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Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

This is my Mother's Day plant from Ray. Purple of course - it's a delphinium and doing nicely. My one thriving rose bush has a bud. The others - we're not too sure - they may just be slow. The other flowers a little slow too but the labels said 30 to 60 days - I must be patient. One of the California department stores has a commercial showing a woman with her nose pressed against the store window saying "open, open, open". That's how I feel about our garden. It's the first time in many years I've had garden space.

The strawberries are doing beautifully, the tomatoes are flowering, and the bell pepper plants have one tiny pepper each - so far. Soon I hope there will be more berries than Destiny can pick, wash, and eat. Meantime, I'm picking up a flat of fresh berries today or tomorrow (Dawn and I will share) and we'll have shortcake this weekend with homemade biscuits and whipped cream. Yum.

Thanks to Lynette for the card. Jim and Lynette have a blog just full of ideas, crafts, etc. I think all you clever people out there would enjoy it. I'm not crafty at all but it was still fun to look at.

A very happy Mother's Day to all, whether you celebrate or not.

This was taken yesterday. The sun was working against us but you can get the idea. Even our tiny Rebecca is taller than I and I think Rochelle has passed Elcie by a wee bit. From L to R - Elcie, Rochelle, Ann, Rebecca, and Ray. We had a wonderful time together.

This coming Sunday will be Mother's Day here in the States. It will also be my honorary granddaughter Destiny's 8th birthday. We're doing a joint family party here (my yard is larger than Dawn's) to celebrate both occasions. Should be fun.

Our weather continues to be lovely but we could use a little rain. Just not on Sunday, please.

Not much else going on at the moment. Please take a moment for the people of Myanmar (Burma). There are times when politics seems very unimportant. This tragedy, to me, is one of them.

Thanks to all for the comments and have a wonderful weekend.


Susie said...

Hi Ann,
Isn't it wonderful to have a little garden. I so enjoy watching things grow and produce..
Enjoyed all your pictures. Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Diane J. said...

Hi, Ann, and Happy Mother's Day! :o)

Thanks for the pictures and the catch up post. It was good to see the girls looking well and growing.

Gotta go, Emmy just woke up from her nap.

Love and hugs,


JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Ann,

It was good seeing the pics of you and Ray with the girls! Everyone looks very happy ! :)

Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!


audrey` said...

Happy Mother's and Grandmother's Day, Ann =)

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, Ann! Love the family photo--everyone looks so happy and healthy :-) Your garden is looking good, too. I finally got mine in the ground yesterday.