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Saturday, June 07, 2008


Melissa's granddaughter Angie and Zachary (which makes Zachary Angie's uncle).

Tim, Jim, Melissa with Jonathan, Zachary, & Angie

Ann with gang

Angie with both of her young uncles

Jonathan saying cheese. That's a brand new haircut - his first. His mom tells me he was very good. He's stopped being a baby and is fast growing into a little man. He knows several words now and understands most of what we say to him.

These were taken this afternoon at Jim's (we got together for cards - Melissa and I trounced the guys soundly - one of the few times it's happened). There are others on the Picasa and Kodak galleries (see sidebar).

Jim's leaving was postponed until Tuesday so we'll try to get together on Monday sometime for coffee. Meantime, he has lots of other pics on his camera but I think it would be easier to bring the camera to my computer than to email them all. Most are better than these but I didn't want to procrastinate.

Thanks to all of you who replied about the public/private blog situation. Of course I plan to include all of my regular visitors and I think I may have figured out a way to do it that will be simple (sort of).

More later. Hope your weekend is going well. BTW, I got through the letter "H" on Bloglines today and even left a few comments. My eyes are doing a little better. I think part of the problem is that I'm sitting facing a window and it's the glare from the window that bothers me. I notice that if I do my reading early morning or after dark (or on a cloudy day) I do better. Duh.

Take care everyone.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

A beautiful family, as well as an elegant lady standing to the left with her hands in her pockets like she has nothing to do! LOL!!

Ee Jim's medical status. Yes, they are getting desperate, and like so many of Bush's inhumane tactics, people are increasingly becoming pawns...(

Bacchus said...

Boy the babies are getting big! Sounds like a good time was had by all. Is Tim losing weight?

How is the garden doing?

ancient one said...

I love photos of anyone's family... especially little ones having fun... You have a nice family. (They had to be...look who the mother/grandmother is...)Enjoy them all you can!! They grow up so fast!

lindsaylobe said...

The slide show is fabulous; I was able to click on it and enlarge to full screen size “Well done" I trust when your son Jim is stationed in a relatively safe haven in Iraq. Good to see you are well, and trouncing them at cards!! .

Best wishes

gfid said...

waytago grannyannie! it's all i can manage to just post occasionally, and i was expecting national notice when i figured how to post a picture! love the grandbaby pictures. and we too have a neice who's older than her uncle. in fact, when his date for grad dumped him at the last minute, she volunteered to fill in. no hardship for him, as she's really quite a stunner. hope your summer is filled with good friends, good health, fine things, and rest.