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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My family tree - do I have to include all the exes?

L. You're right of course - I was answering questions as they were asked which took everything out of order.

Ann - 1938

2 mothers - one birth, one adoptive. family adoption - I know them both. My adoptive dad and my birth mom were first cousins. My adoptive mom still with us at 93. My birth mother lived in S. F. and died a few years ago. My adoptive dad died a little before the boys' dad - 1987/1988. We were dealing with cancer on both coasts. Not much I could do about my dad - I did manage one trip back while he was still doing fairly well.

Married Connie - 1955
Carol 1956 & Ricky 1957 (handicapped/instituionalized - I've told that one before)

Married Bobby - 1960

Sheryl 1961 - married and living in New Mexico - 4 kids. She's a sweetheart and too far away.

Married Jim - 1964

Jim 1968 - day of RFK assassination Tim 1972 Anniversary of JFK assassination. I decided I'd better stop having kids - Teddy K. was still around.

Separated in 1977 - back together in 1981. Jim died in April 1988.

Ray Adams - 1989 til death us do part

That's really bare bone and it doesn't count the situations I found myself in before I decided to stop being a victim. Or the child I gave up for adoption at 15 or the abortion at 40 that indirectly shoved me into AA at 41. Enough of that for now. It'll probably all dribble out eventually, posting by posting unless I chicken out on the true confessions.

Carol lives with me. She's quite ill with intestinal cancer and unless she cleans up her act for good, I don't know how much of a chance she has at beating cancer. She's spent years punishing her body and she's pushing 50. She doesn't bring it here but I'm not blind. She uses the revolving door approach to NA. Jim has 3 kids (mixed Philipino and Caucasian), divorced, remarried to a neat person with 3 children and one grandchild of her own. He's an Army National Guard sergeant, called up from Inactive Reserve and probably headed for Iraq. Tim lives in town too. I see a lot of him. I love all my kids equally but Tim and I are soulmates.

Do you still want to know me?


L. said...

Wow. You have been busy, right from birth. I got dizzy reading that -- at least now I can refer back, when you mention a name I don`t recognize!

Insomniac Diary said...

You go Granny! You are one gutsy lady! I wish I had the nerve to tell all, but I'd better wait until my straight-laced Mother passes on. She's now 96 yrs and I don't think she could stand the shock at this time of her life. Too fragile so we protect her as much as possible. Your Family situation sounds as complicated as mine. One thing about it..there's always enough love to go around.

Granny said...

Insomniac - there must be Granny blogs all over the place - Lord knows there are enough blogs. I'm glad you're here - we needed another representative from the "older" generation. I have LimeWire - it's free, doesn't cover you up with adware, easy to use, and has a great selection of music. It's never frozen my computer - yet. I pay for Rhapsody but it's not file share - just listen. I'm an opera fan and Rhapsody has a lot of complete perofrmances that I don't have on DVD or taped from PBS. For now I guess LimeWire is legal; we'll see what happens in the courts.

I never download new stuff (that's cheating to me) but I'll go on and find the old music without any moral qualms. I have my own version of ethics - not for everybody but that's okay. I made an exception for Elcie - it's just a few individual songs and I can't afford to buy a cd each time she falls in love with something. She listens to them over and over and then goes on to something else.

Keep in touch.

L. You should see the stuff I left out. I was a little afraid to do it but now everyone knows where I'm at. Thanks for prodding me. Sometimes I need a reminder of where I came from and where I am now.

I think I've decided to respond to individuals in "comments". It's easier and I don't get as sidetracked. Code word from Romania today - mitjdl? No can't be - Romanian is a Latin based Romance language and this sounds Germanic.