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Friday, July 18, 2008

Brief Update

I have lots more pictures on both galleries. Haven't had time to edit so some are very silly (especially when Rochelle was taking pictures of herself) but you can get an idea.

The girls have spent much more time in town lately and I've seen a lot of them; especially on the weekends.


On the other hand, if nothing changes, Jim is still Iraq bound as of tomorrow.

Tim is just finishing up two summer classes at the Junior College and will take more in the fall. Once he decides what he wants to pursue, those credits will transfer and he can probably do part time at University of California, Merced. He's still talking about nursing eventually.

I'm sorry about not writing more. It's been hot and miserable and I don't spend a lot of time in this tiny room. Our cooler doesn't stretch this far and, even with a fan, I don't hang out long. I've been reading all your emails, answered some, but then I leave for a cooler part of our little house.

Birds love tomatoes. We can't seem to stay ahead of them. Any ideas other than building a greenhouse? I may start picking them green and letting them ripen indoors (or make fried green tomatoes out of them).

Some of the many flower seeds we planted in early spring are blooming but it's been a very dry season as you may have noted from the news and water is somewhat rationed. We water 3 days a week and try to not use too much.

The California fires haven't reached us and probably won't; however, Ray and I have friends in Paradise, CA which has been all over the news lately with the forest fires. So far as I know, it's been largely property damage but the town was evacuated. We can't exactly smell smoke from the closer fires but the air quality has been awful. We stay indoors as much as possible.

Other than that, all is okay around here.

As for the private blog, what I may do instead is write an email and try to cover everyone who reads this. If I do that once in a while, I can keep you up do date without worrying who might be reading. Now all I have to do it get it written.

The girls are so tall. Even tiny Rebecca looks down on me.

Tim came over for lunch today and stayed through dinner. Elcie was here and we all watched Prince of Egypt and part of my Celtic Woman dvd together. It was fun.

I apologize again for not keeping up with all of you. Maybe I'll do better in cooler weather. Thanks to all for the emails and comments, take care, and have a good weekend.

P. S. I just took a look at my guestbook and noticed Rochelle signed it - probably from this computer last time she was here. Smart kid finding the blog (although I have an icon on my desktop and it's never been a secret).


Diane@Diane's Place said...

I'm glad you posted something. I was getting worried about you and was about to either call or email you. Susie@Susie's Space emailed me and asked about you a few days ago, too.

RE: the tomatoes: You can put netting over the entire plant, or you can take old pantyhose or knee hi's and put over the tomatoes. Just cut a length long enough to knot at both ends and still leave room for the tomato to keep growing. Sometimes the birds will still keep pecking at the tomatoes but it does seem to slow them down and sometimes stops them entirely when they discover they can't get a beak full of fruit. Works on other fruit/plants too.

It's hot here too, and so humid you can chew the air. It's supposed to be high 90's to over 100ยบ for the next week, and probably for the foreseeable future, if this is a typical Arkansas summer. You should know, you lived here and experienced it too.

Y'all stay safe from the fires, and try to stay cool.

Love and hugs,


Anvilcloud said...

It's good of you to check in from time to time. Stay cool.

Jobthingy said...

glad all is well with you.

i get worried when you dont blog often.


Rowan said...

Glad to here everything is going ok. Sometimes ok has to be great, ya know? :D

Rowan said...

Oy vey, I can be blond sometimes.

clairesgarden said...

glad to hear your all well and happy there, sorry you're all hot, the fires must be a worry.

PI said...

Good luck and best wishes to Jim. Ripening the tomatoes indoors - on the window sills maybe, seems like a good idea.

Days like These! said...

Granny! You're always missed when you don't blog often.

I need Jim's address once he gets to Iraq. Our church sends packages to the troops.

Hugs! And please keep me on the email list. Thanks.

Puss-in-Boots said...

It's so good to hear from you, Ann. All the best to Jim and I hope he keeps safe in Iraq.

Sorry to hear about your dry weather and water rationing. We have that here permanently now...level 6 water restrictions, household use only and only 4 minute showers. The total of water in the Queensland dams is just under 40%...not much when you consider Brisbane alone has over 2 million people.

Hope you all keep well and again, it was good to hear from you.

Andrea said...

Good to read ya!! I cant complain though as I have become a sporatic blogger as of lates too. It is a summer thing I think. Too many other things to keep you occupied.
Stay safe and out of that fire smog zone. We had one here a few weeks ago. The smell is terrible.
No property damage but a lot of tree damage.

Love ya.
Hugs all around.

ipm said...

much love to you all! stay cool there....

Carin said...

Freaky. Something told me to come see if anything was new. Guess I was right. Glad things are going well. Stay cool.

zzop357 said...

Hey Lady Ann, I'm glad to see you posting!!! I wondered if your pc had bit the dust.
I'm so glad you are seeing the girls so much.I know you missed them dearly. I wish Jim didn't have to go to Iraq. A family man needs to be with his family. We need to get some of our young single men who are having trouble growing up to be in the service. Remember the tv ad's? "we'll make a man out of you". LOL.
If you do go private, I hope I get an invite.
Our weather is a little HOT and Humid!!! 100F as I speak. You can wring the water out of the air. Remember our summers? WOW
I pray things will continue to improve there w/girls/ and the fires. I'm glad ya'll aren't in danger. God bless you and Ray.

Susie said...

Hi Ann,
It's wonderful to see a post from you. I can only imagine how hot it got in the valley as it was roasting here. I had no desire to be on the computer then either. Thankfully it's cooled off again.
The birds are after our tomatoes too, so was glad to read Diane's tip :)
Take care and stay cool.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Het Ann...Glad to know you are alright and that it is the heat in 'the little room' that makes being on the computer rather difficult. I can surely understand that...And it sounds like you are havinhg a great time with the kids and that has to be wonderful fun.

About the Tomatoes: I know nothing, but it does sound like a good idea to try to ripen them on the Windowsill...! Much good luck with them!

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Thank you for posting on my blog.

Your lucky you don't get the smell of smoke up there at Merced, we got it here and it made my allergies and my astma go nuts. I'm better now.

I'm glad your seeing more of the girls, and your kids are doing alright. Though I wish Jim wasn't going over seas. If he does I pray that he stays safe.

Have you tried a garden netting that you can pick up at Wal-mart gardening center? It might keep those pesky birds off your tomatoes.


J at said...

I haven't stopped over here in awhile, but I thought I'd stop in and say hi. I hope you're well, and if Jim went to Iraq, he'll be in my thoughts.

mreddie said...

About the tomatoes - I pick ours when the first hint of pink comes and let them ripen on the kitchen counter. I find this works out to prettier tomatoes - takes them out of reach of the birds and bugs. ec

Merle said...

Dear Ann ~~ Great to see a new post from you and it's great you see the girls more these days. I pray that Jim will be safe in Iraq. I could not see any new photos at either gallery. I will try again later. Thanks for your comments on the preacher on the roof joke. I usually pick my tomatoes
as soon as they turn white before they color up, and put them on the window sill and they ripen quickly,
As soon as the color starts, they will ripen and beat the birds.
Take great care, my dear friend,
Love, Merle.