.

Take care everyone.


Anonymous said...

Lovely, sunny weather? Hrmph. It's 33 and raining here now, getting ready to drop down to 19 and snow. Pooh on your sunshine!

I bet the girls will love their gifts. I hope you get to see them as planned!

Lucy Stern said...

Glad you are up and running again. I looked for the key lime recipe but I couldn't find it.

Autumn said...

I just dropped by to see how you are and say Hi.

mreddie said...

Key lime pie is one of my favorites - of course that would apply to most any pie. :) Don't care much for cakes though. We do need to clean out our freezer but can't do it while we are in Texas having fun with these grands. :) ec

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

We're having nice weather here as well.

I hope you have a real nice visit with the girls, the gifts sound real nice I'm sure they will love them.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

complete with a Chambers stove.
Is that a wood, or coal fired stove? My Mom cooked on a wood stove until I was nearly a teen. Only now do I realize the tremendous talent that took!!

Merle said...

Dear Ann ~~ Glad you and Ray got the freezer sorted out ~ it's a cold job at the best of times. I hope you and the girls have a lovely visit on Thursday and I am sure they will enjoy their gifts. Take care, Love, Merle.

Michael said...

Hi Ann,
Weather is ok too here in the UK at the moment, our winters in my lifetime have gradually got warmer, we used to have "feet" of snow then "inches" now virtually nothing, its beautiful blue sky here outside the window next to my despatch desk and I feel real contented.
I always feel good for a few days after sharing, I dont know why, I guess its that step four like effect!
Glad you are still okay and great to hear from you xx

Alice said...

I'm pretty certain that each girl will adore each individual gift.

It sounds as though things are easing? Sorry I haven't been around. I've started my quest to get back into the Bloggersphere today. Yours is the first Blog on my list, so here I am!

Hope all is well. I'll check out the lemon pie link. Sounds yummy. Love lemon.


thordora said...

How are the girls doing?

and if it's sunny there, i hate you. :)

a. beaverhausen said...

Pie. Just the word is comforting...don't you think? It'll need to be a bit warmer before I start thinking about something as light and airy as Key Lime, though. For now, it's cobbler with vanilla ice cream.